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Rush enters the Rock and Roll HOF!!!!

It looks like we have to change our logo again!

When we began our website, Alice Cooper “represented” the Rock and Roll section of our logo of a musical icon snubbed by the Hall of Fame. As Cooper got in, we changed it to Rush. We are happy that we will be changing it again!

As you are aware, the newest class for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is out, and to us (and many others we are sure), Rush has finally entered the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. This was the first year that they were nominated (despite being eligible since 1999) and to the delight of Canadians and Classic Rockers everywhere, the Progressive Rock triumvirate got in. This is very much a victory for Prog Rock as this has been a genre that has been much forgotten by Cleveland.

Rush will be joined by Heart. The Wilson sisters were nominated last year, and many (including us) thought that they would get in last year as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame decreed last year to be the “Year of the Woman”. Regardless, this is another warranted induction by the Hall.

Donna Summer finally got in after years of nominations. Summer passed away earlier this year and may have got in as a bit of a sympathy factor.

If Rush is not considered the headliner, than perhaps it will first year eligible act; Public Enemy. This was a definitive must for the Rock Hall and we are delighted to see them inducted in their first year. Although, we really don’t want to see Flavor Flav speak.

The 2013 Hall of Fame Class is rounded out by Randy Newman and Albert King.

Snubbed this year are Kraftewerk who may return to our number one slot (a position they held when we started our site). This was their second nomination, and we expect it will be awhile before they see another again. Deep Purple (who was #3 on our list) also did not get in. Surprisingly, this was Deep Purple’s first nomination, though we actively hope they will receive another. N.W.A. also did not get in, but frankly the odds of both Public Enemy and N.W.A. getting in was not strong. We believe they will get in eventually. Donna Summer’s induction may eventually pave the way for Chic. They have been constantly nominated but often along with Summer who may have cancelled each other out. This will not happen in the future. Also passed over were the Marvelettes, The Meters, The Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts and Procul Harum.

So, did they get it right?   As much as we would love to see Kraftwerk and Deep Purple in, we will take the victory with Rush.

Look forward to us working on a new list by mid January!


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