Hockey Hall of Fame Inductees (New Class)

It is the Hall of Fame ceremony, and we here at Notinhalloffame are very happy for Dino Ciccarelli; a man we thought whose clashes with the media as a player would prevent someone who can easily make a statistical claim to the Hall.  Dino is the only male player to go in this year, but there are two other former hockey players going into the Hall with female players Angela James and Cammi Granato.

I am trying real hard to care.

This is not an indictment of their abilities as there is no doubt that both James and Granato are excellent athletes who could skate rings around myself and virtually every one I know.  In her prime, there was no other player who could touch James, and hands down Granato is the best American of all time.

But just what is women’s hockey at this stage?  Have you ever been to a professional women’s game?  I haven’t either.  We care once every four years for that eventual game between the United States and Canada in the Olympics, and let’s face it; virtually every American and Canadian will sacrifice the woman’s Gold medal for that of the men’s.

So here is a biased opinion (and that is what we do here), if we are going to induct a female into the Hall, can’t we wait until Hayley Wickenheiser’s career is done?  Wickenheiser has proven herself to be the best female player period and her career isn’t done yet.  O course, we are only going to care about her again in the next Olympic year.

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