Our Fictitious Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announces the new Class

Our Fictitious Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announces the new Class
08 Feb
Not in Hall of Fame

It is another big day for us at Notinhalloffame.com!

Regular visitors know that we also operate the Fictitious Athlete Hall of Fame and the Fictitious Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the latter of which has been overhauled.  That necessitated a delay in announcing the newest members of the Fictitious Rock and Roll Hall, which we are proud to announce are Alvin & the Chipmunks and the Wonders.  

This group joins previous inductees Wyld Stallyns, Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem, Gorillaz, Tenacious D, Spinal Tap, The Blues Brothers and The Monkees.

Like in previous years, the opening round began with over 500 Fictional Musicians which was reduced to 15 Finalists and then the two new inductees.  All voting is done online by the public.

The brainchild of Ross Bagdasarain Sr, Alvin & The Chipmunks was created in the late 1950’s who simply created the high pitched rodents by speeding the playback of his own voice. He gave his creation the name of Alvin & the Chipmunks, which would net him Grammy Awards for Engineering and two number one songs.

Bagdasarian Sr. adopted the more Caucasian sounding name of David Seville, who on the albums would use his own voice and would become the de facto caretaker of the Chipmunks who were now named Alvin, Simon and Theodore.  Incidentally, their first hit, “The Witch Doctor” did not actually feature the Chipmunks, rather the main voice was that of Seville and the sped up part was the catchy “Oo-ee, oo-ah-ah, ting-tang, walla-walla, bing bang” that would later be adopted by the Chipmunks.

You would think that this would be a one-hit wonder but it wasn’t.  Seville created a while album around the Chipmunks and he would give them personas of the precocious Alvin, bespectacled intellect Simon and the cheery and rotund Theodore were alive and well in anthropomorphic form. The album gave the world one of the most successful Christmas songs ever (aptly named, the Christmas Song).

Tom This threesome would star in television shows and later films and without question this is the most successful fictional acts in history

Alvin & Chipmunks are joined by the Wonders from the 1996 Tom Hanks film, That Thing You Do! Set in the early 60’s, The Wonders would become a one hit wonder (with the song title of the film’s name) and we would see their rise and fall over an innocent and fun flick.  The Wonders were comprised of drummer Guy “Shades” Patterson (Tom Everett Scott), lead vocalist and guitarist James “Jimmy” Mattingly II (Johnathon Schaech), guitarist Leonard “Lenny” Haise (Steve Zahn) and bass player T.B. Player (Ethan Embry).

With these two new entries it is now time to look at the 2019 Class.

You can vote for the Class of 2019 in our Preliminary Round here: https://www.notinhalloffame.com/ficitious-rock-and-roll-voting/2019-first-round

You know what we want you to do!

Cast your vote and tell us who should be in the next Fictitious Rock and Roll Hall of Fame class!

As always we here at Notinhalloffame.com thank you for your support!

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