Kick Trump out of the WWE HOF?

Kick Trump out of the WWE HOF?
13 Dec
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There have been two new updates regarding the WWE Hall of Fame, one regarding a potential future entry and the other on a Celebrity Wing inductee who has a movement against him to remove him.

On Ric Flair’s podcast, Sting discussed the WWE Hall of Fame and whether he would he would be going in soon, possibly as soon as 2016 in Texas.  While he did not say anything about when, or even if it was discussed with him, he did reveal that Ric Flair would be the one to induct him should that occur.

It’s hard to imagine anyone else doing the honors right?

While Sting may be going in, an on-line petition is gaining steam to try take Donald Trump out.

Rather than trying to explain the motivation behind it, let’s lift the bulk of the verbage written by Grace Lin from New York City, who is created the petition that as of this writing is closing in on 7,500 names.

“Consistent with this statement, WWE should remove Donald Trump from the Hall of Fame for his derogatory comments about Mexicans and Mexican-Americans, Muslims and other minority groups.

WWE not only employs Muslim and Middle Eastern talent, but has also recently launched the Network in the Middle East. The WWE must realize how many of its fans are Muslim. What message does it send to them to honor Donald Trump on the WWE's Hall of Fame?

And Mexico is one of WWE's biggest international markets - the WWE has a history of working with Mexican professional wrestling promotions as well as recruiting some of Mexico's top wrestlers. Many of WWE's most beloved superstars representtheir Mexican heritage in the ring.

Donald Trump has no place in the prestigious WWE Hall of Fame. The WWE Universe has continually expressed outrage at his induction, even booing him off the stage during his induction ceremony in 2013. He is a stain on WWE's ability to be a positive influence to its 650 million fans worldwide.

Hulk Hogan's immediate dismissal and removal from WWE's online properties due to racist comments have shown us that WWE will not tolerate those who disrespect their commitment to celebrating diversity. This is a critical moment for the WWE to scrub its ties with Donald Trump immediately.”

It should be noted that Hogan was removed on the WWE Hall of Fame website, but no statement had been made regarding his official dismissal from the Hall.  The same is true for Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka who is not on the site either following his arrest for the 1983 arrest of his then girlfriend, Nancy Argentino.

It should be noted that the WWE Hall of Fame has no physical presence and as it is only online at the moment, simply scrubbing anyone from the section is easy, and can easily be put back in without drawing instant criticism.

Should you be interested in signing the petition, you can do so here.

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