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3. Bobby Layne
Bobby Layne was an absolute beast at the University of Texas but it took a few years, a few stops and engineering a trade to the Detroit Lions before he was allowed to truly showcase his skills.
Layne quarterbacked the Lions to three NFL Championships in the 1950’s and is currently the only pure QB from the Lions in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  A two time Passing Yards leader, Layne was known for his grit being of the last players to wear face bars on his helmet.  Detroit was never the same after he traded and there are many older fans who likely still claim the trade of Bobby Layne took them to decades long slump they are still in.

The Bullet Points

  • Position: Quarterback
  • Acquired: Traded from the Chicago Bears for Bob Mann and Cash prior to the 1950 Season.
  • Departed: Traded to the Pittsburgh Steelers 10/6/58.
  • Games Played: 97
  • Notable Statistics: 84 Games Started
    1,074 Completions
    2,193 Passing Attempts
    49.0% Completion Percentage
    15,710 Passing Yards
    118 Passing Touchdowns
    142 Interceptions
    63.7 Quarterback Rating
    432 Rushing Attempts
    1,793 Rushing Yards
    13 Rushing Touchdowns
    18 Field Goals Made
    69.2% Field Goal Completion Percentage
    62 Extra Points Made
    95.4% Extra Point Completion Percentage
  • Major Accolades and Awards: NFL Champion (1952, 1953 & 1957)
    First Team All Pro (1952 & 1956)
    Second Team All Pro (1954 & 1958*)
    Pro Bowl Selection (1951, 1952, 1953, 1956 & 1958*)
    Most Completions (1951)
    Most Passing Attempts (1950 & 1951)
    Most Passing Yards (1950 & 1951)
    Most Passing Touchdowns (1951)
    Most Passing Yards/Game (1950 & 1951)
    Most Passing Yards/Attempt (1958*)
    Most Yards/Completion (1953 & 1958*)
    Most Passing Attempts/Game (1950 & 1951)
    Most Completions/Game (1951)
    Highest Passing Completion (1955)
    Most Points Scored (1956)
    Highest Field Goal Percentage (1956)

    * Layne only played two games for Detroit before he was traded to Pittsburgh.
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