Top 50 Arizona Diamondbacks

The city of Phoenix was awarded an expansion team in 1995 and the thriving desert city would see the Arizona Diamondbacks take the field in 1998.  The Diamondbacks would immediately become competitive and in 1999 they would make the playoffs by winning their division.  In 2001 they again made the playoffs and on the strength of Starting Pitchers Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling they would win the 2001 World Series, which made them the youngest franchise to win the title.

The Diamondbacks would return to the playoffs the following season but would regress in the following years until they returned to the post season in 2007 and again in 2011.   In recent years on the strength of superstar Paul Goldschmidt they have returned to prominence and were last in the playoffs in 2017.

As this is a new team (relatively speaking) this list will be very fluid in the years to come and with Phoenix being a vibrant sports town we can see Arizona doing well in the years to come.

Note: Baseball lists are based on an amalgamation of tenure, traditional statistics, advanced statistics, playoff statistics and post-season accolades. 

This list is updated up until the end of the 2018 Season.

Junior Spivey had a brief career in Major League Baseball with only five seasons, but half of that was with the Arizona Diamondbacks and his only really good season was when he played there.
While Ryan Roberts only collected 365 Hits in his career in Major League Baseball 281 of them were with Arizona and if you see the pattern, that is enough on a team this young.  Roberts’ best season was in 2011 where he hit 19 Home Runs with 18 Stolen Bases and a .427 Slugging Percentage.  His best work was in the 2011 post season where he went 7 for 20 in the NLCS with 2 Home Runs and had an OPS of 1.050.
Chris Snyder played seven seasons with the Arizona Diamondbacks where he would lead the National League Catchers twice in Fielding Percentage.  While he wasn’t regarded highly for his Batting Average he did have two seasons where he had 13 or more Home Runs, which showed that he was capable of some power.
Erubiel Durazo never had a season with Arizona where he had more that 276 At Bats but he when he did play he showed good hitting skills and over a 287 Game career had a very good Slash Line of .278/.390/.528.  Durazo hit a Home Run in the clinching Game 5 of the 2001 NLCS and in the Diamondbacks World Series win he batted .364 with an OBP of .500.
An All Star as a Starting Pitcher with the Cleveland Indians in 1989, Greg Swindell was firmly entrenched as a Relief Pitcher by the time he arrived to Arizona. 
As of this writing, Infielder Ketel Marte has completed three seasons for the Diamondbacks and his versatility in the infield has made him a valuable commodity for the team.  Marte made history as the first player in postseason history to have two triples in a game hit from both sides of the plate, which he accomplished in the 2017 National League Wildcard Game.  In 2018, he would lead the NL in Triples.  This was good, but he would break out in 2019, which skyrockets him us this list.


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Daniel Hudson was traded from the White Sox in the middle of the 2010 season where he got off to a great start with a 7 and 1 record and 1.68 ERA.  2011 was pretty solid for Hudson as he had a 16 Win season and was fifth in the NL in Innings Pitched and tenth in SO/BB.  Hudson would also win the Silver Slugger that year.  That is the good news…here is the bad:
In 2006 and 2007, Eric Byrnes had 150 Hits, 20 Home Runs and 20 Stolen Bases and in that latter season he finished 11th in MVP voting.  His 426 Hits is solid for a franchise this young as is his 61 Home Runs. 
The best season by far in the long career of Kelly Johnson was in 2010 where he had career highs in Hits (166), Home Runs (26) Runs Batted In (71) and the triumvirate of the Slash Line (.284/.370/.496).  We know we are repeating ourselves, but that is enough here to get into the top 50 all-time Arizona Diamondbacks.
As of this writing Archie Bradley has spent all of his career (now four seasons) with the Arizona Diamondbacks where he has been both a starter and a reliever.   Bradley is known mostly in baseball for his ample beard, which he had since he became relegated to the bullpen but overall (the beard and his role) has been a better fit for the Pitcher.
A member of the 2001 World Series Championship Team, Greg Colbrunn had a career Diamondbacks Batting Average of .310.  The First Baseman would also have 34 career Home Runs with a decent .384 OBP while playing with Arizona.
After winning a World Series Championship twice with the Toronto Blue Jays and a third title with the Florida Marlins, Devon White arrived to Arizona for the first season of the franchise’s existence, and was only there for that inaugural season, as he would sign with the Pittsburgh Pirates after the season ended.  Still, this was the last good season that White would have and it was good enough to land him a spot, albeit very low, on this list.