Not in Hall of Fame News

Please forgive the lack of updates.  I (The Committee Chairman) am away in Portugal, but will be back shortly.   However, on May 15, I am pleased to announce that will be unveiling a new look and new updates on the lists that we have.   Weare very excited about what is to come! Again we apologize!
After 13 NFL seasons (the bulk of which was played with the Eagles), Free Safety, Brian Dawkins has announced via twitter that he is retiring.  Dawkins felt that he could still play, but like many of this generation has elected to walk off the gridiron one last time as opposed to be carried off.  With eight Pro Bowls, Four All Pro Teams, and the Philadelphia Eagles All Time Interception record, Brian Dawkins is a solid Hall of Fame Candidate. Thoughts?
Returning to Texas, Ivan Rodriguez will officially retire leaving behind a legacy of Gold Gloves, a 1999 AL MVP and a World Series Ring with the Marlins.  Known as "Pudge", Ivan Rodriguez concludes his career with lifetime numbers that are Hall of Fame worthy.  With 2,844 Hits, 311 Home Runs and 7 Silver Slugger Awards, Rodriguez ranks among the top offensive Catchers in Major League history. Defensively, I-Rod had no peers.  His Defensive WAR of 16.9 ranks eleventh all time and is the highest among Catchers.  He also boasts 13 Gold Gloves which again is a record for that position.  …
To which we say....Seriously?   We wonder aloud if Donovan is aware of his accomplishments in the last few years.

RIP: Levon Helm

Two days, and we lose two Rock and Roll Hall of Famers.  Levon Helm passed away today at the age of 71.  The drummer (and singer) for the Band, had many acclaimed solo albums in his own right, and despite his senior status, seemingly had a lot more music left in him.   Think we are going to play some Levon right now.

RIP: Dick Clark

As you may have already heard, "America's Oldest Living Teenager", Dick Clark, passed away today at the age of 82.  The long time host and producer of American Bandstand, was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1993, and was often the platform on which many Rock Stars debuted Nationally on.  He will be missed.
...and Axl Rose's no show did not make the ceremony stop.   As usual, it went off without a hitch.  We would again like to congratulate the entire 2012 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Class.  We have made our selections for the next list, and we will be pleased to announce that in the next month.
.....But not because he didn't want to be there.   Rod Stewart, who will be inducted a second time along with the Small Faces/Faces induction has announced he won't be attending due to a battle with the flu.  We have to imaine that with Stewart bowing out, along with Axl's conveniently timed tantrum, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is not getting the ceremony they hoped for.
Maybe we are being optomistic, but we envision us being invited to attend the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony.  Okay, we are being VERY optimistic, but considering that the Rock Hall is what we started our site on, we will cling to this pipe dream.  Tonight Axl Rose will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, even though he has stated through a publicist that he is declining the invitation. Rose waited until today (the induction ceremony) to announce his intentions.  The Guns N' Roses frontman issued the following: To: The Rock And Roll Hall…

Steve Stamkos: 60 Goals

We would like to congratulate Steve Stamkos of the Tampa Bay Lightning for his 60th goal of the season.  This is the 39th time an NHL player has hit this mark, and the first time for Stamkos.  In only his fourth season, we aren't looking to put him in the Hockey Hall of Fame, but he would like to state that he is carving out a serious path towards it.