Does the RRHOF want Dave Mustaine?

Does the RRHOF want Dave Mustaine?
02 Jan
Not in Hall of Fame
Over interactions with fans over Twitter, Megadeth’s front man Dave Mustaine stated that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame are “opposed” to him being a member.

When asked by a fan whether it was “past time” for Megadeth to enter the Rock Hall, Mustaine responded as such:

“I think that the @rockhall is opposed to me being in there.  It is one of my bucket list items: The R&R HOF and my Grammy.”

This generated a bit of conversation on Mustane’s timeline, prompting another fan to state that he deserved both a spot in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and a Grammy Award.  Mustaine had this in response:

“Thank you. I just wish that both of those boards felt the same way that you do.  I am in there bcuz of Met in a way. But I’d like Megs to go!

Metallica was inducted in 2009.  Mustaine was with the band from 1981 to 1983 before being let go and replaced by Kirk Hammett.  Mustaine was not chosen by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to be part of the band members inducted, which is believed to be stongly influnced by Metallica themsleves who by their own admission in previous interviews did not go to bat for with the Rock Hall.

In previous interviews, Mustaine states that Metallica would not have gotten as far as they did without his contributions.  Needless to say there are varying opinions on that, including from Metallica members themselves. 

Drummer, Lars Ulrich has said in previous interviews that “you have to cap it somewhere and that there were multiple members in the group in the early days. 

Mustaine was invited to the ceremony, though did not go citing European commitments…though we don’t blame him for not going. 

At present, Megadeth is ranked #120 on the Rock and Roll list, though we will be revising that next month to reflect those who were inducted and those who are newly eligible.

Either way, this is what we love about the Rock Hall.  It never ceases to cause controversy. 

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