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I joined this august forum just this past Saturday night, and I wish to speak of different Halls of Fame, both real and fictional.

I am currently living in Tennessee, and I once trained as a deejay in the early eighties.

What brought me to this site was the listings of fictional Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees, a number of whom I like - my fave-rave among fictional artists is a certain all-girl rock band who are cartoon stars, to me.

I look forward to hearing from you - and I wish all of you only the best.


To be honest, I have at least two fave-raves who I think should be in the Hall.

Firstly is Wynonie Harris, alias "Mr. Blues"; he has to have influenced a number of R&B and Soul artists; he should be there on general principle.

The second act I mention is going to get me some very loud ridicule, yet I feel this artist should be there - she has been an influence on the artist we call "The Material Girl", who even noted this artist's influence when interviewed for a magazine article in 1985.

To put it in her terms, "False eyelashes, blonde hair, mini-skirt, leather boots - she was cool."

I speak, of course, of one Nancy Sandra Sinatra, eldest daughter of Frank Sinatra.

True, she was primarily a pop singer, she did record a whole boatload of songs which are well worth hearing, I think; after all, between 1965 and 1970, she had eight hit songs on the charts.

I welcome your comments.