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Wally Szczerbiak

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Wally Szczerbiak
The son of former ABA player, Walter Szczerbiak, Wally Szczerbiak took his pedigree to Miami of Ohio and was one of the top players that institution ever had. As a pro, he had his best years aiding Kevin Garnett with the Minnesota Timberwolves and was selected as an All Star in the 2002 game. Szczerbiak was a good player, but was never considered part of the elite. As he never had a PER over 19, it is difficult to make a case for him for the Hall of Fame, or frankly even our top 100 who should be considered. The Redhawks should do something to honor him though.


The Bullet Points:
Country of Origin:
Madrid, Spain

Eligible In:

Small Forward/Power Forward

Played for:
Minnesota Timberwolves
Boston Celtics
Seattle Super Sonics
Cleveland Cavaliers

Miami (OH)

1st Round, 6th Overall in 1999

Major Accolades and Awards:
NBA All Star Teams (1) (2002)
Championship Rings: None

Other Points of Note:
Top Ten Finishes: Field Goal Percentage (2) (1999-2000 & 2000-01)
Top Ten Finishes: Three Point Field Goal Percentage (2) (2001-02 & 2002-03)
Top Ten Finishes: Free Throw Percentage (1) (2005-06)

Notable All Time Rankings:
19. Three Point Field Goal Percentage: .406
33. Free Throw Percentage: .860

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0 #1 Sheila Fox 2012-11-25 15:31
Wally is being inducted as part of the 2013 Class of the Ohio Basketball Hall of Fame in Columbus on May 18th.
0 #2 Sheila Fox 2012-11-25 15:33
Wally will be inducted into the Ohio Basketball Hall of Fame as part of the 2013 Class on May 18th at the Greater Columbus Convention Center.

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