We announce the Semi-Finalists for the Fictitious Athlete Hall of Fame

We announce the Semi-Finalists for the Fictitious Athlete Hall of Fame
10 Jul
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One of our pet projects, the Fictitious Athlete Hall of Fame is pleased to announce the Semi-Finalists for the Class of 2020, which will be the 7thfull class.  

The Semi-Finalists were decided by all of you, after being pared down from other 500 Preliminary Nominees.

There are three wings in the Fictitious Athlete Hall of Fame:

The Fictitious Athlete wing, whose members are: Rocky Balboa (The Rocky series), Roy Hobbs (The Natural), Crash Avis (Bull Durham), Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn (Major League), Happy Gilmore (Happy Gilmore), Reggie Dunlop (Slap Shot), The Hanson Brothers (Slap Shot), Charlie Conway (The Mighty Ducks) Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez (The Sandlot), Apollo Creed (Rocky), Willie “Mays” Hayes (Major League), Forrest Gump (Forrest Gump), Bobby Boucher (The Waterboy), Paul “Wrecking” Crewe (The Longest Yard), Dottie Hinson (A League of Their Own), Daniel LaRusso (The Karate Kid), Clubber Lang (Rocky), Ivan Drago (Rocky) and “Fast” Eddie Felson (The Hustler & The Color of Money.

The Fictitious Contributor wing, whose members are: Harry Doyle (Major League), Carl Spackler (Caddyshack), Mr. Miyagi (The Karate Kid), Chubbs Peterson (Happy Gilmore), Gordon Bombay (The Mighty Ducks), Mickey Goldmill (Rocky), Morris Buttermaker (The Bad News Bears), Coach Ernie Pantusso (Cheers) and Adrian Balboa (Rocky)

The Fictitious Veteran wing, whose members are: Andy “Champ” Purcell (The Champ), Dennis Ryan (Take Me Out to the Ball Game), Guffy McGovern (Angels in the Outfield), Huxley College (Horse Feathers) and Sport Goofy.

The Fictitious Athlete Semi-Finalists are:

A.C. Slater (Saved by the Bell).  The former amateur wrestling star at Bayside High has been a Semi-Finalist every year, but a Finalist only once.  Slater also played for the school’s football team.

Adonis Creed (Creed and Creed II).  The son of former World Heavyweight Boxing Champion, Apollo Creed, Adonis became the World Heavyweight Champion himself.  This is the most “recent” Semi-Finalist.

Al Bundy (Married With Children).  Bundy has been a Finalist every single year of the Hall’s existence with the Polk High football star finishing fourth on two occasions.  He is most famous for scoring four touchdowns in a game.

Al Czervik (Caddyshack).  Czervik was a Finalist last year for the first time, and his win over the “snobs” at Bushwood Country Club is still golf legend.

“All the Way” Mae Mordabito (A League of Their Own).  Mordabito played at Centerfield for the Rockford Peaches, and was the team’s leadoff hitter.

Amanda Whurlitzer (The Bad News Bears).  Whurlitzer was the star pitcher for Morris Buttermaker’s little league team in California.  Whurlitzer was a Finalist last year.

“Big Ern” Ernie McCracken (Kingpin).  “Big Ern” was the most recognized bowler in the circuit. McCracken has been a multi-time Semi-Finalist.

Billy Bob (Varsity Blues).  Billy Bob was the Offensive Lineman for West Canaan (Texas) and is a Semi-Finalist for the first time.

Billy Chapel (For Love of the Game).  As a veteran with the Detroit Tigers, Chapel pitched a perfect game.  He has always been a Semi-Finalist.

Billy Hoyle (White Men Can’t Jump).  Hoyle was a street basketball hustler who has the on-court skills but not necessarily the mind of a hustler.  

Bodhi (Point Break).  Was there a better combination surfer/thief than Bodhi? Not a chance!  He is a Semi-Finalist for the third time.

Brian Schute (Vision Quest).  Schute is a Semi-Finalist for the first time and he was the seemingly invincible amateur wrestler from Hoover High.

Bud (Air Bud).  What sport could this golden retriever not do?  He did it all, and he returns as a Semi-Finalist for the fifth time.

Bugs Bunny (Space Jam).  Bugs Bunny teamed with Michael Jordan to defeat the Monstars.

Chazz Michael Michaels (Blades of Glory).  CMM was a star solo figure skater who found a second life as a pair skater with his former adversary.  This is also a former Finalist.

Dave Stoller (Breaking Away).  Stoller loved Italian bicycling and the “Cutter” had a chance to compete with his friends.  Amazingly, this is the first time that he has made the Semi-Finals.

Dean Youngblood (Youngblood).  An American Hockey Player, Youngblood plied his trade north of the border for the Hamilton Mustangs.  The skilled sniper was a Finalist last year.

Doug “The Thug” Glatt (Goon).  Glatt could barely skate, but he became the popular enforcer for the Halifax Highlanders.  Glatt was a Finalist last year.

Eddie Harris (Major League).  The Major League franchise has yielded three inductees, and this is the first Semi-Final appearance for the veteran spitballer.

Flash Gordon (Flash Gordon).  Before he saved the galaxy, he was the Quarterback for the New York Jets.  He was a Semi-Finalist for the first time last year.

Henry Rowengartner (Rookie of the Year).  A freak arm injury turned the 12-year old’s arm into a fastball machine.  He played briefly for the Chicago Cubs and is a three-time Semi-Finalist.

Homer Simpson (The Simpsons).  The multi-time Semi Finalist has excelled in multiple sports including Softball, Boxing and Mixed Curling.  He has played along side Daryll Strawberry, fought a heavyweight champion (Drederick Tatum) and was in the Olympics with his wife.

Ignacio/Nacho (Nacho Libre).  Ignacio wrestled professionally in Mexico, and he is a multi-time Semi-Finalist.

Jack Elliott (Mr. Baseball).  Elliott was a fading star for the Detroit Tigers and was traded to the Tokyo Giants, where he had last kick at the can.  This is the second time he has been a Semi-Finalist.

Jackie Moon (Semi-Pro).  Moon was the player/owner for the Flint Tropics and has been a past Finalist.

Jake Taylor (Major League).  Taylor was the hero with a bunt in the first Major League, where the veteran Catcher of the Cleveland Indians was the on-field leader of the rags to riches story.  He would later become their interim manager, and he is a four-time Semi-Finalist.

Jeff “The Dude” Lebowski (The Big Lebowski).  A pot smoking slacker who loves bowling? Sounds good to us!  The Dude has been a previous Semi-Finalist.

Jesus Shuttlesworth (He Got Game).  Shuttlesworth was a highly recruited basketball player at Lincoln High.  Amazingly, he has only reached the Semi-Finals twice.

Jimmy Chitwood (Hoosiers).  Chitwood was the star basketball player at Hickory High whom without the Norman Dale led team would not have won the Indiana State tournament in 1957.  Chitwood has been a Finalist once.

Johnny Lawrence (The Karate Kid).  Lawrence was the lead fighter of the Cobra-Kai who terrorized Daniel LaRusso in 1984 in Fresno.  Lawrence’s loss to LaRusso tormented him for decades.

Kelly Leak (The Bad News Bears).  Leak was the best player for the Bears, the little league team in California that was more known for their shenanigans.  Leak has been a perpetual Semi-Finalist, but has never been a Finalist.

Kenny Powers (Eastbound and Down).  Powers was a former relief pitcher who fell from grace and was trying to find his way back to the Majors.  He is a two-time Finalist.

Lee (Enter the Dragon).  Lee qualifies as he participates in what was the most unorganized martial arts tournament in memory.  This is his third time as a Semi-Finalist.

Lightning McQueen (Cars).  McQueen is one of the most successful anthropomorphic automobiles that race.  This is a two-time Semi-Finalist.

Pedro Cerrano (Major League).  The Cleveland Indians outfielder and voodoo master was known for his booming Home Runs.  Cerrano is a two-time Finalist.

Peter LaFleur (Dodgeball).  LaFleur led his Average Joe’s Gym team to a win in the Dodgeball Open in Las Vegas.  He is a two-time Finalist.

Philo Beddoe (Every Which Way But Loose).  Beddoe is a legendary bare-knuckle fighter who has an orangutan for a sidekick.  Amazingly, it works.  Beddoe is a Semi-Finalist for only the second time.

Randy “The Ram” Robinson (The Wrestler).  Robinson is an aging pro wrestler barely hanging on. He was a Finalist three years ago.

Ray Finkle (Ace Ventura: Pet Ventura).  Finkle was the Miami Dolphins’ Place Kicker, but his miss cost the Dolphins the Super Bowl.  This is his second time as a Semi-Finalist.

Ricky Bobby (Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby).  NASCAR legend, Ricky Bobby has been a Finalist two times.

Rod Tidwell (Jerry Maguire):Arizona Cardinals Wide Receiver, Rod Tidwell was the star (and only) client of Jerry Maguire. Surprisngly, this is the only time that he has made the Semi-Finals.

Roy McAvoy (Tin Cup):  A three-time Semi-Finalist, McAvoy is a club pro who finally made it to a PGA event.

Sam Malone (Cheers):  Malone pitched for the Boston Red Sox for five seasons in a relief pitcher capacity.  “Mayday” is a three-time Finalist. 

Scott Howard (Teen Wolf):  When Howard transformed into the “Wolf” he was the top basketball star in High School.  He has been a semi-finalist twice.

Shane Falco (The Replacements):  A former two-time Finalist, the former Ohio State Buckeye was a replacement player Quarterback for the Washington Sentinels.

Sidd Finch (Sports Illustrated):  Finch was signed by the New York Mets (who he never played for), and could throw a baseball 168 mph.

Terry Tate (Reebok Commercials):  Tate didn’t play Linebacker on the gridiron, but rather in offices across the United States.

Thornton Melon (Back to School):  Melon used to do the “Triple Lindy” on Coney Island and decades later he brought it back to win a diving competition for Grand Lakes College.

Uncle Drew (Uncle Drew): This is the first year that Uncle Drew is on the Ballot and he made it to the Semi-Finals.  He is the “oldest” Semi-Finalist.

Warren Coolidge (The White Shadow):  Coolidge was the star player for Ken Reeves’ Carver High School team.  He never made the NBA, but became an orderly at St. Eligius in Boston.  This is his third time as a Semi-Finalist.

You can vote for them here.

The Fictitious Athlete Contributors are:


Annie Savoy (Bull Durham):  Savoy was the longtime muse for many a minor league baseball player who was played for the Durham Bulls.  She is a former Finalist, and had at least been a Semi-Finalist every year.

Arliss Michaels (Arliss): Arliss was the super sports agent for many years, and he represented many all-stars from multiple sports.

Birdie (Above the Rim):  Birdie is the neighborhood gangster involved in streetball.  

Cameron Tucker (Modern Family):  Tucker became a High School Football Coach in Los Angeles.

Caretaker (The Longest Yard ’74):  This was the man who made the Mean Machine possible, and is also a former Semi-Finalist.

Caretaker (The Longest Yard ’05):  See above.  The same applies.

Clyde (Every Which Way But Loose):  Clyde is the only orangutan to make it as a Semi-Finalist, and this is the third time it has happened.

Coach Klein (The Waterboy):  The Head Coach of South Central Louisiana State was a play-making genius and a previous Finalist.

Darcy Sears (Varsity Blues):  Who was the hottest woman at West Canaan?  It was Darcy Sears.  She is a two-time Semi-Finalist.

Dr. Andre Nowczik (The League):  The good Doctor was a Semi-Finalist once before and is the only fantasy league player to make it this far.

Frank Drebin (The Naked Gun):  The. Detective from the Police Squad in L.A. pretended to be a Major League Umpire, while on the case.  He was a Semi-Finalist last year.

George Costanza (Seinfeld):  Costanza shockingly became an executive with the New York Yankees and is a two-time Semi-Finalist.

Hayden Fox (Coach):  Fox is a three-time Finalist and the former Head Coach at Minnesota State.

Jerry Maguire (Jerry Maguire):  The most known sports agent In the fictitious world has been a Finalist twice.   

Jimmy Dugan (A League of Their Own):  Since the inception of the Fictitious Athlete Hall, Dugan has been a Finalist.  He had 500 career Home Runs, and would later helm the Rockford Peaches.  Dugan has been a Finalist every year.

John Kreese (The Karate Kid):  Kreese is a two-time Semi-Finalist and was the leader of the Cobra-Kai.  This is his second straight year as a Semi-Finalist.

Ken Reeves (The White Shadow):  A former Chicago Bull, Reeves became the head coach at Carver High in California.  Reeves has been an annual Semi-Finalist.

Lou Brown (Major League):  Brown went from managing the Toledo Mudhens and landed the job as the Cleveland Indians Manager.  He has been a Finalist once.

Norman Dale (Hoosiers):  Dale is a three-time Finalist and he led the small town Hickory High to a state championship in 1957.

Patches O’Houlihan (Dodgeball):  O’Houlihan was a former dodgeball star who trained the Average Joe’s Gym for their tournament in Las Vegas.  He was a Finalist last year.

Paulie Pennino (Rocky):  Paulie is a friend, cornerman and brother-in-law to former Heavyweight Boxing Champion, Rocky Balboa.  He is a two-time Finalist.

Pepper Brooks (Dodgeball):  Brooks worked as the color commentator for the Dodgeball tournament on the “Ocho”.  Brooks is a three-time Semi-Finalist.

Ray Kinsella (Field of Dreams):  Kinsella built a baseball diamond in his Iowa cornfield where dead baseball players came to play.  He is a one-time Finalist.

Terrence Mann (Field of Dreams):  An important counter-culture writer of the 1960s, Mann is a disaffected baseball fan who travels with Kinsella to his Iowa baseball diamond.  This is his second time as a Semi-Finalist.

The Gopher (Caddyshack):  The gopher has been terrorizing groundskeepers at Bushwood Country Club for years, and he has been known to dance to Kenny Loggins songs. He is a three-time Semi-Finalist.

You can vote for them here.

The Fictitious Athlete Veterans are:

Amos Dodd (Pigskin Parade):  The simple Texan was recruited to play at Texas State, where he led the team in an upset win over Yale.

Harold Lamb (The Freshman):  Lamb played college football for Tate University, and the undersized talent got the girl at the end.

Joe Boyd/Joe Hart (Damn Yankees):  The superfan of the Washington Senators instantly became the team’s biggest star.

Joe Pendleton/Bruce Farnsworth/Murdoch (Here Comes Mr. Jordan):  If you want a story about a reincarnated boxer, this is it!

Luis “Mountain” Rivera (Requiem for a Heavyweight):  Rivera is a former Heavyweight boxing contender who is the victim of boxing’s seedy underbelly.

You can vote for them here.

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