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When LeRoy Butler was at the top of his game, there were few Safeties who could touch him.  The problem for opposing teams was that Butler was at his best a lot.
One of the main roles of an Offensive Lineman is to create holes for Running Backs.  The Cleveland Browns of the 1960’s had some of the best runners and Dick Schafrath was a big reason that they found as much opportunity to run as they did.
Shannon Sharpe may be considered the best tight end of the 1990’s, but a consensus number two would likely be Ben Coates.  Coincidentally, the two would wrap up their careers at the star of the new millennium as teammates for the Baltimore Ravens in winning Super Bowl XXXV.
A lot of people talk about “Playstation” numbers where by offensive stars put up offensive numbers that don’t seem realistic.  John Hadl was putting up those types of numbers when Quarterbacks generally were more conservative and decades before the Madden craze took over.On three separate occasions John Hadl eclipsed 3,000 yards passing.  This is expected pout of many Quarterbacks now,…
Linebackers are built to strike fear in Quarterbacks.  Greg Lloyd seemed destined to strike fear in virtually everyone around him.
Len Dawson was one of the great Quarterbacks of the American Football League, but a big reason he was able to do what he did was because Ed Budde helped him stay upright.
For so long the AFL was considered was considered the ugly stepchild of Football.  This officially changed when the Jets won Super Bowl III, and many people reevaluated their position on American Football League talent.  One such person was Dave Grayson who was a pick machine.
Undrafted and out of Football, the Indianapolis Colts were told of Jeff Saturday and they would give him a chance to make their roster. Saturday did, and would become the leader of the Offensive Line that protected the great Peyton Manning for a decade. He would make six Pro Bowls and earn two First Team All Pro selections and was…
Although we imagine that Dave Krieg dreamed of throwing footballs in the NFL, it had to seem a million miles away when he was the backup Quarter back at the now defunct Milton College.  Amazingly, he not only made the professional ranks, he was there for seventeen years.For the bulk of his career, Dave Krieg was the starting Quarterback with…
It is a shame how Steve McNair’s tragic ending may overshadow what was a very productive (and one tackle away from a Super Bowl) career. Unfortunately, professional sports has far too many of these stories.
For a time when James Brooks was playing it seemed that you would here his name being called throughout the entire game.  With his incredible versatility, it stands to reason that teams would use him every way they could.
Chuck Foreman was called the “Spin Doctor”, but it was not due to his ability to spin his words.  It was due to the way that he could spin his body around would be tacklers.
As the first overall pick in 1984, many expected Irving Fryar to be great right away.  He wasn’t, but his career showcased a slow climb to being one of the elite receivers in football, and a lot of times hearing his number called by broadcasters on Sunday afternoons.
Steve Tasker may have been listed as a Wide Receiver but with only 51 career receptions it is hard to think of him as a successful wide out.  Tasker did however make the Prow Bowl but it was not because of his offensive capabilities but from his prowess on the Special Teams.


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The Atlanta Falcons have had many ups and downs through the years.  With a seventeen year career playing in the ATL, Mike Kenn has seen it all.
When Tiki Barber retired, it was a decision questioned by many.  It was thought that he had a lot left to give on the field despite the golden path he was given to broadcasting.  The critics may have been proven right as the New York Giants won the Super Bowl the year after he left and he was chastised for…
As the second draft pick of 1969, George Kunz had the fortune of playing for Notre Dame (when that mattered) and winning a National Championship there.  He did not have the same luck when he was selected by the Atlanta Falcons.
It is alleged that Roger Brown was the first legitimate 300 pounder in the National Football League.  Nowadays, this is common place, but it was Brown who proved that a much larger man could be very much athletic.  It is also a amazing that someone so big could be forgotten so quick.
In this era of sports specialization, it is hard to imagine that football players used to change positions regularly.  Pete Retzlaff played various offensive positions, but he could always be counted on to catch the ball.