37. Lou Bega

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37.  Lou Bega
Mambo No. 5
Highest Billboard Position:
#3 in 1999

Wouldn’t you think that a German musician with Italian and Ugandan parents would have a unique take on popular music?  Apparently, that was not the case when in the late 90’s, when Lou Bega released Mambo No. 5 which was his take on a hit fifty years previous by Cuban bandleader, Perez Prado.

Bega basically took the song and injected his lyrical syrup to it of all women in his life…or at least we think that is what he was doing.  This song is so irritating that we turned the dial quickly in fear of Bega coming out with another Mambo.  Chances are, that is was he did, as the new aged bandleader (without a band) mamboed his way back to the obscurity where he belongs.

How awful is Mambo No. 5?

I totally agree, Mambo No. 5 is god awful! - 7.1%
Mambo No. 5 is bad, but there is much worse. - 14.3%
Mambo No. 5 is actually a guilty pleasure. - 28.6%
No opinion. - 0%
You are nuts, Mambo No. 5 is amazing. - 50%
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