Terrell Owens has a lot to say

Terrell Owens has a lot to say
10 Feb
Not in Hall of Fame
As you know, on his first year of eligibility Terrell Owens did not make the Pro Football Hall of Fame this past weekend, even though statistically speaking he had the best resume of any Wide Receiver who was on the ballot.

This didn’t come to a surprise to us for two reasons:

The first is that there has been a significant logjam at Wide Receiver for years.  Cris Carter had to wait four years.  Andre Reed had to wait nine.  Tim Brown had to wait six.  Marvin Harrison, who just got in, took three years, and it was expected by many that this slot would go to him after waiting for both Brown and Reed who had inferior resumes to the former Indianapolis Colt. 

The second is that, justified or not, Owens does not have a stellar reputation with the media (who comprise the Hall of Fame selection panel) and many past coaches and players have labeled him a locker room disruption.  The week before, former St. Louis Rams Head Coach, Mike Martz said as much, that it was a shame that Owens was a Finalist over his players, Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt, and did so by slamming Owens’ character.

As such, many were waiting to hear what T.O. would say after the snub, and after some rounds on ESPN he had a lot of interesting things to say.

On the Mike and Mike Show, Owens took a shot at Cris Carter, who has been critical of Owens in the past.  Owens implied that while Carter was Hall of Fame worthy, he stated that he heard from sources that Carter “begged his way into the Hall of Fame”.  It is worth noting, that Cris Carter is a member of the media, working for ESPN as an analyst.

While that got for more press, we found an exchange that Owens had with Skip Bayless, the opinionated ESPN personality.  Owens defended himself (very well we might add) against Bayless, who stated that he believed Owens’ did not make teams better and tore them apart, citing that this was why he was not yet in the Hall of Fame.

The entire exchange is below, and is worth watching in its entirety:


We are sure that this is a story that will have legs and we are very interested to see what else the former Wide Receiver will have to say.

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