The first ever Australian born man to enter the Hockey Hall of Fame, Tommy Dunderdale immigrated to Canada at a young age and like many, took up the sport of Hockey. Dunderdale was a very capable goal scorer and spend the bulk of his career in the very good Pacific Coast Hockey Association where he was the all-time leading goal scorer. That may be a nice accomplishment, but keep in mind in those days that Hockey’s elite were scattered across various leagues, thus rendering his overall induction as a tad questionable.

The Bullet Points:
Country of Origin:
Benalla, Australia

Elected In:


Played for:
Winnipeg Strathconas
Winnipeg Maple Leafs
Winnipeg Shamrocks
Montreal Shamrocks
Quebec Bulldogs
Victoria Aristocrats
Victoria Cougars
Portland Rosebuds
Saskatoon Crescents
Edmonton Eskimos

Major Accolades and Awards:
Stanley Cup Rings (None)

Should Tommy Dunderdale be in the Hall of Fame?

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