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2015 Basketball Eligibles

The son of former ABA player, Walter Szczerbiak, Wally Szczerbiak took his pedigree to Miami of Ohio and was one of the top players that institution ever had. As a pro, he had his best years aiding Kevin Garnett with the Minnesota Timberwolves and was selected as an All Star in the 2002 game. Szczerbiak was a good player, but was never considered part of…

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  • 125. Masa Saito
    125.  Masa Saito Masa Saito was not your typical Japanese wrestler.  Many of them will never compete outside of Japan, and those that do may do so only for a run or two in the United States.  Saito competed often in the U.S. for various promotions often competing in tag teams with other foreign born heels.  Saito was a compact powerhouse with a…
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