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Hockey Phil Housley

Phil Housley is on the record books for many a team based on his scoring prowess for a blue liner. Sadly, Housley has a few records he may want to forget too.


It seems from the time that Phil Housley began his professional career; he was always among the top scorers among defensemen. The team records he holds for defensive scoring is multiple and he enjoyed a very consistent career. Where Phil Housley was unfortunate was that he played in the same era as defensive legends Ray Bourque, Chris Chelios, Brian Leetch and Paul Coffey. As such, the Norris trophy eluded him, and when hockey fans spoke of the leagues top defender, his name would rarely come first. His peak years also occurred for the small market Sabres and Jets, and while the fans their appreciated him, he was overlooked nationally. Even as a top American player, his fellow countrymen of Chelios, Leetch and Mike Modano would be mentioned as the top American Player. His most dubious record is that of the most games played without a Stanley Cup ring. Again, he was overshadowed in that aspect too. Phil Housley is in the American Hockey Hall of Fame, as he deserves, and we can’t see him out of place in the one in Toronto either.








The Bullet Points:



Country of Origin:

St. Paul, Minnesota, U.S.A.



Eligible Since:








Played for:

Buffalo Sabres

Winnipeg Jets

St. Louis Blues

Calgary Flames

New Jersey Devils

Washington Capitals

Chicago Blackhawks

Toronto Maple Leafs

Team U.S.A. (Canada Cup 1984 & 1987 World Cup 1996, Olympics 2002)



Major Accolades and Awards:

NHL All Star (1984, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992. 1993 & 2000)

Should Phil Housley be in the Hall of Fame?

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+8 #1 Joel Robbins 2013-03-23 21:05
If you look at hockey sabermetrics (particularly the category of Point Share, similar to baseball's saber-stat of Win Share, which measures a player's comprehensive impact in various facets of the game) on Phil Housley, he is the most criminally underrated player is the history of the NHL. He is, get this, the 15th!!!!!! most productive player in the history of the NHL by this measure. Why so high up and no one thinks of him? Well, not only do the items stated in the article apply but the fact his superior skating and puck-moving ability contribute to him being an asset in most defensive situations though he wasn't one to level a guy a la Scott Stevens and Chris Chelios. Skating around potential forecheckers and making a crisp pass out of the zone is just as important as laying a guy out. He was pretty much Paul Coffey on a lesser team.

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