#41 Overall, C.J. Mosley: New York Jets, #5 Linebacker

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#41 Overall, C.J. Mosley: New York Jets, #5 Linebacker
30 Aug
2021 Pre-Season Rank #44, 2020 Pre Season Rank #45

Mosley’s AV/G is higher than the average MPA for a Linebacker, though his traditional numbers are low for this stage of his career, and he doesn’t have that First Team All-Pro.  After five years in Baltimore, Mosley joined the Jets in 2019, but only played two games due to a groin injury, and opted ut of 2020 due to COVID concerns.  2021 was not the comeback he needed, and this could be a make-or-break year for his Hall of Fame chances.

The Bullet Points

  • Games: 95
  • Approximate Value: 73
  • AV/G: 0.7684
  • Pro Bowls: 4
  • First Team All-Pros: 0
  • Interceptions: 10
  • Quarterback Sacks: 10.5
  • Tackles: 756
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