Theze Daze

Artist: Theze Daze

Album: Theze Daze

Hard Rock often gets a raw deal.  It doesn’t appear on critical best of lists.  New fans of the genre generally look back at stars of the past and the radio stations that play Hard Rock will play current music infrequently.  New bands still produce the basic style of loud vocals and powerful guitars and finding ones that can utilize those elements without excess can sometimes prove difficult.  There is one such band in Mississauga that has managed to find that formula.

Aided by Tragically Hip drummer Johnny Fay, Theze Daze is a throwback to the late 70’s transition of American Hard Rock to the Second Wave of British Metal.  The band may have the guest assistance of Fay, but this is by no means a Tragically Hip record.  Rather, the album is the often told Rock and Roll stories of love and lust and back again and it is done without the pretentiousness that plagues many acts.

Vocally, the band is led by James Alcock whose angst ridden voice has levels of aggression and rebelliousness that one would expect from a Hard Rock act.  Paired with the blistering guitar arrangements of Mike McVee the pair makes the core of a good Rock band and their interchanges with each other are done flawlessly without getting in each others way as younger bands tend to do.   The pair may look to incorporate more Punk elements to their future work as the band showcases the attitude for it.

What the album lacks is the presence of a solid bass guitar, and seems apparent their songs were written with that in mind.  This could prevent them from achieving a more textured sound (should they ever look for one), but this isn’t a band that should likely take their music in that direction.  It will be fun to see what direction they do go next.

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