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Chris Bosh says he is already HOF worthy

Today, Miami Heat Centre, Chris Bosh stated that he was “already a lock to make the Hall of Fame” and that he felt this way “four years ago”. Bosh was recently selected to his eight consecutive All Star team, although many of have stated that this year’s selection was a little suspect especially that many considered one of the biggest snubs (next to Stephen Curry of Golden State) was Brook Lopez of Brooklyn who thus far is having a better statistical season and having more impact on his team than Bosh has had with Miami.

Snub or non/snub aside, if Chris Bosh has a career ending injury tomorrow, is he a Hall of Famer?   Sure, he had the eight All Star appearances, but only once was he selected to an All NBA team which was a Second Team selection in 2007. Yes, Bosh was the best player for the Toronto Raptors, but they were never a very good team. With Miami, he won his first NBA championship, but did so as a third option. Basically, Chris Bosh will never lead a team to a championship as the top guy, and he may never do it as a number two. Is he a great player? Absolutely, but if the Hall of Fame is truly for the elite, he has a lot more to prove and frankly if his career ended tomorrow, he is probably a bubble candidate at best.

Now, we generally don’t have a problem with a player showing some swagger and believing in their ability, but Bosh claimed he felt this four years ago, in which had it been decided whether he would enter the Hall based on what he had done up until that point, the answer is a resounding no. As for now, we can be sure that Chris Bosh currently shares the floor with three men (LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Ray Allen) who have unquestioned Springfield resumes. CB4 has a lot more work to do to enter that group.

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