C.C. Sabathia reaches 3,000 Strikeouts

C.C. Sabathia reaches 3,000 Strikeouts
01 May
Not in Hall of Fame

Milestones mean more in baseball than it does in any other sport and when you achieve a major one it automatically generates a Hall of Fame discussion.  The conversation today is that last night C.C. Sabathia reached 3,000 Strikeouts over his career making him the 17thplayer in Major League history to achieve that plateau.  The 3,000thwhiff came against Arizona’s John Ryan Murphy and he followed up with two more ending at 3,002 for the night.   

Sabathia had announced earlier that this would be his final season in baseball and he has a chance to increase his rank as he is behind John Smoltz (82), Curt Schilling (114) and Bob Gibson (115), all of which are reachable should he be able to maintain a number comparable to his last year’s number.  

With the exception of Roger Clemens and Curt Schilling, everyone who has 3,000 Strikeouts is in the Baseball Hall of Fame.  He is also three wins away from the 250 milestone, which is a number that many feel is akin to 300 Wins in the past based on how pitch counts work driving starters out of the game much earlier.  Sabrmetrically he is well behind as his 63.2 career bWAR is well below the 73.2 average that Starting Pitchers have who are in Cooperstown.  

We here at Notinhalloffame.com would like to congratulate C.C. Sabathia for achieving this very impressive landmark and we will be watching when he goes for win number 250.

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