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The 1958 Hockey HOF Class is up

Well, you have seen us grow our site with the addition of existing Hockey Hall of Fame inductees. We have done the first five classes, so we move to the massive Class of 1958 who comprises:

Alec Connell

Ching Johnson

Conn Smythe

Dick Irvin

Donat Raymond

Duke Keats

Frank Boucher

Frank Foyston

Frank Fredrickson

George Dudley

George Hay

George McNamara

Herb Gardiner

Hughie Lehman

James E. Norris

King Clancy

Lloyd Turner

Paddy Moran

Red Dutton

Sprague Cleghorn

Gang you know the drill. Check it out, and cast your votes. Look for upcoming classes soon!


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    177. The Mongolian Stomper, Archie Gouldie
    When Bret Hart mentioned on a recent Legends of Wrestling Roundtable that the best wrestler to come out of Canada was the Stomper, Archie Gouldie, the rest of the panel thought it was a real stretch.  It may still be, but the more you think about it the accomplishments of Gouldie, it isn’t as far out of leftfield as originally…
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