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The NBA Hall of Fame is a special place reserved for the greatest players in the history of basketball. Its walls are decorated with stars such as Michael Jordan and Larry Bird.

But there are other players that many NBA fans believe should be sitting amongst them, and that’s what we’ll explore below. We’ll take a look at what the Hall of Fame is, some of the biggest omissions in its history, and we’ll also take a look at some of the latest NBA odds.

What Is The NBA Hall Of Fame?

The NBA Hall of Fame, otherwise known as the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, is the library dedicated to promoting and preserving the history of basketball.

It inducted its first class in 1959 but didn’t formally open a physical location until 1968. In its history since, it’s inducted referees and coaches into its grand halls, as well as over 400 players.

Biggest Omissions From The NBA Hall Of Fame

Let’s take a look at some of the players that ought to be in the NBA Hall of Fame.

Shawn Kemp

Shawn Kemp was a 6-time All-Star and regarded as one of the best dunkers in NBA history. Not only did he have power, but flair too which made him such a watchable player.

Kemp rose to prominence during his time with the Seattle SuperSonics in the 1990s. In 1996, the SuperSonics reached the NBA Finals. They came up against a Chicago Bulls team that had on its roster Michael Jordan.

The Bulls prevailed in six games that year, but Kemp stood out with an impressive 20.9 points per game, 10.4 rebounds and 2.0 blocks.

For his heroics, Kemp has often been spoken of as a potential Hall Of Famer. But a sharp decline in performance toward the end of his career probably worked against him.

Chauncey Billups

Like Tim Hardaway, Chauncey Billups was also a 5-time All-Star, but he was also an NBA champion and also an NBA Finals MVP.

Billups had a slower start to life in the NBA. It wasn’t until his ninth season that he made his first All-Star team. But the late-bloomer went on to do things others never did in their careers.

He was influential in the Detroit Pistons’ championship-winning title run in 2004, averaging 21 points and 5.2 assists in the Finals.

It’s this improbable feat and his late rise to prominence that many believe is why Billups deserves a place in the Hall of Fame.

Kevin Johnson

Point guard Kevin Johnson is someone that many NBA fans believe should be in the Hall of Fame. 

The former Phoenix Suns player was named an NBA All-Star an impressive three times and currently ranks in seventh place for all-time career assists per game.

Johnson had an eye for the pass as well as for the hoop. Before he ran into a troubling spell of injuries, he averaged at least 20 points per game and 10 assists. His No. 7 jersey has since been retired by the Suns.

Betting On The NBA

There are many different types of bets you can place when it comes to the NBA. And as the playoffs draw to a close and the NBA Finals begin, there’s a great deal of excitement building about who could win this year.

A popular type of bet in basketball is handicaps. The main reason for this is that you get greater odds. On the flip side, the bet is riskier, though there’s some flexibility to this type of bet which allows you to minimise the risk.

One approach to handicap betting is to bet on a team’s overall score. You can do this for a quarter, half or entire match by scores of +1.5, +2.5, +4.5 and so on.

So this means that if your team finishes with 70 points, but the other team has 73, and you’ve placed a handicap bet of +4.5, you win because your team’s score is raised to 74.5.

Another type of popular bet in basketball is the accumulator. This involves backing a number of different teams to win their matches. The more teams you pick, the greater the odds, but the harder the bet is to win.

Some people balance risk and reward by backing three or four teams. Usually, the odds are greater when it comes to backing away teams or underdogs.

Mixed Martial Arts, or MMA as it’s more commonly known, has become more popular than ever in recent years. Once considered a niche sport, organizations such as the UFC have helped to push MMA into the mainstream, gaining millions of fans around the world. Today, the UFC is the world’s best-known MMA organization, but new promotions are constantly emerging as the demand for more fights grows. Fans of MMA are always interested in seeing their favorite fighters, and the sport is always developing as new techniques and styles reach the top.

As well as being extremely exciting to watch, MMA can be a lot of fun to bet on. All major sportsbooks will offer odds on the UFC, and many also offer the chance to bet on other organisations such as Bellator and One Championship. It’s one of the most interesting sports to bet on because of how unpredictable it can be. For this reason, you always need to be responsible when betting. If you’re looking to bet on MMA at Betway or any other sportsbook and have success, make sure you follow these tips.

Consider That Styles Make Fights

In MMA, different styles can work much better against some styles than others. This creates a kind of rock, paper, scissors effect, where a fighter might look bad in one fight against a certain type of opposition but then dominate in another fight. In a lot of cases, modern MMA fighters are more well-rounded than in previous years, but you still sometimes get specialists that are only good in one particular area of martial arts. For example, a fighter that’s very strong in jiu-jitsu may struggle against a striking specialist but excel against a wrestler.

This is very important to consider when placing a bet, as form by itself isn’t the only indicator of performance. It also means you can often find great value in the odds if you pay close attention. For example, a grappler who lost his last two fights would likely be an underdog, even if they’re facing someone with poor ground game.

Root for the Underdog

In MMA, the underdog can win much more frequently than in other sports. This will vary a lot depending on the organization itself, but in the UFC, it’s around 30% of the time that the favorite will be beaten. This can lead to some big wins if you’re smart with your bets. All you have to do is analyze each fight and judge whether you think the underdog has a chance.

It can simply take one punch or a mistake on the ground for a fight to be over, meaning that underdogs almost always have a chance of winning. There have been some big upsets recently, especially in women’s MMA. A good example was Amanda Nunes losing to Juliana Peña at UFC 269. Before the fight, Peña was a +600 underdog.

Follow the Weigh-Ins

In MMA, the weigh-ins are a crucial part of the fight, with most fighters shedding water weight before rehydrating to balance the scales and the odds of the fight in their favor. Using these techniques, fighters can be significantly heavier than their measured weight when they enter the cage. The idea is to gain an advantage over your opponent by being heavier and therefore stronger and harder to take down.

While weigh-ins can be beneficial for fighters, they’re a bit of a double-edged sword. By dehydrating themselves, fighters can affect their health and performance during the fight. A bad weight cut can cause serious issues, and many fighters have been hospitalized. Because of the impact it can have on the fight, it’s always worth paying close attention to how each fighter weighed in. Did the favorite look weak stepping onto the scale, and did they weigh in at the last minute? These can help you find value in the odds. 

The adrenaline rush that race cars provoke is one of the main reasons many students pursue race car driving careers or hobbies parallel to their academic endeavors. However, while the desire to drive through the racetrack curves is a strong motivator, it’s not easy keeping up with the pace that two so complex and long-term undertakings require. If you’re thinking about taking on racecar driving while studying, here is what you need to know.

We did some research and considered the general position of students nowadays to come up with a few tips on how to become a racer while chasing your college degree at the same time.

You need to start small if you don’t have millions

To get into a major racing series, you need a lot of money if you can’t attract a sponsor or convince a team owner that you deserve a seat in their car on the track. Therefore, it's best to start building your experience and reputation in a minor event such as seasonal kart racing at a local track. It doesn’t cost too much to apply for a kart racing season and it's safe and easy to learn how to manage yourself on the track if you do it with a smaller and slower vehicle.

If you do well, you can even make it into advanced racing series in a few years, and college is about the right time to start preparing for a racing career because it’s presumed that you already have some experience as a driver, so your experience level is ready for an upgrade. Commit yourself to your goal, no matter how much time it takes you to achieve it because getting up from the bottom is difficult, especially when there’s big money involved. 

Organize your life to secure enough time and money

Considering you’re not a millionaire looking for some way to fill in your weekend, you have to organize your schedule according to some adjustments in your lifestyle. You need to make time for every practice and race, which is the easy part because you also have to make money to pay for it all. 

Making time during college is easy, you can find writers who write your essay for you in English and have them deal with some of your academic tasks to clear a portion of your schedule boxes. Just like time, money is also difficult to come by, especially as a student so this is where it also comes to you to decide how you’re going to achieve this goal. Consider the influence of networking with people you meet on the kart racetrack, as well as those you see off it. Through networking and communication, you could meet the right people to help you move up in the race car world.

Social media also allows you to promote yourself and even make some money through various marketing opportunities that platforms such as Instagram and TikTok offer to their users. You can utilize the power of social networks to attract sponsorship deals that would help you maintain your expenses as you break on through the steep path to higher ranks. As you advance as a racer, your social media activity can play a huge role in which teams decide to approach you or consider your application.

Learn about racing cars all the time

To predict the reaction of your vehicle and learn to fully control it on the track while surrounded by other drivers all of whom are trying to overturn you, it’s imperative to have profound knowledge of how your car works in detail. Racing cars suffer major damage and overgo brutal stress testing with each race so knowing the limit when a part might malfunction of brake might even save your life. Mechanical training makes every racer able to perform quick repairs when needed and allows them to make informed decisions regarding the status of their car during the race, which could save time, car parts, or even human lives.


Every driver can get into a car and drive as fast as the car can go, there’s nothing to it. However, to drive a car very fast under constant pressure from all sides and keeping control of the situation the entire time is an extreme effort. Therefore, becoming a racecar driver is much like trying to be a jet pilot which means there’s a lot of competition and you need to dedicate yourself entirely to succeed. 

Author Bio:

Joel Strachan is a freelance content driver engaged with several online publishers. His work is based on deep research and authentic sources of information. As a writer, Joel aims to deliver practical and informative content that helps the audience solve everyday issues or fulfill their interests. 

When you think of Japan you may not automatically think of online casinos. However, Japan is home to some excellent online casinos that you need to check out. Below, you will find a few details about the top three Japanese online casinos and what makes them so good. 

1.   National Casino

National Casino is by far one of the very best online casinos around. It is home to more than 4,200 games and it even hosts more than 500 live dealer games. This is an impressive online casino, to say the least. 

New players will be welcomed with around 150 free spins. Although there’s no guarantee that people will win prizes when using the spins, they’re free and that’s always a good thing. If this was not enough, new players can also make use of the 100% deposit match when they sign up. 

This excellent online casino in Japan offers even more surprises. Players can enjoy playing games such as:

  • Baccarat
  • Bingo
  • Blackjack
  • keno 
  • Poker
  • Roulette

National Casino really does seem to have it all. With bonuses offered every week and 12 banking options, this casino is without a doubt well worth visiting. 

2.  Casumo 

Casumo certainly seems to want to keep its players happy. Home to almost 2,000 slots and more than 100 live casino tables, this is an online casino you need to visit. Incredibly, players can enjoy a spot of live roulette, blackjack, poker, and baccarat in addition to the online table games that we’ve already mentioned. 

One of the best things about this Japanese casino is that it comes with a Welcome Bonus that’s double-tiered. When players make their first two deposits they will receive two deposit bonuses. This means that they can receive up to $1,000 in bonuses, and this is quite something. However, this is not all that new players are offered. They may also receive $50 to spend on Mahjong and 300 free spins. With some excellent graphics and great playability alongside some excellent new player bonuses, Casumo seems to have it all. 

3.  Lucky Niki 

Lucky Niki has to be listed within the top three Japanese online casino sites. This is not simply because the site has more than 3,400 slot games, it also comes with around 50 sports betting options and an impressive 150+ live dealer games. This is not something that all online casinos offer, and all credit should go to Lucky Niki for this. Here we have an online casino that seems to want to offer it all, and then some. 

New players are offered 3 deposit bonuses and they could receive up to $350. While this may not seem like a lot, players also receive 150 free spins and the chance to join a coveted VIP program.

If you want to spend time at an online casino that is a cut above the rest, Lucky Niki should be your first port of call, it really is exceptional.

As you can see, Japan is home to some pretty impressive online casinos. If you want a bit more excitement in your life, visiting these casinos could be just what you need. 


Baker Mayfield is expected to skip the Cleveland Browns’ trip to the Bahamas this weekend as his replacement, Deshaun Watson is the one treating the team to it, according to Mary Kay Cabot of

Watson is using part of his massive contract for team bonding and tropical offseason workouts and, according to the aforementioned source, Mayfield will remain in the U.S while the new quarterback familiarizes himself with his new teammates.

The trip will be similar to the one Mayfield put together in his hometown of Austin, Texas a few years ago, only that it will be out of the country.

Mayfield is still actively looking for a trade while rehabbing his shoulder and will not be part of the contingent that heads to the Bahamas. 

Ian Rapoport previously reported that he was certain Mayfield would be part of the Browns’ training camp but it’s now looking unlikely. Rapoport spoke on the Pat McAfee show recently and describes what he believes is the former No.1 pick’s thinking.


“Baker is, I'm not trying to make excuses, but I understand from Baker Mayfield’s standpoint why he'd be like, ‘You know what, I'm going to stay away,’” the reporter said. “He feels a certain way about the organization. He believes that they told him one thing and then did the other. I would say the opportunity to trade for Deshaun Watson was something that even caught the Browns out of nowhere because remember, he told them no a day before that.

"So like, I think at that point, they probably told Baker ‘you're good’ and then they traded for Deshaun. I understand why he wants to stay away. The most important thing for him is to figure out how he separates from the Browns, if he separates from the Browns, because I don't see that market going anywhere anytime soon.”

He then touched on Mayfield possibly showing up for mandatory workouts and training camp, stating he was “sure” the 27-year-old will be there.

“That is either the first week of June or the second week of June and then he's got to be at training camp,” he continued. “You know, training camp would be awkward. I'm sure he will show up. I'm sure it'll either be some sort of agreed upon (deal). ‘You know what you can sit out’ or maybe like a hold-in (by saying) he has migraines or a hamstring injury or a back injury or something like that. I think in the end they can come up with a situation that both sides agree with, but it is going to be weird until they get to that point.”

Mayfield had a pass completion percentage of 60.5 last season, going for 4,010 yards and 17 touchdowns along with 13 interceptions in 14 games. He struggled with a shoulder injury for most of the campaign. 

He’s now in an unfortunate situation, with the Browns having signed Watson while his salary has made it difficult for him to find a new home. Mayfield is owed 18.86 million in fully guaranteed salary for 2022, which has made a trade hard to come by. 

The Carolina Panthers and Seattle Seahawks have been linked to the QB but they might wait to see if Cleveland will cut the player before training camp.

The new acquisition has heightened the Browns’ chances of winning a Super Bowl in 2022/23. They’re currently 18/1 to snag the trophy next season and Ohio sports betting folk will probably have them among their picks.

While Mayfield’s predicament does have fans feeling sorry for him, former QB Steve Young has told the disgruntled star to stop playing the victim. Young knows adversity all too well, having struggled while in Tampa Bay before spending a few years as a backup for Joe Montana and then going to prove his worth as a star with the San Francisco 49ers. 

Speaking on The Rich Eisen Show on Monday, Young urged Mayfield to own his mistakes.


"You can’t play the victim," he said, per 247Sports’ Brad Crawford. "Victimization has to be put in a bottle and buried in the ground because it’s too easy to play victim. Look, there’s a lot of things out of your control and a lot of (things) you’ve been done wrong. You cannot, in the NFL, survive and play the victim. You have to leave it behind and own every bit of it. 

"Own every mistake you’ve ever made. Own how you got here. Don’t blame other people. You got yourself here. You’re here. You own it and that would go a long way for everybody to feel like Baker Mayfield can make the elements of a comeback. You can’t get there in the spirit of victimization. It can’t happen."

Sports betting is an industry that can often feel as large as that of sport itself. Similarly, you can be into sports betting and yet only experience a narrow slice of it due to the fact that all of your attention is focused on one sport. This might be a sport that you prefer or find yourself more familiar with, but the point still stands – there are new horizons to conquer, if you feel inclined to do so.

While football and horse racing often find themselves to be at the top of sports betting popularity lists, basketball is never far behind. It’s a sport that is more popular in the USA than the UK, where the former two might be preferred, so taking the time to acquaint yourself could be a good first step.

Getting Some Tips

The idea of betting on a sport that you’re completely unfamiliar with is something that comes with its fair share of hurdles, chief among these might simply be that you don’t have a sense of what’s a good bet and what’s completely clueless. If your level of knowledge regarding basketball is that low, brushing up on some basic statistics and fixtures could begin to give you an idea of what the landscape is looking like, but beyond that, you might need more specialist advice.

Knowing where to go for the best sports picks can mean that you begin to incorporate this advice into your own knowledge, allowing you to go to the best online sportsbooks with more confidence, and the more you practice, the stronger you’ll feel in this regard.

Watch Some Games

If betting is your priority as you try to get into basketball, it’s understandable that you would be eager to get the preliminary research out of the way as quickly as possible so you can get back to what you find most interesting about this whole experience. However, while you can read up all you want about the statistics and advised direction of bets, it might not mean all that much to you if you don’t have much familiarity with the game itself. For that reason, you might find that it’s a good idea to actually watch some games for yourself. If you’re in the UK, doing some research into which channel to head for here can be a good place to start.

Look Outside of the Game

How any given sport functions can vary greatly from one to another, so you might find that simply taking your knowledge from something like football and trying to apply it here won’t work. With basketball, for example, you might find that it benefits you to look outside of the one game that you’re betting on, to get an idea of how fatigued each player will be when it comes to that game in particular. With multiple games being played in a short span of time, factors such as this can make a big impact, and it could be something that you’re entirely unaware of if you’re unfamiliar with the sport. 

Though new casino games and variations pop up now and then, the most popular games of all time never change. When it comes to popular casino games, nothing beats the classics!

From blackjack to slots, casinos offer a wide range of games to keep players entertained. Keep on reading to discover the most popular options of all time; maybe your favorite will be on this list too.

Top casino games

Whether you’re new to casinos or a seasoned player, we’ve rounded up the top casino games to help you decide on your next game. Try all of these to get your skills up to scratch!


Did you know blackjack is one of the most enjoyed casino games in the world? This casino classic uses a 52-card deck, and players face off against a dealer while playing. The aim is to beat the dealer, but this isn’t always as easy as it sounds.

While this is a popular game in land-based casinos, it’s also popular in online gambling. Many websites offer live dealers to make the game even more exciting. You can even find live blackjack in Canada — perfect for an evening of fun.


Some casino fans think poker is the greatest game of all time, and it certainly is a classic game. This casino staple involves players wagering which hand is the best according to specific game rules. Did you know that poker was initially played with 20 cards? Today this popular game is played with a full 52-card deck.


Roulette comes from a French word that means little wheel, but this casino game was developed by Biribi, making it an Italian game. You need a wheel with slots and a marble-like ball when you play roulette. This game requires a dealer to spin the roulette wheel too. While you can find this game in online casinos, it’s also a popular land-based casino option.


Baccarat is another top-rated casino game. This game was even popular among French nobles during the 19th century and in theNapoleonic era. Baccarat used to be played in private gaming rooms, but after casino legislation in 1907, it became a staple of public casinos. This is a comparing card game and has players compete against the banker.


Have you ever played craps? Also referred to as seven-eleven, this casino game involves betting on the outcome of dice. Players often wager money against a bank or each other, and the closest bet wins. Some think this game originated with Roman soldiers, and others believe it came from an Arabic dice game, but no one is 100% sure where it came from.


Finally, slots aren’t necessarily tabletop casino games, but they’re definitely one of the most popular casino games available. Slots involve pulling a lever on a slot machine with the goal of getting three matching symbols or specific bonus symbols. Traditionally, slots have three reels, but five, six and seven reels are available too.

This game is frequently found online and in land casinos, proving its popularity. Online casinos also offer themed slots, progressive slots and extra spins to make the games even more exciting.

Final thoughts

Are you a casino player? The most popular online casino games of all time are well-known and played worldwide. If you’ve never tried these unique games before, give them a try and see what the fuss is about for yourself!

Today, the five men who have all the lights on them, who are they? What team do they belong to? Pay close attention to these names below and their teams' MLB odds, the Rookies of the Year will surely come from here. 

Top 5 MLB Prospects 2022

1. Bobby Witt Jr. (3B/Royals)

The second pick in the 2019 draft. Bobby Witt Jr., 21, also plays for SS, but in 14 games this year, he has only been in the hot corner.

In Spring Training, he hit .406, with 3 home runs, 8 RBIs, and just 3 strikeouts. Plus, he slugged .781 in 32 at-bats.

So far this season, he has a .203 avg, 5 RBIs, and 5 runs scored. He just had 12 hits in 59 opportunities.

The Kansas infielder is projecting a .264 batting average, 18 home runs, 67 runs scored, and 67 RBIs.

2. Adley Rutschman (W/Orioles)

The Portland native catcher was the No. 1 pick in the 2019 draft, but he's not a big leaguer yet. He didn't even see action in Spring Training, but his decent offense and above all, the guarantee he gives with the glove, are the most outstanding aspects of this 24-year-old player.

In 2021, between AA and AAA games, he batted .285 avg, with 25 doubles, 23 home runs, and 75 RBIs.

He is projecting .255 on offense, with 13 home runs, 15 doubles, and 43 RBIs. Of course, it remains to be seen; he is not even on the major roster yet. Rutschman is expected to make his MLB debut in late April.

3. Julio Rodriguez (OF/Mariners)

The No. 3 prospect on the circuit signed as a free agent in 2017 for a $1.75 million bonus, and so far, this season he's batting .200 with just 12 hits in 60 at-bats. He is 21 years old.

He hasn't knocked it out of the park yet and has 25 strikeouts to his name, the most this year for an American League player.

He had a .412 offensive average in the warm-up games, with 3 home runs and a .794 slugging percentage. His projections of him with the stick? .273 avg, 17 homers, 63 home runs, and a .442 slugging percentage.

4. Spencer Torkelson (1B/Tigers)

The pick 1 of the 2020 draft succeeded Miguel Cabrera in the initial of the Detroit team. Even in Spring Training, Torkelson got off to a slow start: he hit .258 with a .484 slugging percentage, 1 home run, and 4 RBIs in 15 games.

The 22-year-old 1B's projections for this year are a .260 avg, 25 home runs, 52 runs scored, and another 61 RBIs.

The one from California is emerging as a hitter capable of taking some balls out of the park and with a defense that is possibly better than his performance with the wood.

This season, he has a .224 avg, 3 home runs, 8 RBIs, 6 runs scored, and a .429 slugging percentage.

5. Riley Greene (OF/Tigers)

The Tigers have in Greene and Torkelson two pieces of great value that can give Detroit fans joy for years to come. The Cats own none other than prospects 4 and 5 of the entire big top.

Greene, 1.91 meters tall, and was the fifth selection in the 2019 draft, is a fast, agile player, with a good job both offensively and defensively.

Unfortunately, he has not been able to debut in the big leagues due to a fracture in his right foot that he suffered in an at-bat in Spring Training.

The pitcher in that game was Gerrit Cole. Greene swung and managed to hit the ball, and that 'the dog bit him’. Luckily, he didn't need surgery, but he doesn't have a return date yet.

In the warm-up games, he had 9 hits in 21 at-bats (.429), took out two balls, scored 6 runs, and drove in four.

The Rest Of The Top 10

  • Grayson Rodriguez (RHP/Orioles)
  • Gabriel Moreno (W/Blue Jays)
  • Anthony Volpe (SS/Yankees)
  • CJ Abrams (SS/Parents)
  • Francisco Alvarez (C/Mets)

The 10 names on this list have the talent to achieve great things, and they can all surprise us. Let's see which prospects end up stealing the show.

Moving to a new area can be stressful, especially if you're used to keeping an active lifestyle.  It can be hard to figure out where to start or how to join a team, especially as an adult.

If you're here and you're ready but not sure where to go: this is how you can play sports and be active in Calgary.

Why Do Sports as an Adult? 

Some assume that sports are only for kids, but they'd be wrong.  Sports are an awesome way to get your mind and body working together as you problem-solve, work to stay agile, and try to keep your opponents on their toes.  Getting to work as a team with other athletes is incredibly rewarding, and by being on a team, you get to share every single success and downfall that happens.  Although this isn't always fun, it's better than doing it alone.


Although many may think that a gym is a solo experience: you get to connect with countless people every time you go.  This sense of camaraderie grows over time as long as you talk to other gym members and get to know people.  Look for sign-up sheets for teams or try-outs, and ask around if anyone knows about any local non-professional teams.  Although there may not be any yet, if you get enough people interested, you can start one on your own.

Sports Clubs

Sports clubs are a large part of getting to meet other athletes and sports fans!  The Calgary Sports and Social Club offers sports leagues that are not only co-ed but are open to try-outs from anyone who wants in!  They're not the only sports club in the city, which means you can ask around and figure out which one interests you the most if you can wait until you're accepted by one before you turn any others down.  Being polite and friendly will get you far here.

Some require a sign-up fee, and most require set practice hours like any other team, so make sure you have the disposable income and extra time required for this.

Community Sign-Ups

If you buy one of the many amazing Calgary homes for sale: you become part of a community.  Some neighborhoods and even streets create teams for hockey or soccer and compete against each other.  Ask around in your area, talk to your HOA or your neighbors, and figure out if they know about any local community teams.

If this is especially important to you, ask before you buy the house.  This can ensure you have the best chance possible of landing a team. 

Some employers Calgary Is Full of Options.

Calgary is one of the best places to live because everyone understands the importance of a work-life balance and gets that it's better to have fun as a team.  If you're ready to get back into motion and want to join a team to make this easier, try some of the ideas above!  You may find your next awesome friend group!

Whether you have recently taken up skateboarding as a hobby and are looking to take your pastime to the next level and maybe even start entering competitions, or else have been skateboarding for many years and are looking to learn more interesting facts about the sport, you have come to the right place.

Skateboarding is an extremely challenging yet ultimately rewarding extreme sport with a rich and diverse history. Here, for your reading pleasure and, of course, information, is a comprehensive guide to skateboarding and fascinating facts you never knew you didn’t know. 

Skateboarding For Kids

Aside from the obvious fundamentals when teaching your child or children the basics of skateboarding, one thing you must not forget to impart is how to fall off the skateboard safely. 

There is a simple way, both for you and your child, to get the proverbial hang of falling off a skateboard in the safest way possible with a simple set of rules:

  1. Push down once towards the ground (ideally grass or another soft surface)
  2. Once you hit the ‘deck’, the skateboard will either stop completely or slow down
  3. Allow yourself to fall forwards 
  4. Tuck your forward-facing shoulder down into your body (like you are preparing for a somersault)

The best way to ensure this technique is ingrained in the minds of your child and to allow them to feel comfortable in getting into this position is to encourage them to practice it again and again for as long as they need.

Protective & Safety Wear

It is absolutely essential to invest in the correct safety wear, whether you have been skateboarding for many years now or else are only just beginning your skateboarding journey. 

The most important item of protective wear is a helmet. Ideally a Triple 8 Certified Sweatsaver, and as a strict rule, you should never even fully stand on a skateboard, let alone move on one, without wearing a good quality and durable hard helmet. Other important items of safety wear when skateboarding include knee and elbow pads, 

Tips For Starting Out As A Skateboarder

As with any other sporting activity, be it in a professional and competitive sense or else as a personal and enjoyable hobby and skateboarding is no different. Arguably, as skateboarding is actually classed as an extreme sport, there are even more guidelines that should be adhered to when starting out as a skateboarder:

  • Set realistic goals and be patient
  • Research into the Ollie Stationery
  • Ask for professional and personal advice on how to improve
  • Always practice and learn on grass rather than on a hard floor
  • Never compare yourself to other skateboarders
  • Be sure to consolidate your progress

The Three Main Skateboarding Stances

Naturally, once you become comfortable on a skateboard, you will develop your own stance and posture. However, it is regularly necessary to adopt certain positions to complete tricks and moves and even keep the board running straight and smoothly. 

The ‘Nollie’ is when you are positioned on the skateboard with your leading foot as forward as possible, with your foot balanced on the edge of the nose. The ‘Fakie’ is how you naturally stand and position your body but essentially backward on the board, and the ‘Switch’ is when you stand with your less prominent leg and foot forward. 

Everybody loves hookups because they are fun and exciting. Seeing the passion in the eyes of someone new, someone you barely know, while they give you a satisfied look is one of the best feelings in the world. And if anyone gets used to that feeling, those must be rock stars. They can get a hookup whenever they want with almost anyone they want. Nowadays, that’s possible for regular people as well. Online dating sites gather people seeking the same type of relationships, so getting extremely casual dates isn’t a big deal. But we won’t make a list of rock stars who love hookups because that would include 99% of them. We’ll look into stars who stayed with their partners after a night of fun.

Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian

Travis Barker is one of the best drummers in the last 30 years who played for The Aquabats, Box Car Racer, +44, The Transplants, and Blink-182. He’s no stranger to hookups and relationships with stunning women, but one stands above the rest.

Kourtney Kardashian is one of the Kardashians, so she’s famous for being herself. Travis and Kourtney have been friends for years, but they’ve hooked up in 2021 (or late 2020). That wouldn’t be surprising because celebrities hook up with each other. The surprising part is that Travis and Kourtney stayed together and became a real couple. So all the guys who hope to see Kourtney’s profile on the site for a local hookup can lower their hopes. They won’t meet any Kardashian there, but they can meet many local girls and get casual dates. There are even dating sites only for celebrities. However, regular people can’t join them, so it’s better to stick to proven sites.

Benji Madden and Cameron Diaz

Benjamin Levi Madden is an American musician, singer, songwriter, producer, and the founder of the band Good Charlotte. He plays the lead guitar and sings as a backing vocalist. Benji founded Good Charlotte in 1996 with his identical twin brother. They’ve collaborated with other musicians, but Benji fell for an actress.

Cameron Diaz is cute, bright, and stunning. One of Charlie’s Angels became Benji’s personal angel after a casual hookup. The couple got married in 2015, and they have a daughter together. Cameron said that she loves her husband for teaching her how to value herself more. Guess even Hollywood stars also have self-esteem issues. They never had any trouble in the relationship like some other rock stars. Simon Le Bon from Duran Duran is just one example.

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee

Sadly, Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee weren’t that lucky. And no, we aren’t talking about the famous video. We’re talking about domestic violence that led to their divorce after only 3 years of marriage. But let’s start from the beginning.

The couple met for the first time in the Hollywood club Sanctuary on New Year’s Eve in 1994. Pam approached Mötley Crüe’s founder and drummer to give him her number. They hooked up but quickly fell in love, so they stayed together. They have 2 sons together.

Alice Cooper and Sheryl Goddard

Alice Cooper and Sheryl Goddard have been together for over 40 years. Read that again. He’s a rock star who could hook up with most women on Earth, yet he’s married to the same woman for 40 years. Sheryl Goddard is one of the happy ladies who managed to seduce rock stars, but she’s also one of the rare ladies that might spend 50 years married to the same rock icon. The couple met in 1975 when Sheryl began dancing in Alice’s stage performances.

David Bowie and Ola Hudson

Most people don’t know who Ola Hudson is, but this story becomes much better when you know that lady is Slash’s mom. Yes, the legendary guitarist of Guns N’ Roses had to deal with a rock star dealing with his mom. David Bowie dated Ola Hudson for a while when Slash was a little boy. Slash even shared that Bowie used to tuck him in at night as a stepdad would do. Who knows how many celebrity stories like that one will never become public. Too bad.

We see rock 'n' roll stars build relationships and want to follow our idols. These contacts can be a one-night stand, or something more serious. In both cases, online dating is a good option for finding dates if you don't have a strong fan base and don't hang out at fashionable parties.

The standard of computer games has only risen over the years as we get classics, expand them, make them better, and also come out with new and exciting games at the same time. As such, gamers today are absolutely spoilt for choice when deciding what they would like to play. 

There are a number of exciting games, such as sporting NFL games where you can play as some of the best players in the world, shooter games, and sci-fi games that transport you to a new world. Of course, where we have classic games and games that get the recognition that they deserve, we also get some titles that fall under the radar and remain overlooked. This is a real shame because they are usually excellent games to play and have simply not been picked up because of poor timing of their release. 

This article is going to go into a bit more detail about what some of these overlooked games are and why people should play them. 

Many Online Casino Games 

Online casino games were already seeing a huge rise in popularity, but this was accelerated in recent years as a result of the pandemic. Many people who were happy going to casinos are now more content within the confines of their own homes, enjoying some of the new and different games that have been made available. 

Your favourite slots are already available on a number of different online casino websites, but the sheer number of options means that many are overlooked. Different online casino sites do not just have the game roulette or slot machines but instead have a number of variations on the classics. As such, you tend to find that a lot of amazing titles do not get the recognition they deserve, as they are competing against a number of different games at the same time.

Roulette is an incredibly popular option on these gambling sites that you should certainly consider trying. If you want to find some of the different roulette games available then be sure to check this website


This game is one that was released on a number of consoles, including PlayStation and Xbox. This was a product of Dontnot Entertainment, which created the game Vampyr and set it just after World War I. It was an action-role-player where the player takes on the persona of a doctor who has just been turned into a vampire. The doctor is left in an incredibly awkward position, as he has to then decide whether or not he should stick to the Hippocratic Oath or feed on the living. 

The world that is established within this game truly is unique as players meet an exciting range of different characters, all of whom (more or less) can be sacrificed with the intention of helping your character become stronger. There are a number of supernatural abilities at your disposal, as well as a cool and atmospheric take on London, all of which come together and make a great game to play. 


The Surge 

The Surge is the product of Deck13, which released the game on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. It was very different from their previous fantasy game, Lords of the Fallen, as The Surge has a very heavy science-fiction and action RPG style to it. The game played with a limb-targeting system available, which allowed players to improve their aim on those they were trying to hit. There were also different exo-suits and upgrades for those exo-suits available, which meant that players could tailor their characters, so they were more suitable for them. There was a sequel released, which seemed to get a bit more praise, but the original was definitely overlooked and is certainly worth a play for anyone who is interested in science fiction games.

Nex Machina 

Released on the PC and PlayStation, Nex Machina was developed with the designer Eugene Jarvis, who helped contribute toward what may well be one of the best arcade shooters ever made. There is no getting away from the fact that the game is incredibly difficult to play, but the controls are very smooth, the abilities are simple, and the enemies are huge. Fighting bosses can become a hectic affair, and doing it without dying a dozen times is more or less impossible, but that just adds to the excitement of the game. Nevertheless, this one fell under the radar, and not many people ended up playing it. 


Thanks to the massive array of games available and the high standard of said games, it is common for a lot of excellent titles to get overlooked. These are discussed in more detail above and are certainly worth playing if you haven’t already. 

We put a great deal of emphasis on regular-season records and star players who make up the top teams. However, coaches play a significant role when it comes to predictions on NBA lines. The minds behind the success are frequently overlooked. Coaches are as important as star players or a seasoned roster. If a squad isn't well-coached, they'll likely be leaving early.

Mike Krzyzewski continued to add to his already outstanding NCAA Tournament victories as March Madness progressed, and Duke continued to smash their opponents to the end of his career. Krzyzewski has won the most games as an NCAA men's basketball coach. He made history by becoming the first men’s basketball coach to win 100 games.

The top ten active head coaches with the most NCAA tournament victories are as follow:


Mike Krzyzewski (Duke with 100 wins)

With 100 victories, Krzyzewski holds a commanding lead in this area, and he has the opportunity to add to his total before retiring at the end of the season. He has cemented himself as one of the best playoff coaches in college basketball history, with 36 National Championship participations and five national titles.


Jim Boeheim (Syracuse with 57 wins)

Ever since the 1976-77 season, Boeheim has been the coach at Syracuse, and he has been on the winning side of numerous NCAA Tournament games throughout that time. On 20 occasions, Boeheim has led Syracuse to round sixteen or further. His team won the national title in 2003, and he has made four additional Final Four outings.


John Calipari (UMass, Memphis, Kentucky with 53 wins)

Calipari has already been to NCAA Tournament 20 times throughout his stints at UMass, Memphis, and Kentucky. His postseason success has skyrocketed since he arrived at Kentucky in 2009. He led the Wildcats to the Elite Eight and the national championship in his first 12 years at the club.


Tom Izzo (Michigan State with 48 wins)

Michigan State has been a perennial NCAA Tournament contender for decades, and under Izzo’s leadership, the Spartans have made numerous deep runs. They have featured in seven Final Fours throughout that period, including a national title run in 2000.


Bill Self (Oral Roberts, Tulsa, Illinois, Kansas with 47 wins)

Since his career at Tulsa, Self has already had March Madness success. He has led three separate college teams to the Elite Eight: Kansas, Illinois, and Tulsa. He led his club to March Madness in each of his previous 24 seasons as a coach, except for 2020 due to the lockdown.


Bob Huggins (West Virginia with 33 wins)

Huggins not only led West Virginia to a Final Four appearance in 2010, but he also elevated the Cincinnati basketball program higher than they were. Huggins led the Bearcats to the NCAA Tournament 14 times during his 16-year tenure as coach. Huggins has 25 NCAA Tournament participation between three separate institutions.


Mark Few (Gonzaga with 28 wins)

Since taking over the Gonzaga team in 1999, Few has piled up NCAA Tournament victories, quickly climbing the leaderboard. The Bulldogs have advanced to the Sweet Sixteen ten times under Few’s leadership. Despite all of his postseason success, he's still looking for his first national title.


Jay Wright (Villanova with 27 wins)

Wright has been the head coach at Villanova for the past two decades, and he has transformed the program into something that no one wants to play in the NCAA Tournament. The Wildcats have been a staple of March Madness since 2005, but their performance has improved dramatically during the last six or seven years. In 2016, Wright guided Villanova to the national title, then shortly afterward, in 2018, he repeated the feat.


Rick Barnes (Tennessee with 22 wins)

Barnes has led four basketball programs to the NCAA Tournament: Providence, Clemson, Texas, and Tennessee. It's a tremendous accomplishment in and of itself, but Barnes’ biggest issue is that most of his squads have been eliminated early in March Madness.


Ben Howland (Mississippi state with 19 wins)

Howland enjoyed a lot of postseason success towards the conclusion of his tenure at Pittsburgh and most of his time at UCLA. Howland led the Bruins to three consecutive Final Four games and one national championship game from 2006 to 2008. However, when Howland took over Mississippi State, those postseason appearances vanished.

Many young people are in love with sporting activities such as running and soccer. Some take it to earn their living, while some do it for fun. Most of these fanatics desire to succeed, though not all pursue their target goals. This is because of the choice of shoes they take for sports. Always consider the quality of gear to buy and the best legwear to stay fit. Below are tips to guide you in hiring the right men's sports shoes suppliers.


Sports shoes have become slightly expensive compared to other footwear. This is due to designers, seasons, and the kind of soles used for speed. The men sports shoes suppliers have always given higher price tags, but recently, suppliers like DHgate have come to the rescue of sports fans by offering cost-effective sports shoes for men. So many individuals would instead go for cheaper shoes but stylish.


Sports shoes are always made for one to withstand bruises and bumps. They are made differently compared to regular wear, which is not strong. Sports shoes for men are also made to withstand a lot of friction during the game.  Men sports shoes suppliers should offer long-lasting shoes for wear that are affordable at purchase just like

Multitasking wear

Sports shoe suppliers ought to offer more comfortable shoes for the feet. They should be shoes that, when worn, there's at least a thumbnails length of free space left for support. The shoes can be for running as well as for soccer. The shoes should also be used in both indoor and outdoor sports activities.


When you find comfortable shoes that fit well, consider having on other outfits of your choice. Many suppliers offer a wide variety of sports shoes for men, so it's hard to resist having one of your favorites in the wardrobe. Most stylish sports shoes for men are from reliable suppliers like DHgate at a reasonable cost. Even professionals in sports go for fashionable legwear for comfort.


Sports shoes are put to hefty usage and therefore are made out of durable materials. These materials are given a warranty so that when they get spoilt, the supplier can repair or replace them for free. The men sports shoes suppliers must be able to provide some security for sports fans to buy sports shoes from their good stores.


All sports shoes for men need to fit comfortably when bought from the suppliers’ shops. An uncomfortable shoe may cause blisters on the legs and aching heels. Suppliers must ensure selling good fitting shoes to clients. They should also allow clients to fit the shoes and try them on the floor to confirm their comfortability. A supplier would also be happy when the client looks presentable and gives the best fashionable look to the shoe.

To find your best sporting shoes, you will try on different pairs either at your local sporting store or the online shop in your living room. It would be of great importance to read the above tips as a guide for hiring the right men's sports shoes suppliers.

One of the more surprising pieces of MLB news from recent weeks sees veteran pitcher Chris Archer team up with the Minnesota Twins. The 33-year-old has another shot at the biggest division in baseball following a catalog of injuries.

Archer spent 2021 with the Tampa Bay Rays but appearances were restricted. He was eventually placed on the 60-day injured list with forearm tightness - not an ideal condition for a pitcher.

The former Rays and Pirates man now signs up on a one-year deal at Minnesota. The signing must be seen as a gamble but have the Twins actually made a shrewd move?

Chris Archer in Numbers

Chris Archer may not be a member of the Hall of Fame but he has had plenty to say about the accolade in the past. 

As for his stats, they certainly stand up to scrutiny. Having made his MLB  debut in 2012, Archer’s most successful period in the division came during his first stint with Tampa Bay which lasted from 2012 to 2018. During that time, he was good enough to make two All Star teams - in 2015 and 2017.

His pitching stats are impressive throughout but that career has been in decline since he left for the Pirates in 2018. A year later, he was a free agent and without a franchise for two years until the Rays gave him another chance last season.

Injury brought a premature end to that return so what are the Twins thinking? Is this a step too far for the player or can Chris Archer have a positive impact on his new franchise team?

Twins in Need

Minnesota Twins are certainly in need of a boost to their roster as they prepare for the 2022 MLB season. With the new campaign just days away, there is very little hope of a first World Series title in 31 years.

Betting markets are already in place and those sportsbook and casino operators linked into Asiabet are making the LA Dodgers the clear favorites to win that World Series, The Toronto Blue Jays are next while other teams in the frame include the New York Yankees, the New York Mets, the Houston Astros and the Chicago White Sox.

Way down the list are the Minnesota Twins who are firmly among the underdogs. As the MLB campaign gets underway, those odds will adjust and the Asiabet sports and casino monitoring site will publish any updates to the markets as they come in.

Visitors to that website will also be able to read up on the MLB while considering whether they want to get involved with the markets. There is access to the betting via those sportsbooks and casinos who are all happy to take on new customers.

In the main, players will be able to find some generous welcome offers in return for registration and there should be some ongoing deals moving forward. Other benefits of those websites include a range of other sporting markets plus casino platforms including roulette, blackjack and thousands of slots.

A range of funding methods are available while mobile apps allow customers to bet or play casino games on the move.

It’s a logical site for MLB bettors but have the odds setters got it right in terms of Chris Archer and the Minnesota Twins?

Can Archer get back to his best?

The deal is for one year only so it isn’t much of a gamble in that sense. However, the fees involved are surprising for a man who has endured more than his share of injuries.

Time will tell but this appears to be Chris Archer’s last chance to get back into the big time.

Many successful athletes were discovered while in college, therefore this should motivate you as a college athlete to create a brand for yourself. Like any other professional, you need to think about creating a long and successful career as a college athlete. Building your personal brand can be a good starting point. Your personal brand will determine how the professional sports world will perceive you. It will also determine the level of respect that your fans and sponsors will accord you. Building your personal brand as a college athlete will offer you many benefits.

●    It Will Make Many People Recognize You

Would you not feel nice if many people recognized you without you not having to introduce and reintroduce yourself? Think about Serena Williams, Lebron James, and Tom Brady. These athletes are some of the most famous athletes in the U.S. Many people are usually willing to sponsor them because they stand out from the crowd. Like them, you can become famous and have many sponsors looking for you. Personal branding can help you achieve this. With a strong personal brand, many people will recognize you. That, in turn, will help you maximize your financial opportunities.

●    It Will Help You Stand Out From the Crowd

According to research, there are more than 460,000 college athletes in the U.S. Therefore, as a college athlete, you need to think about how you will stand out from the crowd. A strong personal brand can help you achieve this.

You might be better at sports than your friend. However, if your friend has taken time to build their personal brand, they will be perceived to be better than you. Therefore, you need to take time to build your personal brand as a college athlete. Building your personal brand will give you a chance to showcase your athletic skills and your experience as an athlete. All this will set you apart from other athletes.

●    Building Your Personal Brand Will Enhance Your Online Visibility

The number of American athletes has been increasing daily. Therefore, as a college athlete, you need to consider growth in the competitive athletic environment. Improving your online visibility can help you achieve this. Many potential sponsors and coaches will notice you when you are more visible online.

Building your personal brand can help you improve your online visibility. To make yourself more visible online, you should consider creating content related to college athletics. You should also get active on social media and ensure that you optimize your content.

●    It Will Help You Attract Prospective Sponsors

Sponsors offer commerce-related benefits to athletes. As a college athlete, you need these benefits. You will not have to worry about finding money to pay for training and sporting events when you get a sponsor.

For someone or a company to offer you sponsorship, you will have to prove to them that sponsoring you is worth their resources and time. A strong personal brand can help you convince such people. Taking time to build your personal brand will prove to prospective sponsors that you are passionate about athletics. That, in turn, will make them want to offer the financial resources you need to improve your athletic career.

●    It Will Help You Achieve Your Athletic Goals

Like any other athlete, you probably have athletic goals that you want to achieve within a certain period. Probably, one of these goals is getting recruited in some of the famous college athletic teams or getting a certain number of sponsors. To achieve these goals, you need to put in the necessary work.

Building your personal brand can help you achieve these goals. For instance, it can open up networking opportunities that can help you get sponsors. A strong personal brand can also help you attract many coaches, helping you get recruited into famous college athletic teams.

Your personal brand is simply the unique combination of experiences and skills that define you. Developing it is quite essential, especially if you are a college athlete. It can help you maximize your financial opportunities and achieve your athletic goals. A strong personal brand can also help you attract many prospective sponsors and improve your online visibility.

Holding on to a title in the UFC is no easy feat. Each division in the sport is stacked with fighters who eagerly await their turn to get a shot at the silverware.

Here is a look at three champions on the scene who look to have something special about them and appear on course to enter the Hall of Fame in their sport one day.

Israel Adesanya

Middleweight champion Israel Adesanya has a professional record of 22-1 with his sole defeat being that against Jan Blachowicz. Adesanya had stepped up to the light heavyweight division to take on the Polish fighter and this risk was met with a shock loss.

All in all, over the years, Adesanya has produced some memorable stoppages in his title defenses. For example, he KO’d Robert Whittaker in the second round of their contest in 2019, while more recently, he needed just two rounds to defeat Paulo Costa.

One of Adesanya’s most impressive wins, however, came against Kelvin Gastelum. The clash is inside the top 10 ten greatest UFC fights of all time as both men threw absolutely everything into it. Eventually, it was the Last Stylebender who was victorious.

At the age of 32, Adesanya will feel he has a lot more to achieve in the UFC. He will be bidding to capture a number of records before he retires, and they will help him cement his place as one of the best in history.

Kamaru Usman

No current world champion in the UFC has had more successful title defenses than Kamaru Usman. When he defeated Colby Covington last November at UFC 268, it was the fifth time he had defended his welterweight crown.

Impressively, Usman has absolutely dominated the welterweight division since becoming a champion in March 2019. The Nigerian is now the number one pound-for-pound fighter in the UFC, a much-coveted position that every fighter in the sport wants to hold.

Such has been his dominance; Usman is running out of opponents at his weight. He may have to consider moving up or down a division, to face other top 10 pound-for-pound operators. 

Most recently, Usman was named the Fighter of the Year in 2021. It is going to be fascinating to see who he faces in 2022 inside the Octagon. 

Francis Ngannou

With six consecutive victories to his name, Francis Ngannou is the number one fighter in the heavyweight division. He is known for winning the heavyweight title with a massive victory over Stope Miocic in March 2021.

Ngannou defended his belt earlier this year when he prevailed against Ciryl Gane following five rounds. It is believed that he could be set to dominate the heavyweight division for some time as not many fighters at the weight can handle his power.

The 35-year-old has reached the top of the sport late into his career. However, he remains in great shape, so he is likely to be around for a while yet. Tai Tuivasa, Curtis Blaydes, and Derrick Lewis could be opponents in 2022 for the heavyweight champion. 

Hopefully, UFC fans get to see a lot more of the above three fighters before they retire. Once they do decide to leave the Octagon for the final time, it may not take long for them to be honored into the Hall of Fame.

As a sports fan, you can't miss the NCAA Tournament. Think of it as the Super Bowl, but with 67 games to look forward to instead of just one. Sixty-eight teams play in seven rounds of the NCAA Tournament, known as March Madness.

March Madness is tipped to begin on March 15 with the First Four games. The first round begins proper on March 17.  Excitement is already building around the tournament - both for sports enthusiasts and bettors.

March Madness betting works the same way as the other basketball games. The lines and game totals are provided when the teams are disclosed. Due to the high level of competition and the presence of some of the country's best teams, it may be hard to get an edge over the books.

What's the Deal with March Madness Betting?

Betting on the NCAA Tournament is similar to betting on other basketball games. March Madness Betting Odds take on a whole new level of excitement when you include the high stakes tournament format and the greatest institutions in the NCAA.

During Selection Sunday, oddsmakers start to put out brackets with point spreads, totals, and other March Madness wagering lines for the First Four and Round of 64 games.

During the tournament, bookmakers quickly set betting lines for the following slate of games up to and including the National Championship game, altering their odds to reflect the current form and matchup advantages.

Common Ways to Bet on March Madness

1. Point Spread

Oddsmakers calculate each NCAA tournament game's point spread to maintain an appropriate level of competition for both teams on the field. Point spread bets need the underdog to win outright or lose by less than the allotted spread to cover and win the bet.

During the first few betting rounds, higher-ranked teams may meet lower-ranked opponents, like as No. 1 vs. No. 16 matches. The spreads will narrow as the tournament progresses and the level of competition increases.

2. Over/Under

The over/under is betting on the total amount of points each team is expected to score in their NCAA Tournament matchups. Gamblers may wager whether the final score will be higher or lower than the sum stated.

Oddsmakers believe that college basketball totals are one of their most challenging markets to book. They become even tougher during March Madness due to foreign opponents, different styles of play, and quick turnarounds in each round.

3. Moneyline

Moneyline is the simplest bet in March Madness, which involves picking a winner. Each team's Moneyline value is assigned based on the implied probability of winning the game outright.

When a higher seed takes against a lower seed in the first round of the NCAA Tournament, the Moneyline odds get higher. Because of the many shocks throughout the tournament, Moneyline underdogs are a popular gamble during March Madness.

Other Ways to Bet on March Madness

As March Madness betting has grown in popularity, there have been more ways to wager on the NCAA Tournament, from long-term to quick and thrilling bets.

1. The Futures

When betting on long-term outcomes, like who will win the National Championship or reach the Final Four by winning a specific region, you’re placing "futures" wagers.

You can place futures bets during March Madness, and the odds are continually changing based on the outcomes, injuries, and betting activity.

2. Props

Alternative bets, such as props (or proposition bets), are made for not having typical markets. If you want to make a wager on the NCAA Tournament, you may use March Madness props that focus on individual performances by teams or players based on statistics and occurrences.

Prop bets such as how many teams from one conference will make it to the Sweet 16 or how many of them dubbed "Wildcats" will make it to the Round of 32 may be found for wagering.

3. The Derivatives

You can bet on derivative odds in the first half of March Madness games.

As a result, these markets are evaluated only based on the first-half total combined points earned by the opposing team. Bettors may find additional value in derivative odds when it comes to team patterns and speed of play.

Where is March Madness Betting Available?

One of the busiest periods for online sportsbooks is March Madness. March Madness odds are available at every betting site, but the best ones are safe and secure, have a wide variety of deposit options, and provide a large range of markets for each game. Get a feel for the best March Madness betting options in your region.

Having won the Super Bowl in 2014 and finished runners-up in 2015, the members of the Seattle Seahawks’ legendary Legion of Boom era have all been earmarked as potential Hall of Famers in the future. Despite not featuring in the legendary defense, Russell Wilson is all but certain to get the nod.

The 2021 season marked the first time that the 33-year-old had missed a game and finished with a losing record. Regardless of this, his incredible arm was often put on a show, even if a porous line held his scrambling feet in check. He’s still an NFL superstar, which is why his move to the Denver Broncos has stirred up the Super Bowl odds.

Broncos surge on the star power of Russell Wilson

Purely because of the arrival of Russell Wilson, the Denver Broncos flew up in the betting on NFL bookmakers' sites. From around +2000 to win the AFC Conference, the Broncos are now the third-favorites at +650, just behind the +400 Kansas City Chiefs and +350 Buffalo Bills.

For the Super Bowl, the Broncos are now joint-fourth with the reigning champions, the Los Angeles Rams, at +10000. It’s a huge leap, but we saw as recently as last season how much of a difference adding some star players can make. The betting tips on NFL earmarked the Rams for a close triumph in the Super Bowl, with their star-studded cast – which added Von Miller and Odell Beckham Jr. late – being key.

Prior to the trade, the power rankings on ESPN had Denver sitting 21st overall, expected to get a 7-10 record with the biggest question mark being around their quarterback. Now, they have one of the best and most reliable in the league, and Wilson will get to play behind an offensive line that was distinctly better than Seattle’s – assuming that Bobby Massie remains or a better replacement is found.

Generating offense atop a stubborn defence

Last season, the Denver Broncos’ defensive unit finished as the third most stubborn in the NFL, conceding a mere 18.9 points per game. Some big names from that unit were set to hit the free agency, with linebacker Josey Jewell and cornerbacks Bryce Callahan and Kyle Fuller among them, but as explained on Sports Illustrated, they have plenty of cap flexibility even after the Wilson trade.

The team has been able to save a good chunk of cash by sending Shelby Harris, Drew Lock, and Noah Fant to Seattle, as well as by releasing DaeSean Hamilton. It’s also not essential for the team to re-sign stud running back Melvin Gordon, given the immense breakout season of Javonte Williams. So, there should be the funds available to solidify the defense – if not improve it – and perhaps even upgrade the offensive line.

Best of all for Wilson, with the middling – but better than Seattle’s – offensive line aside, he already has a glut of offensive weapons ready for service. Courtland Sutton, Tim Patrick, and Jerry Jeudy offer one of the most menacing receiving corps in the NFL, while Williams, and now Wilson, will be a constant threat out of the backfield.

Looking at the strength of the defense, the weapons on offense, and now the prospect of Wilson in command, it’s easy to get excited about Denver’s chances next season. The NFL oddsmakers see the Broncos as a dark horse for the Super Bowl now, and it’s tough to argue against that stance.

Being interested in sports is one of the best ways you can spend your free time. After all, the world of sport is something that never seems to stop. Everyday, all around the world, there are always events taking place. It truly is a great interest to have due to the constant developments and changes. Certainly a hobby that won’t get boring even over long periods of time. 

Of course, there is no limit to the amount of sports you follow and are interested in. Although most people have a primary choice, you can still enjoy other games as well. After all, this doesn't have to take away from your interest in another sport, you just get to enjoy it more. 

For example, one sport that is massively popular is American football. It is massively exciting and is always worth tuning in for. If you don’t currently consider yourself a fan of the sport, that can change. If you want to improve your knowledge and following of American football, then here are some ways you can get into the sport. 

Tune Into Live Games 

Making sure that you watch some live sport is essential to becoming a fan. Although you might have tuned in for a couple of Super Bowls, you need to be watching regularly. This is the best way to get familiar with the players and the standings of the team. Although not every game is going to be electrifying in terms of entertainment, they still carry importance.  If you don’t want to devote your whole attention to the game then you can multitask. For example, you can have the game on in the background while you relax with another hobby. This way, you can have fun on the likes of the best USA online casino or browsing online while keeping up to date with the game. 

Get Friends Involved 

Watching sports is always something that can be enjoyed with friends. After all, watching with people you care about can help to improve the atmosphere and really set the scene for gameday. It doesn’t even matter if your friends have an existing interest in American football or not. For example, if they don’t already follow the sport, you can learn about it together. Keep each other up to date with news you have heard and really help to further each other's interest. If they are already a fan of the sport, then they can help to get you interested. They can fill you in on recent history and more insider information about the game. This can also make it easier to follow live games. 

Pick a Team to Support 

Your passion and interest in the sport is going to improve massively once you choose a team to support. Doing this will give you a team to root for and want to win. When it comes to choosing a team to support, you can base it off where you live, your friends’ favorite team, or whatever your preference is.