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1960 Hockey Inductees

The 1960 Hockey Hall of Fame Class may not have included anyone that would have been considered a “headliner” but this group of six men are all legitimate entries to the Hall without any that could be considered suspect. Classes like this may not be flashy, but are necessary to make any Hall of Fame Class complete.

As part of the legendary Boucher family, Georges “Buck” Boucher was a passionate and effective player who despite his defensive position averaged nearly half a point a game and led the NHL in assists in 1934. Boucher won the Stanley Cup three times with the Ottawa Senators three times and would eventually become a member of the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1960.           The Bullet Points:…
The former owner of the Boston Bruins, Charles Adams truly respected the game of Hockey, much like the other great owners in the game’s early days. It is because of men like Adams that the sport grew, and indirectly the sport in New England. Some franchise owners do not belong in their respective Halls of Fame, but that can NOT be said of Charles Adams.          …
As the Assistant General Manager to Conn Smythe for the Toronto Maple Leafs, Frank J. Selke carved an instant reputation as executive genius in hockey. Considered more than capable of running the Leafs in Smythe’s absence (he went to serve in World War II) Selke ran the organization but a trade for Ted Kennedy (that Selke was not consulted on) served as the catalyst for Smythe…
Credited with bringing the hook check to Hockey, Jack Walker emerged from the lake region of Ontario to land three Stanley Cups with three different teams. Walker was a very good defensive forward who may never have been the best player on his team, but was someone who did the intangibles necessary to bring home championships. His skill set, despite the era, was one useful to…
A spectacular athlete in his own right (he is in the American College Football Hall of Fame), John Kilpatrick became a very successful businessman and ran the Madison Square Garden Corporation and oversaw the operations of the New York Rangers for 26 years. Like other builders who have been inducted into the Hall around this time, Kilpatrick’s early induction is very much warranted.           Elected In:…
A very good two way defenseman, Sylvio Mantha won a series of Stanley Cups with the Montreal Canadians. Despite his reputation for offensive prowess, Mantha was a very capable defender and was an integral part of the Habs four Stanley Cups that he was a part of. A two time Second Team Post Season All Star, Sylvio Mantha is a legitimate member of the Hockey Hall…


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  • 44. Mario Andretti
    44.  Mario Andretti Andretti only raced in 14 Sprint Cup competitions and only won one, but that was the 1967 Daytona 500. Oh, and did we mention he is Mario Andretti?  Enough said. The Bullet Points:Country of Origin: CroatiaRetired In:2006Sprint Cup Wins:1Poles:0Top Ten Finishes:3Top Ten Finishes (Season): Sprint Cup Series:None

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