Another NFL Retirement

Mike Vrabel has called an end to his professional playing career today as he accepted an assitant coaching gig with Ohio State.  Vrabel recorded 57 career sacks and was a vital cog in the defence of the three time Super Bowl winning New England Patriots.  He only was elected to one Pro Bowl, but he was considered one of the better Linebackers of the first decade of the 21st century.  The question is whether he is Hall of Fame worthy.  A case could be made either way.
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0 #6 Ziggy Koole -0001-11-30 00:00
Most Eagles fans are crying for him to go back.
-1 #5 Spheniscus -0001-11-30 00:00
We agree on Asante Samuel. Every Pats fan still blames him for the loss to the Giants. He either A: intercepts the pass before the Tyree catch; or B: actually runs to try and help Harrison stop Tyree (if you look at the film you will see him standing and watching five feet away from the catch), the Pats win that game. No one cried when he left for Philly.
0 #4 Ziggy Koole -0001-11-30 00:00
I think Reed will get in eventually? And I could totally see Vinatieri getting in, I mean how many people have won 4 super bowls as a starter. I hope Asante Samuel never gets in though, he sucks.
0 #3 Spheniscus -0001-11-30 00:00
All you really need to know about how we feel about Bledsoe is that the Patriots are the only team that allows their fans to vote for who is inducted into their Hall of Fame (it has been going on for the past five years now) and Bledsoe was elected in his first year of eligibility with the highest percentage ever.

Maybe it helps that the other two guys who were nominated were Houston Antwine (a great DL from the AFL days, which happened before the memories of the majority of people voting online) and Bill Parcells (who already had a foot out the door going into a Superbowl, which folks don't forget). But still, Bledsoe (with Parcells) was the player to took the Pats from the Patsies to the Patriots. Plus when he got traded he took out entire page ads in both the Herald and Globe thanking the fans for their support. We are suckers for that. So still a highly popular player.

As for Vinatieri, I think he has something that Ray Guy could never have, which is two Superbowl winning kicks AND the kick in the snow game, which is probably the greatest field goal of all time. Plus, he is in the top 10 in NFL history in accuracy despite playing half of his career in the terrible weather of Foxboro.

And I think you absolutely have to look at teams when you rank players. I really think that is a major reason that Andre Reed isn't in the Hall of Fame. The Bills were a great team, (believe me, I remember hating them for my first formative years of football) but they never won a championship . That team currently has five Hall of Famers: Marv Levy, Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas, Bruce Smith, and James Lofton. Six if you include Ralph Wilson Jr. It is hard to put in a sixth/sevent h guy when the early 70s Dolphins, who won two Superbowls one of which was an undefeated season, only have seven and the entire Broncos franchise had one until the past couple of years, (this is a major reason why Floyd Little was elected this year as the seniors candidate, since he may have the worst stats of any RB in the Hall of Fame).

Is Andre Reed a Hall of Famer? Absolutely in my opinion. It just would have helped had he done it for a team that didn't already have so many player in the Hall of Fame (and before reception numbers exploded, but that is a separate issue).
0 #2 Committee Chairman -0001-11-30 00:00
Great post!!!! It makes us think that maybe we should look at individual teams Hall/ring of honor etc.. in the future. Let me ask you this.... I agree that Vinatieri has a case and should be in....does the kicker bias keep him out (like Ray Guy), and how do people in Boston view Bledsoe? After Brady led them to a championship , is he an afterthought , considered unlucky, or thought of as just not good enough?
0 #1 Spheniscus -0001-11-30 00:00
As a Patriots fan, I don't think Vrabel gets in. In the Bill Belichick era the likely Hall of Famers go in this order:


1. Tom Brady
2. Bill Belichick

Highly Likely

3. Randy Moss
4. Adam Vinatieri
5. Richard Seymour

Good Chance

6. Drew Bledsoe
7. Ty Law
8. Rodney Harrison
9. Willie McGinest

In the Discussion

10. Tedy Bruschi
11. Mike Vrabel

Hopeful, but it wont happen

12. Troy Brown
13. Lawyer Milloy

Still in the prime but have a chance if their careers continue this way

14. Vince Wilfork
15. Logan Mankins
16. Wes Welker

Certainly not saying all of these folks will get in. I think five maybe six at the outside will. The point though is that there are too many guys ahead of Vrabel, who we absolutely love up here in Boston, for him to ever really get a shot. Any Pats fan will tell you that Bruschi was the most important guy on that defense, and from everything I have heard he isn't going to get a sniff at anything other than the Pats Team Hall of Fame (which I believe is coming up for him in 2013).

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