Congratulations to Jim Thome

Congratulations to Jim Thome for hitting his 600th career Home Run today.  Thome has reached this milestone relatively quietly and by all accounts without controversy.  It is a shame that he has not received more publicity for this achievement.
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The reason tha Thome gets no hype for his accomplsihme nt ios that never had a majhor impact on the game. He is one of those stat accumalaters that went about his business and put up solid numbver for along time but never won anything or did anything to impact the game. Is he a hall of famer ? probably because of this number but realisticall y there are dozens of players in his career span that moved the meter an awful lot more than he did. Heck Jose Canseco is way more memorable and in my book a better choicde for the hall of fame than Thome.

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