Well, there is one mystery answered for the upcoming Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony.

Steve Perry, the former lead singer of Journey will be on hand to accept the induction, though according to Jonathan Cain, the keyboardist, it is was implied that he would not be performing with the group.  This was from an interview with the Dayton Daily News:

"As far as we know he's just going to accept the award and then skedaddle. That's all I know, unless something changes. Arnel is going to represent very well, like he always does."

Arnel, is Arnel Pineda, who was plucked from obscurity to become the band’s lead singer, a role he has had for the past ten years.  Pineda himself has stated that he is looking forward to meeting Perry, whom he has never met.  Notably, Pineda is not amongst the band members who are being inducted.

The odds are that we haven’t finished reporting on the upcoming Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony!
Well, this is a nice surprise!

After speculation of whether or not he would even be in appearance at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, former lead singer of Journey, Steve Perry, will in fact perform with his former band at their induction ceremony. 

Journey’s set is to be “Separate Ways”, “Lights” and of course, “Don’t Stop Believin’”, though it is unknown as to whether Perry will be singing one, two or all three of those songs. 

This will be Perry’s first performance with Journey since 1991.


How can a band that has not had a new hit in nearly twenty years and reviled by so many still be one of the most downloaded artists today? Despite the criticism that Journey did receive, of the “Arena Rock” bands, it can be argued that only the Steve Perry group has the ability to re-release a song and have it sound like it was produced recently.