16. Richard Brodeur

When most people think of the 1977 Avco Cup Champion Quebec Nordiques, they think of the "Flying Frenchmen" of Marc Tardif, Real Cloutier, and Serge Bernier.  There was also a Quebecer who was in the net who played a large part in those great teams.  That man was Richard Brodeur.

Brodeur was the primary netminder for most of Quebec's WHA existence.  He played 305 Games, winning 165 of them.  He was at his best when the lights were at their brightest, and his GAA for the 1977 Playoffs was a goal lower than his usual average.  In the final year of the World Hockey Association, Brodeur was named a Second Team All-Star.

Brodeur would achieve a more prominent name for himself in Vancouver, where he took the Canucks to a surprising Stanley Cup Final in 1982.

The Bullet Points

  • Position: Goalie
  • Acquired: Selected in the 1972 General Draft 2/12/72.
  • Departed: Traded to the New York Islanders for Goran Hogan 8/??/79.
  • Games Played: 305
  • Notable Statistics: 165 Wins
    114 Losses
    62 Ties
    8 Shutouts
    3.64 GAA
    *N/A Save Percentage
    *0 Goalie Point Shares
    25-26 Record, 3.60 Playoff GAA in 51 Playoff Games

    *Point Shares and Save Percentage were not calculated in the WHA
  • Major Accolades and Awards:

    Avco Cup Champion (1977)
    Second Team All-Star WHA (1979)
    Most Games Played WHA (1975-76)
    Most Shutouts WHA (1978-79)

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