The Pro Football Hall of Fame announces four new groups for the Hall.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame announces four new groups for the Hall.
03 Dec
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The Pro Football Hall of Fame has announced four new groups who will be honored by the Canton-based institution. 

The four new categories are Assistant Coaches, Athletic Trainers, Equipment Managers and Public Relations.  All winners will receive Awards of Excellence and their names will be displayed in a designated area starting in 2022.

There will be five members of the inaugural class for each group.

Committees have already been announced for each group.

Assistant Coaches Selection Committee:

Jimmy Raye, NFL consultant, retired offensive coordinator

Tony Dungy, NBC “Sunday Night Football” studio analyst, retired head coach

Bill Cowher, CBS studio analyst, retired head coach

Mike Holmgren retired NFL head coach and general manager

Terry Robiskie, retired offensive coordinator.

Athletic Trainer Selections Committee:

Justin Maher (Committee Chair), Physical Therapist/Assistant Athletic Trainer, New York Giants

Nate Weir Coordinator of Rehabilitation/Assistant Athletic Trainer, Green Bay Packers

James Collins Director of Football/Medical Services, Los Angeles Chargers

Jim Maurer, Head Athletic Trainer, Dallas Cowboys

Sonia Rauf Assistant Athletic Trainer, Pittsburgh Steelers

David Glover Assistant Athletic Trainer, Kansas City Chiefs

Katy Rogers Assistant Athletic Trainer, Carolina Panthers

Steve Antonopulos retired Director of Sports Medicine, Denver Broncos

Ronnie Barnes SVP of Medical Services/Head Athletic Trainer, New York Giants

Pepper Burruss retired Head Athletic Trainer, Green Bay Packers

H. Rod Martin retired Head Athletic Trainer, Oakland Raiders

Reggie Scott Vice President of Sports Medicine and Performance, Los Angeles Rams

Equipment Managers Selection Committee

Dan Simmons retired Equipment Manager, New Orleans Saints, and current Alumni and Legends Development Coordinator for Saints

Tony Medlin Equipment Manager, Chicago Bears

Mike McCord Equipment Manager, Dallas Cowboys

Gordan Batty Equipment Manager, Green Bay Packers

Mike Davidson retired Equipment Manager, Kansas City Chiefs, and current Associate Historian and Curator of Chiefs Hall of Honor

Public Relations Selection Committee:

Pete Abitante National Football League executive

Kevin Byrne retired Baltimore Ravens Executive Vice President

Rich Dalrymple Senior Vice President Public Relations & Communications, Dallas Cowboys

Charlie Dayton retired Vice President Public Relations, Carolina Panthers

Bill Keenist retired Vice President Public Relations, Detroit Lions

Artis Twyman Vice President Communications, Los Angeles Rams

Gary Wright retired Vice President Public Relations, Seattle Seahawks

We here are are excited with the new developments within the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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