Terrell Davis 2017 HOF Debate

Terrell Davis 2017 HOF Debate
03 Feb
Not in Hall of Fame
Here we are in the National Football League playoffs but for us that it means it is time to discuss the potential class of the 2017 Pro Football Hall of Fame.  The Finalists have been announced, and along with regular contributor, Spheniscus, we will go back and forth with each candidate and openly debate as to which player would be a worthy Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee.

Committee Chairman: Spheniscus, I know what I just said about Tony Boselli, but I feel so much different about Terrell Davis.  Yes he had a short career, but it was so explosive and with all due respect to John Elway and the rest of the Denver Broncos, they don’t win back-to-back Super Bowls without him. 

I think that is enough for me.  Am I wrong that his short career should keep him out?  It has so far.

Spheniscus: Let’s play that compare player A to player B and see what you think game you see so often in these things. Here they are:

























The first player has gained 5.0 yards a carry to the second’s 4.6. So they have the edge there. But neither seems to have the longevity to make the Hall right?

Well Player A is Gale Sayers. Hall of Famer and absolute legend of the game. A man who won Rookie of the Year, Comeback Player of the Year, the Rushing Title Twice, went to four Pro Bowls and was a five time First Team all NFL and Member of the NFL’s 60s All Decade Team. And won no championships.

Player B is of course Davis. A man who won an MVP, the Rushing Title Once, Offensive Player of the year twice, MVP, went to three Pro Bowls and was a three time First Team all NFL and Member of the NFL’s 90s All Decade Team. Oh, and two Super Bowl titles and a Super Bowl MVP.

It’s that last part that makes up the difference to me. Davis had a short career, but we have elected guys with shorter. He was forced to retire at 29, but when he was there he was the best player in the league every year he was there. That has to count for something. Are you really going to put both Elway and Sharpe into the Hall without the guy who got them their championships?

Committee Chairman: When Denver won that first and second Super Bowl, Davis got love from the media and the respective broadcasting teams, but Elway was the star. I am not saying he was the star performer, but he was the star, if you know what I am saying.

If you can allow me to go on a rant that is what I hate the most about watching Super Bowls. Since you are attracting a massive audience, the networks have to tell a broader story, and often that means every five seconds going to a player reaction of whomever the star is supposed to be. So when Denver won the Super Bowl, we watched Peyton stink up the game with Von Miller and company saving the day. Who got more camera time? Peyton of course, and I am referring specifically to when they those respective players are not on the field.

Here was my drinking game last year…how many times the camera focused on Manning when he wasn’t on the field. I had to rewatch the second half the next day!

Anyway, I agree. Elway doesn’t win those Super Bowls without Terrell Davis, and I like the Sayers analogy. Now if only Davis played with Brian Piccolo.

Spheniscus: So you’re telling me that Shannon Sharpe wasn’t the Brian Piccolo of the Denver Broncos?

And that narrative thing you are talking about isn’t just with the Super Bowl. I had no idea what to think about Texans games this year until I got one of the 75 reaction shots of injured J.J. Watt on the bench. He definitely got more airtime than at least half of the league’s coaches this year.

As for the candidate at hand, I know Davis’ career was short, but unlike Kenny Easley, I have no doubt in my mind that he was a Hall of Fame player. Even if Elway was the “star” of those teams. Elway’s “star” and place in history doesn’t shine nearly so brightly without the player who was likely the best in the league on his team (Barry Sanders would also have to be in the conversation of course).

But with Tomlinson on the ballot, Davis is not getting in this year. Once Tomlinson is cleared out, the best upcoming running back candidates between now and the next presidential election are Willis McGahee, Leon Washington, Maurice-Jones Drew, and Ronnie Brown. None of those guys are getting in.

That leaves just Davis and Edgerrin James, a finalist last year who was left off the finalist list this year. If those two keep showing up, one or both will be getting in. I think that means Davis next year.

Committee Chairman: The era of the sure thing Running Back for Canton is coming to an end. I will say if Willis McGahee ever becomes a Finalist, forget about me buying you a beer, I will purchase the entire brewery for you!

Davis isn’t getting in this year, and as much as I would want to vote for him this year, there are other who would I feel compelled to vote for. I think the PFHOF committee feels the same way, but at least he is trending in the right direction.

Oh, and I really don’t see James Caan playing a convincing Shannon Sharpe. No disrespect to Sonny Corleone, but he isn’t that good. Wait, does that make Lando Calrissiam John Elway? My mind is blown right now.

Spheniscus: John Elway wishes he could wear a cape as dope as Lando does. But maybe he could shout “Omaha 45, Omaha 45” everytime he needed a touchdown. That play would work every time.

Both Davis and James are getting in. Just not this year. Without Tomlinson, Davis will get the next shot. When that is, I can’t tell you. 2018 seems possible though. If not, not the biggest issue. It’s not like he is going to have tons of competition coming up.

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