How To Bond With Your Horse

How To Bond With Your Horse
16 Dec
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Are you trying to learn how to bond with your horse? Developing a bond and strong relationship with your horse is vital whether you want to race, put the horse to work, or simply enjoy riding casually. Developing a relationship with a horse is not easy and nothing like a dog, which is why it is important to be aware of a few tips that should help and allow you to form a strong bond. This can be incredibly rewarding and a great feeling, but keep in mind that it can take some time, and there may be a few setbacks along the way.

Learn Body Language

First, you need to think about body language. Horses communicate a huge amount through their behavior, so you need to learn about this and always read your horse even when you have formed a strong connection. Tensing up, flaring nostrils, and cocked ears are all signs that the horse should not be approached. You also need to consider your own body language - you should be open, confident, and slow in your actions around your horse.

Touch Exercises

Trust is developed through physical touch, but it can take a while for a horse to get used to physical contact. Stroking is the easiest way to do this, but be sure to be gentle when starting and always pay attention to how your horse behaves. Grooming is also an excellent way to build trust and to get the horse used to you handling different parts of its body.

Young Horse Development Training

You also need to use young horse development training as a way to build a relationship while also developing key skills. Training a young horse is essential as it is much easier to train a young horse than an older one, and it will develop trust from a young age. This starts off with key tasks like desensitizing a colt to touch, saddling, and investigating new objects. 

Play & Walk With The Horse

As with any animal, you can develop your relationship simply by spending quality time with them. Playing with your horse can be good fun and can be helpful for preventing it from becoming scared. Walking with the horse can also add another dimension to your relationship, and it is a great form of exercise for both of you.

Relax Together

Another way to build your relationship is to spend time relaxing with one another. You do not always need to be training, riding, or playing, and simply relaxing in the same space can develop trust. Chilling out on the grass on a warm sunny day with your horse is a great feeling, or curling up and getting warm in a stable can also help to strengthen your relationship.

These are a few of the best ways that you can build a relationship with your horse and develop trust. It does not happen overnight, and it can take a lot of work, but it is a great feeling to build this relationship and will make life much easier down the line.

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