38. Rednex

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38.  Rednex
Cotton Eye Joe
Highest Billboard Position:
#20 in 1995

We like the taste of bacon.  We like the taste of peanut butter.  Yet at no point ever have we ever wanted to put them together.  We don’t have to put them together to know that they won’t taste good together.  The same rule should apply to music.  You may like Country Music, and still have a love for Euro Dance.  They are polar opposites, but you can still like both.  However, you should know enough not to put them together in the same song.  Apparently in Sweden, they didn’t figure that out.

Our friends in Scandinavia took the old American Folk Song, Cotton Eye Joe to paces it was never meant to go.  Combining it with a not so slick Euro Beat, they made the biggest musical mistake since Buddy Holly got on that plane.  The satirically named Rednex, had a few naive North American music fans thinking they had something hip, though many dismissed this as Novelty crap.  Amazingly (or typically, now that we think about it), this became a monster smash in Germany, a nation where they will build statues to honor crap like this.

How awful is Cotton Eye Joe?

I totally agree, Cotton Eye Joe is god awful! - 30%
Cotton Eye Joe is bad, but there is much worse. - 5%
Cotton Eye Joe is actually a guilty pleasure. - 40%
No opinion. - 0%
You are nuts, Cotton Eye Joe is amazing. - 25%
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