5 Best Bicycles for Aging Baby Boomers

Getting older doesn’t mean that you have to give up on enjoying life or being active. In fact recent studies show that bike use is increasing in the younger generation but 22% of the growth can actually be attributed to seniors starting to ride again.

The trick when starting to ride again is to select the right bike for your intended use and start small. Building you stamina and fitness over time will allow you to really appreciate the pleasure of riding a bike.

There is a good chance your new found love of exercise will help you to live longer and stay healthy. Of course, if you prefer you can use these to stay in shape when you're older.

Here are the 5 best bicycles to choose between:

  1. The Cruiser

This is a great option for seniors as it is a step through bike; no need to become uncomfortable trying to swing your leg over the cross bar. You hardly need to lift your leg to get onto this machine. The seat is wide and well padded to ensure comfort while you ride and the curved handlebars make this an extremely easy bike to get your riding again.

  1. Go Electric

The second option is to choose an electric bike. These are a popular choice with many older people, the fact that they are rapidly reducing in price is helping to drive this increase in popularity.

This type of bike uses the electric motor to help propel you along; it starts working as soon as you start pedaling the bike.

  1. The Hybrid Or Crossover

This type of bike combines the best features of a road bike with those of a mountain bike. This makes it a very versatile bike and perhaps the only one you’ll ever need again.

The cross bar tends to slope making it easier to get on and off; although not as easy to do as the cruiser.

The bike also has larger wheels than a standard mountain bike; this helps ensure you’re in an upright position and minimizes the strain placed on your back.

  1. The Road Or Race Bike

If you have already been riding for several years you’ll appreciate the lightness and aerodynamics of the latest road bikes. These will allow you to gain an impressive turn of speed on the road but they are not very effective off the road.

This type of bike has very thin tires, improving its grip with the road and allowing you to pick up speed with the minimal of fuss.

It should be noted that this style of bike generally offers uncomfortable seats; you may feel the pain after a long ride.

  1. The Trike

If you are determined to get back on your bike but are concerned with how good your balance is then you need to consider getting yourself a trike. These take away the balance element of riding; allowing you to dedicate your energy into the actual riding procedure.

The important thing to remember is that you can get back on your bike; no matter how old you are.

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