While we know that the Basketball Hall of Fame is the most convoluted of the big four of North American sports, we have noticed that based on our Analytics and feedback, more of you seem to be interested in the sport’s hall.

Saying that, we here at Notinhalloffame.com are very excited to unveil the next ranking for the Basketball list culminating in the 100 who we feel should be considered for the 2016 Basketball Hall of Fame induction ceremony.  This was created based on your votes, new eligible players and the removal of those who got in.
One of the best dunkers ever is no more.

Former fourteen-year NBA veteran, Darryl Dawkins passed away yesterday at the age of 58 from a heart attack.  Dawkins, a Center, was known for his powerful dunks that shattered glass twice in the 1979 season.  The Pennsylvania native spent the majority of his career with the Philadelphia 76ers and is currently fourteenth all-time in True Shooting Percentage and seventh in Field Goal Percentage.  Dawkins was a very popular figure on very good Sixers teams.  While he was never an All Star, Dawkins had a 12.0 Points per Game average and a 15.8 PER.

While he is not a Hall of Famer, he was a colorful and memorable player and this is a loss to the basketball community.

We here at Notinhalloffame.com would like to extend our condolences to the friends and family of Darryl Dawkins at this time.

We kind of knew this already as many of you have seen that we have ranked Allen Iverson at the top of our revised rankings for the Notinhalloffame.com Basketball list.  During this past Basketball Hall of Fame weekend, the institution made his eligibility official, a fact that was not made clear to many.

There were two sticking points that cluttered the opinion as to when his eligibility was.
On the heels of the Basketball Hall of Fame induction, one of the standouts of the Springfield based institution has been taken as Moses Malone was found dead in his hotel room in Norfolk, VA.  He was 60 years old.

Malone began his pro career right out of high school with the ABA’s Utah Stars and was immediately an All Star.  He would join the Buffalo Braves following the ABA/NBA merger and would become a perennial All Star, namely with the Houston Rockets and Philadelphia 76ers, the latter he took to a Championship in 1983.

The well decorated Center would earn the MVP Award three times, was a four time First Team All NBA Selection and won the rebounding title six times.  Malone retired with a double-double average of 20.3 Points and 12.3 Rebounds.  He was also named one of the NBA’s 50 Greatest Players.

We here at Notinhalloffame.com offer our condolences to the friends and family of Moses Malone.

16. Maurice Cheeks

Maurice Cheeks was one of the great point guards in league history.  His speed and ability to see the court made him the perfect point guard.  Cheeks was lucky enough to get drafted by the 76ers out of tiny West Texas State as they were building a great franchise.  His ability to guard and get the ball to his teammates made him the perfect choice for point guard of the Sixers. A 4 time All-Star and 4 time All Defensive league choice, Cheeks played a long and storied career and is currently top ten All Time in both steals and assists.

22. Bobby Jones

If Bobby Jones ever gets into the Basketball Hall of Fame it will obviously be because of his ability to defend other players.  His legacy as of the greatest defenders in the history of the NBA gives him a fighting chance to get inducted.  Jones was elected to the NBA All-Defensive First Team eight straight seasons from 1977-1984.  He was also elected to four All-Star games even though he had become a sixth man for the 76ers after a trade from Denver for George McGinnis. 

55. Hersey Hawkins

Once again, we have another player who had a solid pro career that is overshadowed by a spectacular college career.  Hersey Hawkins is only one of six players to score more than 6,000 career points in Division One.  Hawkins and Chet Walker are easily the two best players ever to come from Bradley University; and the Braves are one of the best programs ever that nobody remembers.  This might be hurting him. He may be sadly best remembered for an injury that kept him out of most of the 1988 Olympic Games and some say cost the team a gold due to their lack of perimeter shooting.  This of course led to the Dream Team being created so he has got that going for him.

64. Jeff Hornacek

Jeff Hornacek was a late second round pick out of Iowa State where he had played point guard.  His ability to pass was often overlooked later in his career as he is currently in the top fifty in career assists.  One of the great shooters in the history of the league, Hornacek was a great third scoring option on two different title contenders.  Best known for his play with the Jazz when they challenged the Bulls in back to back years, Hornacek's consistency helps his chances but the fact he was never even the second best player on teams that didn’t win greatly hamper his Hall of Fame chances.