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We have changed our logo! Deep Purple out, Janet Jackson in

We have changed our logo!  Deep Purple out, Janet Jackson in
27 Feb
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It’s that time again for us at

As you may have noticed, our main logo always features four people/artists who have been considered by us to be egregious snubs by their respective Halls of Fame.  Some of those images have not changed, as hockey broadcaster, Don Cherry has been part of the logo from day one.  Some, we don’t expect to change, as we will be very surprised if Barry Bonds will ever be chosen by the Baseball Hall of fame, though surprises do happen, such as when Randy Savage was selected to the WWE Hall of Fame.

Saying all of that, the musician(s) that we have chosen for the Rock and Roll HOF snub of the logo have fared very well.

When our website began in 2009, Alice Cooper was featured as the Rock snub.   He would get in shortly after, and we replaced him with Rush, who got in that year in their first year of nomination.  Rush gave way to Kiss, who honestly we thought would never get inducted, but sure enough they were nominated and then inducted the first year they were on our logo.  Deep Purple, a fixture on our top five since our website’s inception took over and after two years, they were chosen.

Does this mean that we have a magic touch for getting artists in?

Selfishly, we will say yes!

This year, Janet Jackson has now become part of our logo and we have gone with that for three reasons.

1.  Your votes have been strong, and she has moved up our ranking more than anyone else in the top 100 over the last three years. 

2.  The social media clamoring for her induction has been strong, and someone who we consider a friend to the site, Mike Litherland, has led it.  If you haven’t checked out his efforts, you can do so here.

3.  Aesthetically, it is a good visual.  Kraftwerk, who we actually have ranked higher would have been to, but we doubt that the fans of Kraftwerk, or even the band themselves even care.  It is a shallow reason, but a reason nevertheless.

So does this mean Janet is now a lock for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

Based on our track record…it could very well be!

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