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Not in Hall of Fame

November 21 – 27, 1960

Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs


For a song called “Stay” it was a song that didn’t “stay” on the radio once it began playing marking it the shortest song in duration (clocking in at 1:39) to reach number one on the Top 100.

Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs are regarded as a one hit wonder, that isn’t exactly the case as under a previous name (The Gladiolas) the group went #11 in 1957 with “Little Darlin’”, a song that would become more famous when covered by The Diamonds a year later and become their signature song.  The South Carolina based band would allegedly change their name to the Zodiacs (though would later change personnel) upon seeing a Ford Zodiac when their own car broke down.[1]

Williams and his trademarked falsetto crowed for his girl just to “stay a little bit longer”, and the simple message with the up tempo delivery resonated well with the audience and with the R&B/Doo Wop still going strong there was a reason to believe that Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs would “Stay” in the public eye a little longer.[2]

The group would have two more minor hits but they would not have another large song and would quickly be a part of the oldies circuit.

That’s it; I have no more puns on the word “stay”.

Other Notable Songs that charted but did not go to number one in this time period: November 21, 1960 – November 27, 1960.

11/21/60: Hucklebuck by Chubby Checker went to #14 but also went to #15 on the R&B Chart.

[1] This might be one of those rare times where being referred to as a “Zodiac” wasn’t so bad.  There was the Zodiac killer after all and a million masked bad guy wrestlers named the “Zodiac”. 

[2] I know, I know…It was bad enough I used the title as a pun once already.  To do it twice is inexcusable. 

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