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We have added more WWE lists to our growing countdowns.  As we remain baffled as to just what the requirements for the WWE Hall of Fame we decided to put together three additional lists for potential Hall of Fame inductees.  The first is our Celebrity Candidates.  As much as we feel there shouldn;t be a celebrity wing in the WWE Hall....well there is one!.   Since that is the case, and we don't agree with the ones they have selected, how about the ten that we have we come up with!   We have also created what we call "Fringe" candidates, in which we look at a pile of people that you may not think of at first hand.  Our final batch is the "Future Candidates", which is exactly what it sounds; wrestlers whose careers are winding down and we are just trying to figure out when it is right to rank them.  Again, our WWE list will be our most fluid, tell us what you think!

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