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The 2016 Basketball Futures are up


As you have noticed, we have added the 2014 and 2015 Basketball Futures. Well, onward and upward here at notinhalloffame.com and we have now uploaded the 2016 group. Now granted, this is not a very large one as we only have two players (like 2015) who will be eligible that year for your consideration.

They are:

Michael Finley

Steve Francis

As always, you know what to do! Check them out and cast your votes and give your opinions.


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  • 202. Dick Brower
    202. Dick Brower
    It is hard to imagine that Dick “The Bulldog” Brower could ever be a good guy, but that was how he started in wrestling. It was not long before the promoters looked at the man who though was short in stature, had a wild look in his eye and the demeanour of….a bulldog. Brower would become a mid to upper…
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