Derek Jeter gets to 3000 hits!

Growing up, I always thought that 500 Home Runs was THE milestone in baseball.  As many of those who recently achieved that benchmark have been been painted with the PED brush, it doesn't have the same cache that it used to.     

This has not been the case with 3,000 hits and those who have achieved that milestone have not been tainted...well at least with their performance on the field anyway.  Derek Jeter has just joined this illustrious list and did it all as a member of the New York Yankees.  We here at notinhalloffame congratulate Derek Jeter and look forward to placing him near the top of our list when eligible....of course we only expect him to be on our list for one year!

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0 #1 Darryl Tahirali -0001-11-30 00:00
The 3000-hit plateau is not above taint--Rafae l Palmeiro also reached 3000 hits, and his association with PEDs is notorious. It's a shame because Palmeiro is one of only four men in baseball history to combine 3000 hits and 500 home runs; the other three are Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, and Eddie Murray, and we all know where they are enshrined. Baseball loves its round numbers, so 3000 looks magical, but another PEDs poster boy, Barry Bonds, finished only 65 hits shy of 3000--in one sense remarkable given that Bonds walked in 20 percent of his plate appearances (including an outrageous 688 intentional walks--more than double the number by runner-up Aaron).

Perhaps because I'm a Red Sox fan I haven't mentioned Jeter yet. It is a tremendous accomplishme nt made more impressive because Jeter plays at one of the two most demanding defensive positions on the diamond. And in grand style, he went 5-for-5 on the day he reaches 3000 hits, reaching number 3000 on a home run (joining Wade Boggs(!) as the only other hitter to have his 3000th hit be a home run) and driving in the winning run in his fifth at-bat. Yet three days later he's not up to playing in the All-Star Game. Hmm . . .

It is still a remarkable accomplishme nt, and not one we'll see too often. Provided he returns from his surgery all right, Alex Rodriguez will probably reach 3000 hits in 2013, at age 37--although there's another steroids taint. The next clean player to reach 3000 will most likely be Albert Pujols, and that won't be for another seven years.

Johnny Damon, at age 37 with 2660+ hits, might have an outside chance if he stays healthy and finds an American League employer to sign him as a designated hitter because his playing days as an outfielder are behind him now, and National League teams are unlikely to consider him a regular. Ivan Rodriguez (age 39) and Omar Vizquel (age 44) are both less than 200 hits away from 3000, but both are grizzled vets plugging lineup holes and mentoring the young 'uns. It's not inconceivabl e to see the surprisingly resilient Vizquel hang on with some team just to get to 3000 and bolster his chances for the Hall.

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