The 2011 Rock and Roll List is Completed. Rush moves to the top of the list!

Well gang we have finally reached the point where we are taking the main list that we are known for and have been forced to revise it.  With the selection of Alice Cooper, Neil Diamond, Dr. John, Tom Waits and Darlene Love, five new spots automatically opened.   With votes tabulated, from us and from you; Rush has overtaken Kraftwerk and are this year's number one selection on our Rock and Roll List.  In addition, we would also drop some from the original 500, in favor of the new batch of eligible artists.  Three of which (Guns N' Roses, Soundgarden and Eric B. & Rakim) would make our new top 100.  We have also found top 200 slots for Poison, Yo La Tengo and Guided by Voices, and other new artists have made the list.  Rankings also shifted based on votes from you, our readers, and significant jumps (Little Feat and Joe Walsh) for example did occur, as well as equally significant drops (Connie Francis).  Basically, very few artists are ranked where they were before!  Tell us what you think about the new ranking and what you want to see from us and the future.  Always remember, this is a website designed to be the voice of everybody!

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