Season 1 Episode 1: Stars on 45, Stars on 45

Season 1 Episode 1: Stars on 45, Stars on 45
02 Sep
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Episode 1. "Stars on 45: Stars on 45". The Chairman (Kirk Buchner) debuts a new show with his co-host, Andrea Tessman. Together they look at songs that went to the top, with the first being the medley song, "Stars on 45" that hit #1 on June 20, 1981.

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Pop Up Video is a VH1 television show that shows music videos annotated via "pop-up" bubbles — officially called "info nuggets" — containing trivia and witticisms relating to the video in question. The show was created by Woody Thompson and Tad Low and premiered October 27, 1996. For a time, it was the highest-rate d program on VH1, though Behind the Music overtook it by 1998.[1] It was originally produced by Spin the Bottle Inc., and later by Eyeboogie Inc. during its original run.

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