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Staying entertained is part of leading a happy life, and it relaxes us when enjoying our spare time. The good news is that the modern world and the tech in it now give us more ways to do this than ever! While chatting on social media and streaming the latest movies are great fun, many people like to head online to play casino games and bet on sports. While both these things were not legal in most US states until relatively recently, many now legally allow people within their borders to enjoy them.

New Jersey is an excellent example of this and was a real trailblazer for online casino gaming and sports betting in the USA. In terms of online casino games, the state has many fully legal internet casinos to play at now. Just be sure to check out the website first to find the best ones with the coolest games around. This casino comparison site will also show you the best NJ online casino free money sites to sign up with. 

In the same way that people have always loved to play casino games, sports are also something that many of us cannot live without. Whether you follow basketball, baseball, or football, this is true! As well as simply watching sports, many people also like to bet on them. This has seen the sports betting sector in both the USA and the world grow hugely in the last few years. 

But why do fans love to wager on sporting events? 

Why is betting on sports so popular? 


For those who do not get involved with sports betting, it can often be puzzling as to why people bet on sports. Of course, for dedicated sports fans, this is much easier to understand! Betting on sports allows you to get closer to the action and to feel closer to the teams you back. It also makes watching sports more exciting because you are personally invested in what is happening. 

The simple truth is that people like betting on sports to win money. Although you should always gamble responsibly, this is undoubtedly one thing that individuals find appealing. The other primary reason why sports betting is so popular lies in the sheer number of ways to bet and markets to bet on. The range of choices keeps it exciting and prevents it from getting boring. 

One increasingly popular way to wager on races or games is known as in-play betting. This is where bettors place wagers as the action happens in real-time. But what are the pros and cons of this way of betting on sports?


In-play sports betting – what are the pros?


As noted above, there are many ways you can choose to bet on sports. So, why do many opt for in-play betting? There are several pros which this way of getting closer to games offers. 

Firstly, this type of betting will usually offer the chance to cash out when play is taking place. That allows you to close a winning bet manually and bank any profit – even if the game is still playing or a race is still running. This can help you profit in the long term by taking home winnings when they are on offer and not losing them due to something happening later to scupper your bet. If you back the underdog to win in a soccer game and they score first, cashing out then means you make money even if the other side comes back to beat them. 


In-play betting is also great for making more informed bets on sports. Even with all the best research in the world, placing a bet before the action starts is always a risk. What if the side you back in football contains a player rated as one of the 50 best NFL players by franchise, but they get injured early on? What if a jockey’s mistake causes your horse to lose the race? 

In-play betting allows you to see how the action unfolds and means you can put on a bet from this position of knowledge. It also allows you the flexibility to change strategies as events unfold. In addition to this, in-play betting is simply great fun and offers faster-paced excitement than betting beforehand. 

What are the cons of betting in-play? 


For some sports fans, the fast-paced nature of betting as the action unfolds is too frenetic. If that is the case, it can be a more stressful way to bet. You also must factor in that odds for in-play bets are constantly changing – from shortening to lengthening out. This can sometimes mean you are not quick enough to place your bet and miss out on the odds you want before they change. For this reason, having a speedy internet connection is a must for in-play wagering. 

The changing nature of in-play odds can also see you worse off if you get on the wrong side of the action, compared to placing bets beforehand. A side in the NFL might be showing good value odds to win, but they could drop instantly in-play if they take the lead with only a few minutes left. As a result, you could end up backing the side at worse odds to win than if you put your bet on beforehand. You may also find that fewer games are available to bet in-play and you get so caught up in betting that you do not focus on the action as usual.

In-play betting is one option to consider 


For anyone new to betting on sports, it is vital to consider how you will bet and which markets you will bet on. This will then dictate which strategy you will use in your betting and how you will approach it. In-play betting is a fast-growing way of wagering on sports and has lots to recommend it. As with anything in life, there are a few cons too! With this in mind, it is crucial to understand it before diving in fully.

Of all the US states that have legalized sports betting since the Supreme Court decision of 2018, few have endured as wild a ride as Illinois.

Lawmakers in the state officially approved sports betting back in 2019. By March 2020, physical sportsbooks were open for business, taking bets on the NCAA Tournament, which seemed like an ideal time to launch a betting sector. In a normal year, it would have been. However, 2020 was not a normal year and the fledgling Illinois sports betting sector soon suffered the same fate as other leisure sectors throughout the US.

One problem that was particular to Illinois was the 18-month in-person registration requirement for mobile betting. This required betting fans to register with physical sportsbooks before they could use mobile apps. Fortunately, this was suspended for most of the second half of 2020 and although it has beenreinstated, many Illinois sports fans are now able to bet using their mobiles.


DraftKings established itself thanks to the rise of Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) during the 2010s and has been one of the first operators to embrace sports betting, launching its New Jersey platform just three months after the Supreme Court decision. reports that the sportsbook set up operations in Illinois on August 5, 2020, through a partnership with the Casino Queen casino venue. Since then, it has been gaining popularity among sports betting fans thanks to an app that offers competitive promotions such as daily odds boosts and deposit bonuses, all packaged in a sleek and user-friendly design.

William Hill

One of the oldest names in the betting business, with a brand that dates back to 1934, William Hill entered the Illinois market thanks to a deal with the Grand Victoria Casino. Despite being one of the later entrants to the state, it has made significant inroads with Illinois sports bettors.

The William Hill brand needs little introduction, but they are notable for having updated their betting model to adapt to the modern online market, producing an easy to use betting app that is clear and free of clutter, and offering access to an impressive variety of betting markets, including a strong live betting section and access to stats and data to help bettors plan their wagers.


FanDuel is the main rival to DraftKings in the DFS sector and has taken a similarly proactive approach to getting a piece of the sports betting market. It was able to gain a foothold in Illinois through an arrangement with the Par-A-Dice Casino and has developed a strong following.

The FanDuel sportsbook is one of the most aesthetically pleasing betting platforms available to Illinois customers. The platform provides an easy-to-use navigation system and an impressive welcome bonus. A great site forfootball fans and newcomers, FanDuel’s app has certainly caught on with Illinois fans.


Powered by betting industry titan Rush Street Interactive, BetRivers has the distinction of being the first Illinois sportsbook to go live, launching on June 18, 2020, following the Rush Street Rivers Casino Des Plaines being the first retail betting location to go live, on March 9, 2020.

The BetRivers app provides a handy $250 first deposit match for new customers. The app has been successfully deployed in a number of other states, notably in the thriving betting markets of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. While not as flashy as the mobile platforms produced by some of its rivals, this app provides a solid and reliable sports betting platform.


PointsBet, which was founded in Australia in 2017, doesn’t have the highest profile among the US sports betting fraternity, but that is changing. The company was relatively unknown when it entered the New Jersey market, but it soon proved to be extremely popular and has been able to extend its brand to Illinois, thanks to a deal with Hawthorne Race Course in Cicero.

PointsBet have been able to earn a strong reputation with Illinois sports betting customers thanks to their excellent marketing, which includes a range of promotions, including bad beat refunds, odds boosts and other user-friendly deals.

This app is also popular thanks to the innovative PointsBetting system. This offers bettors the chance to risk and win more on a bet, based on the extent to which their selection wins or loses, combining traditional sports betting with some of the strengths of spread betting.


Illinois is one of the most significant sports betting states in the US and is well served by a number of top sports betting apps, giving bettors a wide and varied selection of wagering platforms.

There have been some incredible franchises over the years. The Pittsburgh Steelers were the most successful team in history, the Green Bay Packers swapped one Hall of Fame quarterback for another, and the New England Patriots were hated across the country.

Success breeds jealousy, but it also encourages head coaches and players to up their expectations. The Kansas City Chiefs are the franchise that has stepped up to the plate in the last five years due to their incredible performances. They have been so good that they are now the NFL’s next ruling dynasty and may sit on the throne for decades.

No Letting Up  

Like all the great locker rooms, Kansas City has no desire to ease off the throttle and lose momentum. Sure, the Chiefs lost the Super Bowl to Tampa Bay, yet you can be sure they’ll try and rewrite that mistake this time out. The American football odds already rank them as the +450 favorites ahead of the Buccaneers at +700.  

When you look at what Andy Reid’s men have achieved since 2016, it’s an inevitable conclusion. The Chiefs added a fifth consecutive AFC West title in 2020, around six weeks before losing out in Super Bowl LV. The season before, Patrick Mahomes famously led a revival to beat the San Francisco 49ers 31-20 and claim Super Bowl LIV.

Add the 2019 AFC Championship game to that and it’s clear that Kansas City has the drive to challenge for honors for the foreseeable future. Recent history proves it beyond doubt.  

Hall of Famers  

What makes the Chiefs a fantastic football team is the people they have in the most important places of the franchise. NFL franchises always need to be loaded in offense and defense, as Green Bay highlighted last term, and patient owners are always welcome. However, the key positions are head coach and QB.  

In Kansas City and the entire state, supporters look at the two men and see greatness. Andy Reid is already a Hall of Famer in everyone’s eyes, even if the NFL hasn’t made it official yet. Mahomes, on the other hand, has transcended the quarterback position with his incredibly powerful arm and ability to hit moving targets on the run.

Of course, Mahomes is a legacy quarterback with a full career at his mercy. However, Reid is only 63 and may easily have another decade at the top level, health permitting. To put it into perspective, Mahomes is the +450 favorite for the MVP award, while Reid is +2200 to be the Coach of the Year.  

Strong Competition

Competition is what forces franchises like the Kansas City Chiefs to milk every ounce of talent out of the roster. Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers are legends of the game that lead the chasing pack, but it’s the host of young players that will ensure Reid and Mahomes keep their eyes on the ball.  

The Buffalo Bills, who are +1100 third favorites for the Super Bowl title, have Josh Allen and will be contenders for years because of him. Lamar Jackson’s combination of throwing and rushing skills has the Ravens holding their breath this season, whereas Kyler Murray could transform the Arizona Cardinals’ fortunes.

These men are threats to the dominance of Patrick Mahomes, yet you can bet the Chiefs won’t shirk the responsibility. Instead, they’ll rise to the pressure and take on every contender that steps up to the plate.

The NFL has an array of excellent football teams, many of which can string together a Super Bowl-winning run. Overall, though, it’s the current Chiefs’ roster that appears as if it’ll go down in the annals of history.

The Toronto Blue Jays are bidding for their first World Series title since 1993. There is confidence within the Canadian city that their long wait for the major prize could end this year.

The Blue Jays, the only team from Canada playing in the Major League Baseball (MLB), have been performing impressively in the American League (AL). They have a winning record of 45-42 (.517), which gives them a strong chance of reaching the playoffs.

Toronto supporters will be hoping their team can go further than they did in 2020. Their World Series dream fell at the first hurdle in the postseason as they were beaten by the number one seeds in the AL, Tampa Bay. The team from Florida went all the way to the World Series where they lost to the LA Dodgers.

The regular season is now well underway and the Blue Jays have MLB odds on bet365 of +2200. Those odds indicate Toronto are not one of the frontrunners for the title. The Dodgers are the favorites in the betting to defend their crown, however, as recent results show, it is no easy feat.

Toronto may enjoy being the underdogs this year. There will be less pressure on their shoulders if they do reach the playoffs. When successful in 1992 and 1993, they were the fourth seeds in the AL, so maybe avoiding one of the top seeds could prove advantageous.

Stats Suggest Toronto Are Better Than Record Indicates

Home runs have not been a problem for the Blue Jays so far in 2021. As of the halfway stage in the regular season, no team in the AL has scored more. If that continues, they are going to prove a dangerous match for any team in the MLB.

Another strong guide for assessing a team's performance on the field is the difference between home runs scored and conceded. Toronto has a +79 record. This would indicate they are a little unfortunate to have a .517 record. If they continue to score so strongly, that percentage should improve.

Their first aim will be to try to win the AL East division. They currently trail Boston Red Sox (604) and Tampa Bay (.589). The series against those two rivals will prove crucial in determining who lands the title.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr Is the Man Who Can Fire Toronto To Success

The standout performer for Toronto in 2021 has been Vladimir Guerrero Jr. He has had an outstanding season with the bat. He was named in the AL’s All-Star team where he was the starting first baseman.

Guerrero Jr, a son of the MLB’s Hall of Famer Vladimir Guerrero Sr, leads the league in On-Base Plug Slugging (OBS). He is one of only three players who are over 1.0 in 2021 along with Shohei Ohtani and Fernando Tatis Jr.

The 22-year-old has an exciting future in the league. Blue Jays fans will be hoping he helps deliver a lot of success with the Canadian franchise, including at the end of the current campaign.

This year’s World Series begins on October 26 and if a seventh game of the series is needed, that will take place on November 3. 

You may be wondering what a professional footballer does with their free time, when they spend the majority of their days on the pitch or at the training ground. Well, it turns out, many of them are just like the rest of us, enjoying their downtime by playing games. Be it video games, PC or even casino games, here’s our list of 5 pro footballers who absolutely love gaming.

1.     Jesse Lingard

Kicking off the list (no pun intended) is Jesse Lingard. The England and West Ham midfielder is an avid video gamer who spends a major portion of his free time playing console games like FIFA and Call of Duty. In an interview at his parent club, Manchester United, Lingard reported that he only got into gaming after a disappointing cup final defeat in 2018. He also revealed that he isn’t the only Red Devil to enjoy online gaming, as Marcus Rashford, Dan James and Paul Pogba regularly join him to play Call of Duty: Warzone.

2.     Neymar

PSG superstar Neymar is one of the biggest gamers in world football, playing on both consoles and PC. In fact, he even has custom computers built for him. The left-winger has a whole host of games in his repertoire, including Pro Evolution Soccer, GTA and Fortnite. Recently, he actually became a playable character in the viral battle royale game! This collaboration comes as little surprise, as Neymar has always been a huge fan of the game, even playing on live streams with professional gamers like Ninja.

3.     Cristiano Ronaldo

Yes, that’s right, one of the greatest footballers of all time is a huge fan of games. Not the type you of games you might be thinking of, however. While others may spend their time on a PC or console, Cristiano Ronaldo is much more comfortable at the poker table. While he generally keeps his love of casino games private, the Juventus forward is known for promoting events and tournaments for popular poker companies. If you want to give similar casino games a try, check out online casino Canada for a variety of exciting options.

4.     Antoine Griezmann

Another player with a knack for video games is FC Barcelona forward Antoine Griezmann. The French international is an enthusiastic console gamer, and has even become a part of Team Xbox. As part of the collaboration, Griezmann was given a personalized Xbox Series X, which he used to play games like FIFA and Fortnite.

5.     Gerard Piqué

Another player who loves to try his hand at the poker table is Spanish defender Gerard Piqué. In fact, he’s actually very skilled at the game. He is said to be as adept as some professionals, often taking part in high-level events like the World Series of Poker. He truly demonstrated his prowess by winning over £300,000 (over $400,000) at the European Poker Tour in Barcelona – a high-stakes game with a considerable £22k buy-in. 

So, there you have it. Professionals on the field, but definitely amateurs on a console, these five footballers are living proof that gaming is for anyone and everyone.

When it comes to American Football, or any sport for that matter, there are always certain positions that get all the credit whilst others do an important, less recognized role for the team. 

In American Football, the safety is the role that flies under the radar. Not today. Here we look at the top safeties in NFL history. 

Number 5. Steve Atwater

Kicking off our top five safeties of all time is Steve Atwater. Now, you might think of Atwater as a linebacker but, make no mistake, he was a safety; his style of play, however, was linebacker-esque. He made an immediate impact on the Denver Broncos when he was drafted back in 1989. The Arkansas grad catapulted their run defence and instantly set about making tackle after tackle. 

There was a four year stretch where he averaged 149 tackles a season; that’s a simply crazy haul when you compare to the tackle average of safeties in the modern game. His career was capped off with a Super Bowl win.

Number 4. Brian Dawkins

We were tempted to put Brian Dawkins higher on this list purely for his intensity and impact. The Eagles legend was an absolutely fantastic leader who wasn’t afraid to make the big tackle or the rough hit. A lot of the advantages that his team got with him isn’t even on the score sheet either; that makes him ten times more valuable. 

That said his stats aren’t to be ignored; he had 37 career interceptions and 1,118 tackles that earned him nine Pro Bowl nods and four First Team honours. Very few in the game can rival Dawkins’ passion and drive. 

Number 3. Ed Reed

What can you say about Ed Reed? In truth, maybe not much. What you can say though is that he was an outstanding safety. Reed was overshadowed at times due to the impact of Ray Lewis at the linebacker position. 

Many though would say it was Reed that truly kept the defence together. He was constantly flying around the field to make big hits and snag interceptions at crucial times. 

Those qualities earned him the Defensive Player of the Year award back in 2004; it made him the first safety to scoop the award in two decades. On top of that, he also made the Pro Bowl nine times and led the league in interceptions on three different occasions. 

Number 2. Troy Polamalu

It’s hard to imagine anybody playing the way that two-time Super Bowl winner Troy Polamalu did back when he was on the football field. He played with a tremendous amount of heart and was a stalwart in the Pittsburgh Steelers side between 2003 and 2014. 

Polamalu had a trademark hit on him and when it came to the passing game he’d zip around to acrobatically make interceptions that often looked impossible. 

Despite being one of the shortest players for the safety position, his impact and loyalty to Pittsburgh mean he deservedly goes down as one of the best safeties in NFL history.

Number 1. Ronnie Lott

On our number 1, we have to disagree with TwinSpires list of the Top 10 Safeties in NFL history. They put Lott in second, but for us he tops the list. Lott is the epitome of a fearless leader. His reading of plays made it seem as if he was always one step ahead of the opposing team. 

He knew exactly when to wrap up a fast playmaker and when to stand up and lay him out. Lott bounced around teams donning the colours of five different franchises, but it didn’t damage his reputation. 

Across his career he had 63 interceptions and returned five of them for touchdowns. Finally, how can you talk about Lott and fail to mention the fact that he literally chose to amputate a broken finger just so he could return to the game and continue playing; absolutely insane.  

There you have it, the best safeties in NFL history. Did we miss anyone? Let us know.

Casinos are places in which we should only be focused on our entertainment by the table or slot machine. To keep it that way we need to choose a good casino, because only if the place is proper, we can relax and enjoy our time without worrying about anything else. So, what are the features of a good in-site casino?

Professional croupiers and customer service employees

Finishing a dealing course is not a big deal, but it takes professionals to master all the moves and strategies of dealing. They know how to calculate the odds, figure out what cards will be drawn next and make sure that the game flows smoothly. Professional dealers help us feel comfortable, we trust that they count our payouts properly and there is no one in the room trying to cheat us. 

Casino employees also need to know how to keep casinos clean, they take care of glass and make sure that everything looks good and smells nice. They are taught to be elegant, nice and always with a smile on their faces. It is hard work since not every customer is calm and nice, especially when some of them are drunk. 

Interior design that suits you

Casinos differ from each other, some are small and cozy to play in while others are huge with hundreds of tables. Some have luxurious rooms with the mirrors on the walls or crystal chandeliers hanging above your head while others are rather dark and full with cigarette smoke. More modern casinos might be packed with neon lights and made in galaxy style. The most important thing that you need to be careful about when choosing a casino is how comfortable you feel in it.  If a basement-like small casino is not your cup of tea, find one that is more spacious and brighter inside.

Balance between quality and price

Casinos can be on every level of luxury you can imagine, but it comes with a price. Everything is good when the price is well-balanced taking quality of service into consideration, because then it is you who decides which casino you can afford to go into. The problem might be when the casino only seems to be luxurious and the price is high, but in fact the level of service is poor and you are unsatisfied.

Number of people

Whether you are entering a new place or entering it again, there is always that feeling of anxiety and nervousness. What if I win? What will happen then? Or what if I lose all my money? If you do not like that kind of stress, go into the casino when there are less people in it. On the other hand if you enjoy this buzz of crowd inside, choose a busy one during some fine night. 

If you see a casino that is constantly empty, that is a red flag for you. 

Violent gamblers are out

This feature is important since some gamblers can become hostile towards others while losing or getting drunk. You need to be sure that they are going to be moved out of the establishment by security to keep you safe while gambling. This should also involve kicking out even richer gamblers while they are getting too aggressive towards their competitors or dealers. 

Chips are well-secured

There are not many casinos in which you can play with real money anymore. That is why chips were invented. Chips are credits which can be exchanged in the casino for cash. When gambling with chips, you can lose as much as you want and still come out without losing your money. 

The best casinos have chips which cannot be copied and any attempt to do so is immediately noticed and the person responsible for this will not get away with it. Also, there should be a system that does not allow stealing of chips by people pretending to leave but in fact stay close enough in the casino.

Clean and tidy

Environment is also an important aspect of a good casino. Clean gaming floor isn't a characteristic of every casino out there. During gambling people spill drinks, smoke cigarettes and that is how the whole room might get sticky. A good casino is always clean and tidy including bathrooms that might be another part of the casino hard to keep clean during gaming nights. Drunk gamblers and massive numbers of people coming to casinos every night may create quite a mess and working janitors have hard times keeping it clean.

For a good casino, the gaming floor has to be tidy all the time and that is easy to check in person before you drop your money there.

Been opened for long time

When a casino is open several years it means that the business model behind it works and owners know what they're doing. You need to be cautious with freshly opened establishments since they have to earn your trust first and it is not easy.

Have a good marketing team that provides fresh promotions, daily bonus offers and news from the world of casino gambling

This will keep you intrigued, interested and coming back more often. Promotions are a way to make new customers and maintain loyalty programs for existing ones.

Of the four major tennis grand slams, Wimbledon is the oldest and most prestigious. It dates all the way back to 1877 and was closely followed by the US Open, which was established in 1881. There’s something about the English competition that sparks a tennis fever throughout the nation, and many people feel a connection to the grass-based tournament. With Wimbledon right around the corner, it is a great time to start getting excited about it. Here are some ways you can prepare for this historically and culturally rich event.

Learn About Wimbledon’s History

The spot where The Championships, Wimbledon became famous and grew into the marquee event it is today was originally known as the All-England Croquet Club. It was in 1876 that people began playing lawn tennis there, and the location soon became known as the All-England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club.

The only event held at the inaugural competition the following year was Gentleman’s Singles, which was contested between 22 players. Men played three sets at this time, and the first-ever winner was Spencer Gore after he prevailed over William Marshall. Tennis surged in popularity in the years that followed, and croquet was gradually phased out at the club altogether. Ladies’ tennis was added in 1884, and the first competition was won by Maud Watson. She received a silver flower basket for her efforts.

In the early decades of the competition, it had a strange format that would be unheard of today. The reigning champion was only required to play in the final each year and would come up against the finalist of the tournament format. For a long period of time, the event was only open to amateur players. This changed in 1968 when the open era began and created all the Hall of Fame players known today. Despite being a quintessentially British event and engrained in the country’s culture, few British players have found success in the tournament over the years.

Go out and Enjoy the Real Thing

One way to get in the mood for Wimbledon is to go out and get playing tennis, yourself. The competition is set during the height of summer, and people are usually perked up by the increased levels of vitamin D they are getting. By venturing out into the sunshine for some intense physical exercise, you can boost your happiness levels while also preparing for Wimbledon.

You could try to recreate the old days of the London tournament when it was only contested by amateurs. Devise a tournament format with some mates and have a fun day out at the courts as you compete to win the top honours. If you’ve never played tennis before, now could be the perfect opportunity to learn. In fact, it’s never too late to get into a sport, and there are lessons available for people of all abilities.

Play Tennis Games Virtually

If you don’t have access to tennis courts or are simply unable to get out and about, a fantastic alternative is to play computer games. Tennis has been represented countless times in a digital format over the years. Indeed, the first game ever invented, Pong, was based on tennis. The graphics and gameplay have improved massively since that 1972 offering from Atari, and there are now some highly immersive and engaging options out there to choose from.

For console players, EA Sports created a couple of offerings in Grand Slam Tennis and Grand Slam Tennis 2, released in 2009 and 2012 respectively. The games gave players the chance to play at Wimbledon as current stars or legends of the game. There are plenty of options for mobile players as well. These include titles like Stick Tennis and Tennis Club Story.

It seems that no subsection of the gaming industry has been forgotten about when it comes to tennis games, as there are also a few games to choose from in the online casino industry. One of the most notable free online slots to get people in the mood for Wimbledon is Centre Court from Microgaming. This features the iconic green colours of the competition, along with tennis stars dressed in white. Fans of this game may also enjoy other sports titles like Badminton Champion and Football Glory. Once players have got the hang of these titles for free, they can then even go on to play for real money.

Using a combination of all of these methods should help get you ready for Wimbledon this summer. As a final note, you could also check out some classic videos from the tournament to hype yourself up even more. There are too many notable moments to choose from, but Andy Murray and Roger Federer’s 15-minute game from 2015 could be a good place to start, with that iconic game being up there with the best of all time.

Los Angeles is a vibrant city offering hundreds of services that you probably have never even considered before. It makes it the perfect city for you to unleash your creative side, and try new hobbies.

Learning To Surf

One of the main reasons people visit Los Angeles is to experience the beaches and to ride the waves while surfing. There are several suitable beaches that have businesses who are there to teach you how to surf. Usually, they can provide a board and a wetsuit for you, so you only have to show up with your swimsuit to get started.

Trapeze School Is In Town

If surfing isn’t quite your thing, then consider going for something very different, such as learning a circus trick. Trapezing is becoming more popular as a way to express yourself and learn something new in the city, there is even a trapeze school located at the Santa Monica Pier. They welcome anyone aged 6 and above, regardless of your fitness level. 

It’s a great way to get over your fear of heights, and have fun at the same time. Not only are they fun, but they are considered a great workout too.

Writing And Producing Music

Many LA locals, tourists and visitors have long utilized recording the city and state in general to be creative with music. Whether that was for recording a music video in the iconic streets, or going to a recording studio to record some music yourself. Even those that have never written music before or sang anything have come to this great city to try it.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, there are spaces to create, write, produce and practice mixing with no distractions. It offers a great outlet to let loose and be creative, even if it’s just for you. Of course, you can visit with friends to create music together, or go with a more experienced individual to help train you.

There are different places for different uses for music, whether you want to just sing, or focus on instrumentals. There are even studios to help create movie scores, as well as video game soundtracks. There are a wide range of music recording studios in Los Angeles offered by Pirate, with expert equipment at affordable prices. They have rehearsal studios, production studios and even podcast studios if that’s what you’re looking for.

Learning To Ride A Horse

Whilst you may not associate horse riding with Los Angeles, there is actually an equestrian center nestled into the heart of Griffith Park. They offer a wide range of services, from horse shows, riding lessons or even trail rides. There are a few academies on site that you can have a look at if you want to try something different.

Whether you’re into western riding, English riding, dressage or something more unique like jumping classes. There will be options for those who have never ridden before, and options for experienced riders. There are over 55 miles of trails in Griffith Park alone, so you can rent horses by the hour and take in the views.

Getty Center Art Classes And Workshops

You’re probably familiar with the Getty Center, which is one of Los Angele’s most famous museums, but did you know you can actually learn how to create art here? The Getty Center and Getty Villa offer classes and workshops covering a wide range of art styles.

You have classes about drawing, pen and ink work, sculpting and even jewelry making. If you’re into something more unique, then you could take an advanced workshop for gliding, which is an old medieval art style. There will be classes for those of all styles and experience levels, even if you’ve never painted before. So, it’s worth keeping an eye on what they have available and when, in order to book in.

Dancing As An Outlet

LA has long been a place for creatives to come together to express themselves, such as with dancing performances. There are many different dancing studios that offer classes on different dance styles, such as ballet, hip-hop, swing, salsa or even tango, amongst others. The same venues will also offer community performances that people can sign up for.

Cooking Up A Storm

As you will probably be aware of, LA is a multicultural city with a wide range of restaurants that focus on unique cuisines from around the world. As such, you’ll be happy to hear that there are actually quite a few classes focused on these cuisines available for you to look into.

Most of these classes only require a signing up one time fee, with the supplies and utensils provided, headed by an experienced cook. Even if you’ve never cooked before in your life, there will be classes to teach you everything you need to know.

When you look at the way that society portrays beauty in women, bigger women are rarely the subject of praise. However, some songs decided to go against the grain and celebrate women that were not the typical vision of beauty. We have come up with a list of songs that challenge the beauty norms. These were not just any songs, though. These were hits that had a major impact on the perception of unique ladies!

Music Proves That Men Love Different Women

Before we get into the specific songs that helped to challenge the beauty norms, we have to stop and consider the message that these songs portrayed. Specifically, it showed that men liked to date and be with women that were not the typical beauties shown on magazine covers. Such music is the exact reason why men flock to BBW dating sitesto meet ladies. Although thicker women might not get the feature on GQ, they are still widely loved. BBW have curves, confidence, and attitude. Best of all dating services allow people to meet them quickly and easily from all over the world. Although using websites to meet atypically beautiful women is not something that every man has thought about doing, it’s a fantastic way to encounter new people. 

Hits That Reveal Big Women Are Great 

Many hits have emerged that celebrate women of different shapes and sizes. The songs below show various reasons why people love to meet and date BBW and other sorts of ladies, too.  

  • ‘Whole Lotta Rosie’ by AC/DC

The hard rock band AC/DC is probably the best Australian export in the music world today. They have been around for decades and rocked out to songs like Whole Lotta Rosie. The basis of this song is that the singer met a Tasmanian woman who was very large but also rocked his world for a night. She was a very special woman that is immortalized!

  • ‘Baby Got Back’ by Sir Mix-A-Lot

The famous Sir Mix-A-Lot wrote Baby Got Back and completely changed the conversation around women with a a curvy body shape  forever. Thick and chubby women were eschewed for buxom thin ladies, but this song helped people realize that there is beauty in the curves of the female body and that it attracts men.

  • ‘Fat Bottomed Girls’ by Queen

Freddie Mercury and company knew what they were talking about. This song tells the listener that big beautiful ladies make the whole world go round. These women add flavor and spice to the dating world, and Queen recognized it. 

  • ‘Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)’ by MIKA

The song by MIKA kind of pokes fun at big women by teasing them about filling up the room like a balloon, but they also insist that big girls are beautiful. This song explores the dichotomy facing big women: they are simultaneously desired and social pariahs. 

  • ‘Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others’ by The Smiths

This song talks about women in comparison to one another, maybe in a not-so-cute way, but it also shows that people of all sizes are worthy of celebration. The song is unusual for The Smiths, and it could have been a little more positive, but it was still on the right track. 

Many songs exist that show how men love big women and ladies who are entirely unique. Although some of these songs are not as flattering as they could be to the women involved, they do help get the message out that these women are worthy of being seen as beautiful and valuable individuals. You don’t have to be someone that fits into a mold!

The MLS (Major League Soccer) is constantly being compared to the English Premier League, and the truth is, on many accounts, it can’t compete. The Premier League has better players, is viewed around the world, and is a financial powerhouse. However, that’s not to say that the MLS doesn’t have some amazing qualities. Here are six things that the MLS does better than the Premier League. 

No Hooliganism

Hooliganism has been associated with soccer in England for decades. It became particularly bad in the 1980s but is still a part of the game today. The MLS doesn’t have that problem, though. The people behind the MLS have aimed at fostering a family-friendly environment. That’s not to say that the MLS doesn’t attract passionate fans, though. 

Spending Limits

The MLS has a salary cap on players, which creates a level playing field for clubs. This creates a competitive environment that allows every club to have a shot at the title. The downside of the MLS’s salary cap is that the best American players end up playing for European clubs. In European leagues, the spending is completely out of control, with players earning massive wages and clubs competing on spending power. 


The MLS is set up differently from every other soccer league in the world. Instead of a total points-based system, it has playoffs (like other American sports). It works like this - the 34 MLS teams are split into two conferences (the Eastern Conference and the Western Conference). Each team plays every other team in their conference twice. The top seven teams in each conference then get entered into a knock-out style tournament to lift the MLS cup. This isn’t as competitive as the Premier League, but it makes the end of the season far more exciting. 


Soccer in Europe is extremely competitive. Unfortunately, this level of competition sometimes turns into a culture of disrespect. Players argue with referees, fans throw things at players, players make obscene gestures at fans… you get the picture. In the MLS, this sort of behavior is very rare. 

Work Permits 

If you’re a foreign player wanting a chance to play in England, there is a difficult process of entry. This is designed to stop an influx of overseas talent taking all of the opportunities instead of English players. In the MLS, it’s easy for foreign players to get into the country. This allows a lot of South American players to get a chance at professional soccer. However, it doesn’t stop young American players from traveling to Europe with programs like Soccer to Football. The draw of European soccer is too strong for American players. 

No Relegation

In the English Premier League, the bottom three teams get relegated to the Championship (the 2nd tier league). That means professional soccer players get moved around from league to league, having their wages slashes and careers ruined. That’s not the case in the MLS. Once a team has been accepted into the league, they are there to stay. This provides more stability for players and fans.

The relationship between romance and love has spanned the centuries, ever since the world-renowned playwright Shakespeare likened music to ‘the food of love.’ Throughout history, music has been an important part of people's lives and continues to be celebrated today through the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Can you make your date more passionate and hot with music?

There are so many reasons why finding an apt song or playlist can make your date perfect. For one thing, music comes in so many shapes or forms, from the grinding aggression of metal to the upbeat danceability of disco or hip-hop. Different songs can express a multitude of feelings.

It is important for true music lovers to surround themselves with people who share their passion for music. Therefore, they are looking for life partners among those who love to listen and light up to their favorite rhythms. Flirty singles can just as easily connect with soul mates at music concerts as they can through the HelloHotties dating site. With flirty online services, people can use a relaxed virtual environment to both meet new people and chat about their favorite love songs. One of the joint activities online is adding tunes to mutual playlists, which will improve the bond with common interests.

In a nutshell, music is the lifeblood of romance.

Many couples who go on to enjoy long-standing partnerships will often cast their minds back to whatever was playing in the background when they first met. This can become ‘their song,’ the one that will instantly remind each one about their loved one, even when they’re apart. 

On a first date, dancing to pleasant music is an indication that their liaison is progressing well. And seductive love songs streaming in the background will create the perfect mood to continue the evening.

Songs from 2021 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Finalists that set the right mood on a date

There’s a strong argument for current chart hits forming the ideal soundtrack to romance. These hits are current, uplifting, and the songs will be played regularly, provoking instant thoughts of a new partner. But there’s an equally strong argument for focusing on timeless classics. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has announced 2021 nominees, including those who have been releasing music more than 25 years ago. Let's take a look at the songs of some of these fantastic performers that guarantee your hot date keeps simmering.

Everlong by Foo Fighters

One of their most well-known songs of all time, Everlong (1997), in its acoustic version, is a beautiful musical composition for a romantic date as well as for the first wedding dance.

4:44 by Jay Z

One of Jay Z's songs - 4:44 – a title from his 13th studio album, is a love-apology letter to the woman he loves. Great vocals and memorable music makes it one of the best songs in Jay Z’s career. It sure as hell will show your date your romantic side.

(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman by Carole King

King’s credentials for providing the ideal interlude to a romantic get-together are impeccable. As a singer-songwriter, she co-wrote and later performed a very intimate, yet relatable song, (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman. It’s telling a story about a woman finding her true love. Old school classics of their time perfect to listen to with your partner.

Vacation by Go-Go’s

Spending six weeks at the top of the US chart, and shifting two million copies, the Go-Go’s debut album Beauty and The Beat has been deemed the ‘cornerstone album of American New Wave.’ Lead by singer Belinda Carlisle, the songs are wonderfully catchy slices of poppy rock. Vacation (1982) is one of the most catchy ones. Giving the 80s vibes along with romantic atmosphere, it is a great song to listen to on your date.

Wasting Love by Iron Maiden

The Heavy Metal Gods know how to make quality music, and love songs are no exception. Their Wasting Love is about the dark side of love - that you can lose it and remain alone and broken. With passionate music and lyrics, this ballad makes people think about their life. Besides, it seems like there is something personal behind this song that adds value to it.

Girl U Want by Devo

A song about the love and lust of a man for a woman. Perfect for creating a playful mood on a date, to emphasize that the girl you are dating is special and desirable for her partner.

Of course, the list is not complete, since there are many creators of great hits for dating among the performers of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. However, start with these songs on a hot date and see how things develop.

Though we are moving closer to normalcy when it comes to restrictions imposed due to the coronavirus pandemic, it appears that the NFL are showing an abundance of caution when it comes to allowing the press access to locker rooms for the coming season.

The regular season starts in September and training camps and preseason games would’ve been packed to the rafters with press in any other situation, but by all accounts the press will have to wait a little longer before they can fire their questions to players and officials.

Moves to attempt a new way of providing access to journalists, via zoom calls, haven’t proven popular with sports stars and journalists and as such there are growing calls for some kind of middle ground.

Fans have returned to stadiums in the NBANHL and MLB, but still reporters have been shut out of locker rooms in those sports. 

New coronavirus protocols have not been produced yet but the situation over the past 18 months, and repercussions of the pandemic on sports franchises, will have had an effect on how players will perform. To keep up with how this may have impacted on the futures market check out the Sidelines website, especially as the futures odds are changing regularly as we get closer to the regular season kick-off.

The NFL press aren’t having a great time of it, and this is doubly true across other sports of late, even in the relatively carefree world of the tennis tour, where the press and players are rarely at loggerheads, there’s been a big backlash following the withdrawal of Naomi Osaka at the French Open. 

The 23-year-old California-based Japanese tennis star left the Roland Garros tournament after being reprimanded for not carrying out her media duties, she then proceeded to leave France amid discussion of her mental health taking a battering.

Some believe that this kind of incident should actually lead to a stronger relationship between media and sports stars, with PFWA (Professional Football Writers Association) claiming closer ties are needed, stating;

“Locker room access is at the heart of our jobs covering the NFL and telling the stories that fans want and deserve to hear,” the PFWA countered. 

“Dialogue in recent days has only reinforced the need to have meaningful interactions with the athletes we cover beyond press conference settings. Those one-on-one and small group conversations are critical not only to cover the game but the people who play it. Locker room access ensures that every player has the opportunity to have his voice heard and his story told if he chooses.”

Of all the top sports Stateside it’s perhaps the NFL that has enjoyed the best view of the inner workings of the dressing room and one imagines that the NFL would like to keep the relationship as open as possible for all parties concerned.

The NFL gets underway on September 9th with the pick of the opening week fixtures definitely being the Dallas Cowboys against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, with Tom Brady, going for his eighth Superbowl ring, taking on America’s team in a fine feast of a showdown. 

Spring is in the air, and for many sports fans across the world, which signals a start to a new and exciting season with their favorite sports teams facing off against each other!

Whether you are into soccer, American football, basketball, or golf, there is something for everyone in 2021, and it promises to be an exciting and memorable year.

Getting Involved

In 2021, there promises to be plenty of opportunities for fans to get involved with sports. Whether it is returning to the stadiums, watching together at home, or even getting involved with the sports world's betting side to encourage your favorite teams and players.

There has never been a better time to be a sports fan, and here are four reasons why 2021 will be the year of sports for you.

Watching from Home

With the struggles of the last year in the sport, making sure that fans can get involved and watch their teams playing has been a big priority for networks, stadiums, and the sporting world at large.

Thanks to new innovations, now more than ever, fans can get involved by watching their favorite teams play from the comfort and the safety of their own homes.

Watch your team compete and join the discussion, and while you are at it, why not get involved on another level by taking a bet on your favorite team to win in the gold.

There are all kinds of betting options you can get involved with, from finding the best odds for cricket football and even NBA basketball odds to putting a bet on. Give it a go – you never know.

An Unprecedented Year

It is no secret that 2020 was a challenging year globally, especially in sport, with any fixtures being canceled or rescheduled.

Many fans and many athletes are looking forward to getting back in the stadiums, on the rink, on the ice, on the field, on the pitch, and back to doing the sport that they love and enjoying the sports that they love.

This renewed sense of vigor means that 2021 will be an unmissable year in sporting history.

The Rise of The Underdogs

While most teams have not enjoyed a nearly year-long pause on their tournaments, the break has given them a good opportunity to regroup and try out new techniques for some teams. This means that 2021 could see the rise of the underdog.

Teams that have not traditionally done well in the past could prove to be the top teams in the tournaments coming up this year.

Fan Connections

2020 and 2021 have seen a rise in teams and clubs connecting better with their fans and their audiences.

This has done a huge amount to boost the profile of sports throughout the world, and this is one of the positives of sports in 2020. More fans are looking forward to the chance to connect with the players and the athletes on their favorite teams.

The NFL 2021 Season is starting in about a month, and after the NFL drafts, players are heading into the training camp. Teams obviously have the best picks in the NFL Drafts 2021. Most teams have brought in the absolute best prospects to fill their needs. Let’s see which teams got lucky with the Top five picks in the NFL Draft 2021.

Top Five Draft Picks

Trevor Lawrence, QB, Clemson

Drafted by: Jacksonville Jaguars

Trevor Lawrence has always been the top pick for this year’s NFL Draft as the top prospect and one of the best quarterbacks. He had been the No.1 draft pick since his freshman year at Clemson. It was evident about Jacksonville Jaguars filling their need for a Quarterback with Trevor Lawrence. And Jacksonville Jaguars did an excellent job putting Trevor up in their Arsenal. But According to Fanduel Sportsbook, Jaguars also had another similar graded prospect, Miami Dolphins wide receiver Jaylen Waddle.

Lawrence has finished a tremendous three-year college career at Clemson Tigers with generating 90 passing touchdowns. Not only is Lawrence the Best Overall Prospect, but he is also the top Clemson Tigers player to be ever selected and the first one to be selected in the top three in the Drafts.

Zach Wilson, QB, BYU

Drafted by: New York Jets

Wilson is another excellent QB Prospect picked in the NFL Drafts 2021. He has shown an outstanding performance in the five seasons of his high school and college football. Zach Wilson was the first choice of the head coach Robert Saleh. The quarterback impressed the Jets with his confidence, energy, and passion for his game. Coach Saleh talked about how Wilson ticks all the checkboxes of a quarterback including, Arm Strength, accuracy, Making off-schedule, and has his Mental Horsepower through the roof.

Trey Lance, QB, NDSU

Drafted by: San Francisco 49ers

We have another quarterback and the No.3 overall pick for the NFL Draft 2021. Despite just one match in the 2020 season, which was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Lance has been in the Top 5 quarterbacks. Although 3rd in the list, Lance is still a great overall quarterback with an NCAA record for the most passes thrown in a season. With a high football IQ, Trey Lance will surely be able to shine in the San Francisco 49ers’ offense.

Kyle Pitts, TE, Florida

Drafted by:  Atlanta Falcons

Kyle Pitts was a great pick in this year’s NFL Drafts by Atlanta Falcons, making him the highest-drafted tight end in the whole NFL History. By choosing the absolute best playmaker Pitts, the Falcons have played their cards right. Pitts had a total of 12 touchdowns and 43 passes for 770 yards In the last 8 games. Not just that, he was also honored with the John Mackey Award as the best tight end in college football, He became the first tight end to end in the top 10 of the Heisman voting.

Ja’Marr Chase, WR, LSU

Drafted by: Cincinnati Bengals

With the 5th pick in the First Round, the Bengals went with Ja’Marr Chase, the LSU Tigers wide receiver. In LSU’s championship season, we saw the wide receiver with 84 grabs in his 14 games and an SEC single-season record of 1780 yards. It was evident that the Bengals picking Ja’Marr Chase as the fifth pick, but there were some chances of them choosing the Oregon Ducks Penei Sewell. But considering the team’s needs, an excellent wide receiver is precisely what Cincinnati Bengals should have chosen. 

When basketball fans think of elite franchises, the Los Angeles Lakers come to mind instantly. The organization is the proud holder of 33 major Division titles, 19 Conference titles, and an impressive 17 Championships since the team was founded way back in 1947. 

Nowadays the Lakers are still top performers in the Western Conference, largely thanks to a few especially talented ball players who will, based on their incredible skills and numerous awards, most likely become future Hall of Famers. 

The Naismith Memorial Hall of Fame requires all potential inductees to be fully retired for at least four seasons before they are eligible to be honored. And, of course, none of these three players have yet to leave the game. That said, there is a very strong possibility that they will one day appear inside the Hall’s prestigious doors.  

Lebron James

If he were to retire today, there is no doubt that Lebron James would be on a fast track to appearing in the Naismith. Arguably the league's most elite and best-performing athlete, the shooting guard is frequently compared to Michael Jordan in talks concerning the best basketball player of all time.

Number 23's long list of accolades only touches the surface of what this player is capable of. The 6-foot-9 powerhouse holds dozens of different records across the sport's spectrum, ranging from points, to assists, rebounds and more.

It's clear that James is the Lakers' dominating force, leading them to secure the top title as league champions in last year's NBA Finals. This season, the Lakers have been Lebron-less since the athlete's ankle injury on March 20th in a game against the Atlanta Hawks. Although he just recently came back to appear in a match against the Toronto Raptors, James was ultimately forced to sit out for the last few minutes due to pain. 

However, despite his absence and unknown return, carefully researched NBA picks still place the Lakers as the victors of another Championship in 2021. This is largely because they still have a great core in other players on the team. One of these, Anthony Davis, happens to be our next future Laker's Hall of Famer.

Anthony Davis

Ironically enough, Anthony Davis has also sustained several different injuries this season with the Lakers. The number 3 power forward is arguably the team’s biggest asset after Lebron, making up a part of this elite core team that has led the organization to be one of the league’s best. 

Like Lebron, Davis has racked up his fair share of accomplishments since his professional career started back in 2012. The player has been named an NBA All-Star a grand total of eight times, listed on four All-NBA First Teams as well as four NBA All-Defensive Teams, and was one of the biggest reasons why the Lakers finished their 2020 season as basketball champs. We have every reason to believe that Davis will be immediately eligible for the Hall of Fame the moment he chooses to retire.  

The defensive man recently returned to the court after a calf strain, the longest absence in his NBA career, and scored four points in a game against the Dallas Mavericks. After missing thirty games it is understandable that Davis didn’t have the best performance, but now that he is back in action, fans are excited to see what is in store for the rest of the Lakers season. 

Just last year, Davis had high odds, 91.4% in fact, of making it into the Hall of Fame. If he can add another ring to his impressive list of awards, that number may just go up, inching closer to Lebron’s 100%. 

Kyle Kuzma

Many basketball fans would venture to say that Lebron is the ‘best basketball player on the planet’, but a few of his teammates are often not given the attention they deserve for their natural ability to play the game. One of these fellow athletes is undoubtedly Kyle Kuzman. Having played for the Lakers since 2017, the power forward has proved to be a valuable member in Los Angeles, averaging around 12 points per game. 

As he continues to step up to the plate with Lebron gone, there are more chances for him to shine brighter than ever and further display his talent for the game. Although the 25-year old’s career only began a few years ago, he is setting himself up well to one day be honored in the Hall of Fame, where he will likely find himself next to former teammate Kobe Bryant.  

Athletes are an entirely different breed of individuals, whether they are professional or mere hobbyists. An interesting romantic trend that has emerged regarding these individuals in recent years is that younger guys are partnering up with older women. This interesting outcome has led many to question what has caused this to happen? We’ll show you why this relationship setup is so attractive and how you can get started with one of your own. 

Why would a famous sportsman date an older woman?

The question lingering in the minds of everyone who has witnessed this growing trend is: why would famous athletes go for older women? One certain reason is that older women are more attractive to sports stars than younger women. Not only have older women reached the prime of their beauty, but they have many psychological elements that are better. These women are more established in their personal lives, so they are not going to get together with a sports star only for their money. These women are looking to settle down and start a serious relationship rather than hop from one famous person to the next. Furthermore, older women know how to take care of their partners mentally, emotionally, and physically, something that sports stars need. For guys that have to be so careful about their money and livelihood, dating an older woman is smart. 

How to meet a lonely MILF if you are not a famous athlete at all?

What do you do if you want to meet a local milf and you’re not a pro athlete? Fortunately, the options are wide open for younger guys. You could always attempt to meet older women at popular hangouts such as bookstores, wineries, and sports events. A more direct approach is to meet single women using online dating sites, where you can find local milfs that are looking for a match. These sites are fast, safe, and loaded with interesting and unique older women. 

Couples with an age gap when men are younger

Many famous sports couples have emerged in recent years with a younger guy and an older woman. Take a look at these famous couples to see how common it is for this relationship dynamic to occur. 

  • Nnamdi Asomugha and Kerry Washington

Most Oakland Raiders fans known Nnamdi Asomugha as the star player from the 2003 draft class. He came into the NFL dominated for about a decade and then retired after a few stints at other teams. He had a very good career, and now he is married to Kerry Washington, who is five years older than him. 

  • Gerard Pique and Shakira

Gerard Pique is a famous football/soccer player who is currently playing for FC Barcelona. He is also romantically linked with Shakira, the famous musician. They make an interesting couple since they have an age disparity and lead such different lives. 

  • Tony Parker and Eva Longoria

Basketball player Tony Parker was once married to Eva Longoria from 2007-2011, showing his preference for older ladies. He married a woman closer to his age but has since split from her, too.

These are just a few of the most famous names that have fallen in love with older women. 

Athletes are definitely a unique breed of people, and their romantic desires are rarely the norm for their age. As we have shown, many reasons exist for people to enjoy dating older women, including their beauty and self-sufficiency. No matter what reason you have for desiring a relationship with a worldly woman, you will have many paths available to meet one.

We here at thought it would be fun to take a look at the major awards in North American team sports and see how it translates into Hall of Fame potential.

Needless to say, different awards in different sports yield hall of fame potential.  In basketball, the team sport with the least number of players on a roster, the dividend for greatness much higher.  In baseball, it is not as much as a great individual season does not have the same impact.

Last time, we looked at the new Mariano Rivera and Trevor Hoffman Awards, which honor the best reliever of the league.  Some time ago, we looked at the World Series MVP, but we never looked at ALCS or NLCS MVP.  We will now.

For whatever reason, the National League awarded an MVP three years before the American League (1977 to 1980).

So how many League Championship Series MVPs have made the Baseball Hall of Fame?

Let’s find out!

The following are the past players who have won either the ALCS or NLCS MVP who are eligible for the Baseball Hall of Fame and have been enshrined.

Willie Stargell, Pittsburgh Pirates, First Base 1979 NL            

Named the National League MVP this year (though he probably shouldn’t have been), Willie Stargell earned every bit of his NLCS MVP.  In the three-game sweep over Cincinnati, Stargell batted .455 with two Home Runs and six RBIS, and his OPS was 1.753.  He followed that up by leading the Pirates to a World Series win where he had three Home Runs, seven Runs Batted In with a .400 Batting Average. Stargell’s skills fell off a cliff afterward, but he retired with 2,232 Hits, 937 Home Runs and 1,936 RBIs.

Inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1988.

George Brett, Kansas City Royals, Third Base 1985 AL            

George Brett is by far the best player in Royals history, and that would have been already the case by 1985. Brett was already a past MVP (1980), and this was year 10 of 13 in consecutive All-Star Game years.  This season, Brett was second in MVP voting, and a Gold Glove and Silver Slugger.  In the ALCS against Toronto, he batted .348 with three Home Runs, five RBIS and a 1.326 OPS and he led the Royals to their first World Series win. Brett retired in 1993 with 3,154 Hits, 317 Home Runs and a lifetime Batting Average of .305.

Inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1999.

Ozzie Smith, St. Louis Cardinals, Shortstop 1985 NL            

Ozzie Smith is considered by many to be the best defensive player in baseball and in 1985 he was in his prime.  In the 1985 NLCS, “The Wizard” batted .435 with a Game 5 walk-off Home Run.  Smith and the Cardinals lost to Kansas City in the World Series, but he already was a champion from 1982.  Smith played until 1996, in a career spent entirely in St. Louis. He was a 15-time All-Star, 13-time Gold Glove recipient and he is the all-time leader in Defensive bWAR (44.2).

Inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2002.

Dennis Eckersley, Oakland Athletics, Pitcher 1988 AL            

Eckersley had been a decent Starting Pitcher for over a decade, and this was Eckersley second year as a reliever, but the first where he was a star in this new role.  This year, Eckersley led the American League in Saves (45) and was second in Cy Young voting.  In the ALCS against Boston, he appeared in four Games, gaining four Saves with a 0.00 ERA and 0.500 WHIP.  Eckersley became the first Relief Pitcher to win an LCS MVP.  Oakland lost to Los Angeles in the World Series, but Eckersley got that ring the next year.  

Inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2004.

Kirby Puckett, Minnesota Twins, Outfield 1991 AL            

Playing all 12 years of his career with the Twins, Kirby Puckett won two World Series Rings, and was a ten-time All-Star.  Puckett was in year-eight, and in the 1991 ALCS, Puckett batted .429 with a 1.197 OPS and two Home Runs.  Over his career, Puckett accumulated 2,304 Hits, 207 Home Runs with a .318 Batting Average.  

Inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2001.

Roberto Alomar, Toronto Blue Jays, Second Base 1992 AL            

Roberto Alomar won Toronto’s first ALCS MVP, and it was fitting as it was the trade two years earlier from San Diego that brought him and Joe Carter to Toronto.  Alomar was in year three of twelve consecutive All-Star appearances, and in this ALCS he batted .423 with two Home Runs and four RBIs with a 1.157 OPS.  The Jays won their first World Series that year, and Alomar helped them win another the following season.  Alomar played 17 years in the Majors who won 10 Gold Gloves and batted an even .300.   

Inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2011.

John Smoltz, Atlanta Braves, Pitcher 1992 NL            

This was early in Smoltz’ career, and while he was an All-Star for the second time, his best was yet to come. Smoltz went 2-0 in their series win over Pittsburgh, starting three games with a 2.66 ERA.  The Braves lost the World Series to Toronto, but he would get his championship in 1995.  He would win the National League Cy Young in 1996 and over his long career he had a 213-155 record with 3,084 Strikeouts.   

Inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2015.

Mariano Rivera, New York Yankees, Pitcher 2003 AL            

Mariano Rivera was already the best closer in Baseball and it wasn’t even close.  Rivera already won the World Series four times, and this season he continued his greatness.  In this ALCS, Rivera pitched in four Games, winning one, saving two, over eight Innings. He would have an ERA of 1.12 and WHIP of 0.625.  The Yankees lost the 2003 World Series to Florida but Rivera earned his fifth title in 2009.  Rivera retired as the all-time leader in Games Finished (952), Saves (652) and ERA+ (205).     

Inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2019.

Ivan Rodriguez, Florida Marlins, Catcher 2003 NL            

Ivan Rodriguez played his first dozen seasons in Texas where he was the best Catcher in the 1990s.  It was a strange sight to see “Pudge” change uniforms and sign with the Marlins in 2003 as a Free Agent, but it was in this single season in Florida where he won his only World Series Ring.  In the NLCS, I-Rod batted .321 with an OPS od 1.031 in what would be forever known as the “Bartman” series against the Cubs, and he added two Home Runs with ten RBIs.  Rodriguez would then play with Detroit for four years, adding four more All-Star Games to his resume.  He finished his career with brief stops in New York (AL), Houston, Texas and Washington. The career numbers for Rodriguez were spectacular for a Catcher; 2,844 Hits, 311 Home Runs, 1,474 RBIs and a .296 Batting Average

Inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2017.

The following are the players who have won either the ALCS or NLCS MVP who are eligible for the Baseball Hall of Fame and have not been selected:

Dusty Baker, Los Angeles Dodgers, Outfield, 1977 NL            

This was Baker’s second year with the Dodgers and his first playoff series.  Baker had two Home Runs, including a Grand Slam, and he drove in eight Runs with an OPS of 1.295.  Los Angeles would lose the World Series to the New York Yankees that year, but Baker would get that ring with L.A. in 1981.  The two-time All-Star would later win three Manager of the Year Awards.  

Eligible Since 1992.  Baker was on the ballot for one year in 1992 and received 0.9% of the vote.  Unranked on  

Steve Garvey, Los Angeles Dodgers, First Base, 1978 NL             

Steve Garvey was in his prime, with 1978 seeing the First Baseman go to fifth of eight straight All-Star Games, and he was the runner-up for the MVP.  In this NLCS, Garvey belted four Home Runs with 8 RBIs with an OPS of 1.611.  Garvey and the Dodgers sputtered against New York, but he won his elusive ring in 1981 with L.A.  

Eligible Since 1992.  Garvey was on the ballot for fifteen years finishing as high as 41.2% in 1998.  Ranked #21 on

Frank White, Kansas City Royals, Second Base, 1980 AL            

In Kansas City’s three-game sweep over the Yankees, White batted .545 with a Home Run and three RBIs.  His OPS was 1.455.  The Royals lost the World Series to Philadelphia but he would win one in 1985 when the Royals beat St. Louis.  

Eligible Since 1996. White was on the ballot for one year in 1996 and received 3.8% of the vote.  Unranked on  

Manny Trillo, Philadelphia Phillies, Second Base, 1980 NL            

Trillo had already won a World Series Ring with the Oakland Athletics, and this year, Trillo batted .381 with four RBIs, and Philadelphia went on to beat Kansas City in the World Series.  Trillo would be an All-Star the next three seasons, and he retired in 1989 with 1,562 Hits.  

Eligible Since 1995.  Trillo was on the ballot for one year in 1995 but did not receive any votes.  Unranked on  

Graig Nettles, New York Yankees, Third Base, 1981 AL            

Prior to 1981, Nettles has gone to five All-Star Games and won two World Series Rings in the 70s with the Yankees.  This year, Nettles had the best playoff series of his career, batting .500 with a 1.488 OPS with one Home Run and nine RBIs.  New York would lose to Los Angeles in that year’s World Series.

Eligible Since 1994.  Nettles was on the ballot for four years finishing as high as 7.9% in 1996.  Ranked #53 on

Burt Hooton, Los Angeles Dodgers, Pitcher, 1981 NL            

Hooton became the first Pitcher to win an LCS MVP, and he did so in a year where he was an All-Star for the first and only time.  Against the Montreal Expos, Hooton took to the mound twice, throwing 14.2 Innings without allowing a run.  He went 2-0 with seven Strikeouts, and he helped the Dodgers win the World Series, where he went 1-1.  Hooton had a career record of 151-136, most of which as a Dodger.  

Eligible Since 1991. Hooton was on the ballot for one year in 1991 and received 0.2% of the vote.  Unranked on  

Fred Lynn, California Angels, Outfield, 1982 AL            

Lynn was in his second year in California but it was his eighth on nine consecutive All-Star seasons. The Angels had not yet gone to World Series, and that didn’t change in 1982, as California lost in five Games to Milwaukee.  This made Lynn the first player to win an LCS MVP on the losing side.  Lynn’s stats could not be denied, as he batted .611 with a Home Run, five RBIs and a 1.539 OPS.  

Eligible Since 1996.  Lynn was on the ballot for two years and finished as high as 5.5% in 1996.  Unranked on 

Darrell Porter, St. Louis Cardinals, Catcher, 1982 NL            

Darrell Porter was a four-time All-Star, spending time with Milwaukee and Kansas City.  1982 was Porter’s second season in St. Louis and in the three-game sweep of Atlanta to win the NLCS, Porter batted .556 with three Doubles and a 1.603 OPS.  He would also win the World Series MVP that year.  

Eligible Since 1993. Porter was on the ballot for one year in 1993 but did not receive any votes.  Unranked on  

Mike Boddicker, Baltimore Orioles, Pitcher, 1983 AL            

Mike Boddicker was the first player to win an LCS MVP as a rookie, and he was also third in Rookie of the Year voting.  In the ALCS win over Chicago, Boddicker had a Complete Game Shutout.  The Orioles won the World Series, where Boddicker won a Game. He would have an overall record of 134-116, with stops in Boston, Kansas City and Milwaukee.  

Eligible Since 1999.  Boddicker was on the ballot for one year in 1999 but did not receive any votes.  Unranked on  

Gary Matthews, Philadelphia Phillies, Outfield, 1983 NL            

The National League Rookie of the Year in 1973 with San Francisco, Matthews was in his third and final year in Philadelphia.  In the NLCS, Matthews batted .429 with three Home Runs, eight RBIs with a 1.571 OPS. He joined the Cubs after and played until 1987, retiring as a Seattle Mariner.  Overall, Matthews had 234 Home Runs with 2,011 Hits.  

Eligible Since 1993. Matthews was on the ballot for one year in 1993 but did not receive any votes.  Unranked on   

Kirk Gibson, Detroit Tigers, Outfield, 1984 AL            

Kirk Gibson helped the Tigers win the World Series this year in what was the first of five straight 24-plus Home Run Seasons.  Detroit swept Kansas City in the ALCS with Gibson batting .417 with an OPS of 1.250.  Gibson would later win the National League MVP in 1988, and that year he belted one of the most famous Home Runs in Dodgers history in their World Series win over Oakland.

Eligible Since 2001. Gibson was on the ballot for one year in 2001 finishing with 2.5% of the vote.  Unranked on   

Steve Garvey, San Diego Padres, First Base, 1984, NL (2)            

Now a San Diego Padre, Garvey was still a productive hitter, and he was an All-Star for the ninth time. Garvey hit a walk-off Home Run in Game 4, and batted .400 with 7 RBIs in the five-game series win over the Chicago Cubs. Sadly, Garvey and San Diego were destroyed by the Detroit Tigers in the World Series, and this was Garvey’s last taste of the playoffs.

Eligible Since 1992. Garvey was on the ballot for fifteen years finishing as high as 41.2% in 1998.  Ranked #21 on

Marty Barrett, Boston Red Sox, Second Base, 1986, AL             

Barrett had his best year in baseball with a career-high in Hits (179) and OPS (.733).  In the ALCS, Barrett batted .367 with five RBIs, and by winning the ALCS MVP, he won his only individual award.  The Red Sox went on to lose to the New York Mets in the World Series, and you all likely know the story there.

Eligible Since 1997. Although Barrett was Hall of Fame eligible in 1997, he was not on the ballot.  Unranked on   

Mike Scott, Houston Astros, Pitcher, 1986, NL             

Mike Scott was an All-Star for the first time in his career, and he won the Cy Young, leading the NL in ERA (2.22), Innings Pitched (275.1), ERA+ (161), FIP (2.16), WHIP (0.923), H/9 (5.9), SO/9 (10.0) and SO/BB (4.25).  Without Scott, the Astros would not have made the playoffs, and Scott was again electric in the NLCS against the Mets.  He pitched two games, winning both, and only allowing one run in two complete games, with a 0.500 WHIP.  Despite his performance, the Mets were too much for Houston, and Scott became the second person to win an LCS MVP on the losing side.  Scott went to appear in two more All-Star Games, and finished second for the Cy Young in 1989.  He would have an overall career record of 124-108 with 1,316 Strikeouts. 

Eligible Since 1997. Scott was on the ballot for one year and received 0.4% of the vote.  Unranked on   

Gary Gaetti, Minnesota Twins, Third Base, 1987, AL             

Gary Gaetti was coming off one of his best seasons, where he had 31 Home Runs, 109 RBIs and won a Gold Glove. Gaetti and the Twins beat the Tigers in five, with the Third Baseman batting .300 with a .998 OPS and two Home Runs and five RBIs.  Minnesota beat St. Louis for their first World Series win that year, and Gaetti would later go to All-Star Games.  Gaetti later played for California, Kansas City, St. Louis, Chicago (NL) and Boston, retiring in 2000 with 2,280 Hits, 360 Home Runs and 1,341 RBIs.

Eligible Since 2006.  Gaetti was on the ballot for one year and received 0.8% of the vote.  Unranked on   

Jeffrey Leonard, San Francisco Giants, Outfield, 1987, NL            

This was the eleventh year that Leonard was in the Majors, but the first for the Outfielder as an All-Star. The Giants lost the NLCS and for the first time we had back-to-back NLCS MVPS from the losing side.  Leonard had four Home Runs, five RBIS, batted .417 with an OPS of 1.417.  Leonard played four more years, finishing off his career with Milwaukee and Seattle.

Eligible Since 1996.  Leonard was on the ballot for one year but did not receive any votes.  Unranked on   

Orel Hershiser, Los Angeles Dodgers, Pitcher, 1988, NL            

1988 was a dream season for Hershiser as he won the Cy Young, the Gold Glove, the World Series, World Series MVP, and for the purposes of this article, the NLCS MVP.  In this series against the Mets, Hershiser appeared in four Games, starting three, and going 1-0, with a 1.09 ERA and a Save.  

Eligible Since 2006.  Hershiser was on the ballot for two years finishing as high as 11.2% in 2006.  Ranked #71 on  

Will Clark, San Francisco, First Base, 1989, NL             

Will “The Thrill” Clark was at his best in the late 80s, with 1989 seeing him finish second in MVP voting with a .333 Batting Average with 23 Home Runs and 111 RBIs.  Clark batted .650 with a pair of Home Runs and eight RBIs with an OPS of 1.882.  The World Series was not as good for the Giants as they were swept by Oakland. Clark would have a very good career with 2,176 Hits, 284 Home Runs and a .303 Batting Average.

Eligible Since 2006. Clark was on the ballot for one year and received 4.4% of the vote.  Ranked #50 on  

Dave Stewart, Oakland Athletics, Pitcher, 1990, AL             

The ace of Oakland’s staff when they were the beasts of the American League in the late 80s and early 90s, Dave Stewart, won the World Series MVP the year before, and he brought them to another one in 1990.  In this year’s ALCS, Stewart went 2-0 against Boston with a 1.13 ERA and 0.625 WHIP.  

Eligible Since 2001. Stewart was on the ballot for two years and finished as high as 7.4% in 2001.  Unranked on   

Randy Myers, Cincinnati Reds, Pitcher, 1990, NL (co-winner)          

For the first time in LCS MVP history, we have dual winners.  The first is Randy Myers, who had already won a World Series ring with the New York Mets in 1986.  This was Myers’ first season in Cincinnati, and he was named to his first All-Star Game and was second in Saves (31) and fifth in Cy Young voting.  In the NLCS, Myers appeared in four games, saving three without allowing a run.  He would later go to three more All-Star Games; two with Chicago (NL) and one with Baltimore.  Myers retired in 1998 with 347 Saves.  

Eligible Since 2004. Myers was on the ballot for one year in 2004 and finished with 0.2% of the vote.  Unranked on   

Rob Dibble, Cincinnati Reds, Pitcher, 1990, NL (co-winner)          

For the first time in LCS MVP history, we have dual winners.  The second is Rob Dibble, part of the “Nasty Boys” relievers of the Reds in 1990.  Dibble was an All-Star this year and the one after.  In the NLCS, Dibble pitched in four games, recording one Save without allowing a run.  Dibble had 89 career Saves.

Eligible Since 2001. Dibble did not play the minimum ten years to qualify for the Hall.  Unranked on   

Steve Avery, Atlanta Braves, Pitcher, 1991, NL           

Avery was in his second year in the game, where his 18-8 season helped get Atlanta to the playoffs.  In the NLCS, Avery won both of his starts, pitching 16.1 shutout innings.  He was not as effective in the World Series, and Atlanta lost to Minnesota.  Avery and the Braves would win it all in 1995.

Eligible Since 2009. Although Avery was eligible for the Hall in 2009, he was not on the ballot.  Unranked on   

Dave Stewart, Toronto Blue Jays, Pitcher, 1993, AL (2)            

Stewart was no longer an ace, but he brought a veteran presence to a Blue Jays team looking to get over the hump.  The crafty Pitcher took what he had left to go 2-0 in the ALCS against Chicago with a 2.03 ERA.  

Eligible Since 2001. Stewart was on the ballot for two years and finished as high as 7.4% in 2001.  Unranked on   

Curt Schilling, Philadelphia Phillies, Pitcher, 1993, NL            

Schilling went 16-7 this year, and it would be a harbinger for great seasons to come.  This was Schilling’s first post-season series, and although he did not gain a decision in two starts and 16 Innings, his ERA was only 1.69. Philadelphia lost to Toronto in the World Series, but Schilling later won three World Series Titles, one with Arizona and two with Boston.  Overall, the six-time All-Star had a 216-156 record with 3,116 Strikeouts.  

Eligible Since 2013.  Schilling has been on the ballot for eight years and has finished as high as 70.0% in 2020.  Ranked #5 on  

Orel Hershiser, Cleveland Indians, Pitcher, 1995, AL (2)            

Hershiser’s Cy Young contending days were behind him, but he could still contribute to starting rotation.  Now with Cleveland, Hershiser went 2-0 in 14.1 Innings with a 1.29 ERA and 0.857 WHIP.  He would not get a second World Series ring, as the Indians would lose to Atlanta. Hershiser would have a 204-150 record with 2,014 Strikeouts.

Eligible Since 2006. Hershiser was on the ballot for two years finishing as high as 11.2% in 2006.  Ranked #71 on  

Mike Deveraux, Atlanta Braves, Outfield, 1995, NL             

Mike Deveraux played a dozen years in the Majors, and only for a brief time in Atlanta, but it was there where he earned his only individual award and a World Series Ring.  Deveraux was traded from the White Sox late in the 1995 Season and in the NLCS he batted .308 with a Home Run and five RBIs.  

Eligible Since 2004.  Although Deveraux was eligible for the Hall in 2004 he was not on the ballot.  Unranked on   

Bernie Williams, New York Yankees, Outfield, 1996, AL             

The Yankees run of dominance began this year, and for this matter, this is was when Bernie Williams’s peak started.  Williams batted .474 with two Home Runs, six RBIs and an OPS of 1.531.  New York would win the World Series and following this, Williams went to five straight All-Star Games and aided New York in winning three more titles.  Williams played his entire career with the Yanks, and would collect 2,336 Hits, 287 Home Runs, 1,257 RBIs with a .297 Batting Average.  

Eligible Since 2012.  Williams was on the ballot for two years and he finished as high as 9.6% in 2012.  Ranked #35 on  

Javy Lopez, Atlanta Braves, Catcher, 1996, NL             

A World Series winner the year before, Lopez helped the Braves reach the World Series again in 1996, though they lost to the Yankees.  In the ALCS, the Catcher batted .542 with two Home Runs, six RBIs and an OPS of 1.607. Lopez would later go to three All-Star Games, and he would have 1,527 career Hits with 260 Home Runs.  

Eligible Since 2012.  Lopez was on the ballot for one year in 2012 and finished with 0.2% of the ballot.  Unranked on  

Marquis Grissom, Cleveland Indians, Outfield, 1997, AL            

Prior to 1997, Marquis Grissom went to two All-Star Games as a Montreal Expo, and won a World Series with Atlanta.  In 1997, Grissom was with Cleveland, a team he only spent one year with.  In the ALCS, Grissom hit the game-winning Home Run in Game 2, stole three bases and batted .261.  He would leave Cleveland for Milwaukee, and later play for the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco.  Grissom retired in 2005 with 2,251 Hits and 429 Stolen Bases.  

Eligible Since 2011. Grissom was on the ballot for one year in 2011 and finished with 0.7% of the ballot.  Unranked on  

Livan Hernandez, Florida Marlins, Pitcher, 1997, NL             

Hernandez was the runner-up for the Rookie of the Year, and he had a lot of consolation for not winning, as the Marlins won the World Series that year.  Hernandez played a huge role in that, winning the NLCS MVP off a 2-0 record with a 0.84 ERA and 0.656 WHIP.  Hernandez again went 2-0 in the World Series, winning that MVP (though his other stats were terrible), but he is one of the few players to win the NLCS and World Series MVP in the same season.  Hernandez went on to have a long career, posting a 178-177 record with 1,976 Strikeouts. 

Eligible Since 2018. Grissom was on the ballot for one year in 2018 and finished with 0.2% of the ballot.  Unranked on  

David Wells, New York Yankees, Pitcher, 1998, AL             

A popular player everywhere he went, David Wells was already a World Series winner with the Blue Jays in 1992, and after stops in Detroit, Cincinnati and Baltimore, he signed with the New York Yankees in 1997.  In 1998, Wells was an All-Star for the second time, with an 18-4 record and a third-place in Cy Young voting.  In this year’s ALCS, Wells won both of his starts against Cleveland, throwing 15.2 Innings with a 2.87 ERA.

Eligible Since 2013. Wells was on the ballot for one year in 2013 and finished with 0.9% of the ballot.  Unranked on  

Sterling Hitchcock, San Diego Padres, Pitcher, 1998, NL             

Hitchcock started two games in the NLCS where he won both games allowing only one run over ten Innings. The Padres beat Atlanta to advance but they were destroyed by the Yankees.  This was Hitchcock’s only award in a 13-year career where he had a 74-76 record.   He also played with the Yankees and St. Louis. 

Eligible Since 2010.  Although Hitchcock was eligible for the Hall in 2010 he was not on the ballot.  Unranked on  

Orlando Hernandez, New York Yankees, Pitcher, 1999, AL            

Hernandez played nine seasons in the Majors where his best season was this year, 1999, his second in baseball.  With a 17-9 record, Hernandez’ ALCS saw him have two starts with a 1-0 record and 1.80 ERA. The Yankees went on to win the World Series, which was Hernandez’ second.  He added a third next year, giving him three World Series Rings in four seasons.  Hernandez later played for Chicago, Arizona and the New York Mets. 

Eligible Since 2013. Hernandez did not play the mandatory ten years to qualify for the Hall.  Unranked on  

Eddie Perez, Atlanta Braves, Catcher, 1999, NL             

Eddie Perez is an unlikely LCS MVP winner as we have a player who never had a 100 Hit year and his lifetime OBP was under three.  Nevertheless, in the 1999 ALCS, Perez was fantastic in the series against the Mets, where he batted .500 with two Home Runs, five RBIs and an OPS 1.424.

Eligible Since 2011. Although Perez was eligible for the Hall of Fame in 2011, he was not on the ballot.  Unranked on  

David Justice, New York Yankees, Outfield, 2000, AL             

David Justice was the National League Rookie of the Year in 1990, and won a World Series in 1995 with Atlanta.  Justice began the 2000 Season with the Cleveland Indians and was traded to the Yankees for their playoff run.  Justice only batted .238, but had two Home Runs and eight RBIs in New York’s ALCS win over Seattle.  He played two more seasons in the Majors, concluding with the “Moneyball” year of 2002. Justice had 305 Home Runs with a Slugging Percentage of .500.

Eligible Since 2008. Justice was on the ballot for one year and received 0.2% of the ballot.  Unranked on  

Mike Hampton, New York Mets, Pitcher, 2000, NL             

Mike Hampton was only with the Mets for one season, having been traded from Houston after he was second for the Cy Young.  It was a decent year, as he went 15-10, and then 2-0 in the NLCS.  Hampton did not allow a run in the series over 16 Innings. The Mets lost the World Series to the Yankees, and Hampton lost his own start.  He signed with the Colorado Rockies in the off-season as a Free Agent. Hampton never was great again, but he toiled in the big leagues until 2010 and retired with a 148-115 record with 1,487 Strikeouts.

Eligible Since 2016. Hampton was on the ballot for one year but did not receive any votes.  Unranked on  

Andy Pettitte, New York Yankees, Pitcher, 2001, AL             

Andy Pettitte had already won four World Series rings by this point, and this year he was an All-Star for the second time.  In the ALCS against Seattle, Pettitte went 2-0 with a 2.51 ERA and a sub-one WHIP. Pettitte would be rocked by Arizona in his two starts in the World Series, and they lost to the Diamondbacks. Pettitte would later win a fifth ring with the Yankees in 2009, and he had an overall record of 256-156 with 2,448 Strikeouts.

Eligible Since 2019.  Pettitte has been on the ballot for two years and has finished as high as 11.3% in 2020.  Ranked #32 on

Craig Counsell, Arizona Diamondbacks, Second Base, 2001, NL             

Already a World Series winner with Florida Marlins in 1997, Craig Counsell was in another situation to help a new team win it all with the Arizona Diamondbacks in 2001.  In the NLCS, Counsell batted .381 with three Doubles and eight RBIs.  Arizona would win the World Series that year, and Counsell stayed with the D-Backs until 2003.  He would later play for Milwaukee, Arizona again and then returned to Milwaukee, retiring in 2011 with 1,208 Hits.

Eligible Since 2017. Although Counsell was Hall of Fame eligible in 2017 he was not on the ballot.  Unranked on  

Adam Kennedy, Anaheim Angels, Second Base, 2002, AL             

This was Adam Kennedy’s fourth year in the Majors, and it would be the only time that he batted over .300 (.312).  The Infielder batted .357 with a 1.357 OPS, blasting three Home Runs.  The Angels went on to win the World Series, and this would be toe only title of Kennedy’s career.  He would later play for St. Louis, Oakland, Washington, Seattle and the Dodgers and left the game with 1,488 Hits.

Eligible Since 2018. Although Kennedy was Hall of Fame eligible in 2017 he was not on the ballot.  Unranked on  

Benito Santiago, San Francisco Giants, Catcher, 2002, NL             

When Santiago was with San Diego, he went to four straight All-Star Games (1989-92).  Six teams and ten years later, Santiago was again an All-Star, now with the San Francisco Giants.  The Catcher batted .300 with two Home Runs and six RBIs in the NLCS, but the Giants would go on to lose to the Angels in the World Series.  Santiago had 1,830 Hits and 217 Home Runs over his 20-year career.

Eligible Since 2011. Santiago was on the ballot for one year and received 0.2% of the ballot.  Unranked on  

Paul Konerko, Chicago White Sox, First Base, 2005, AL             

Konerko was already beloved in Chicago, but the slugger’s 2005 playoff performance made him an icon. Konerko was an All-Star for the second time in 2005, and he smacked 40 Home Runs that year, the second best of his career.  In the ALCS against the Angels, Konerko has a pair of Home Runs with a .286 Batting Average, and he later helped them sweep the Astros in the World Series.  Konerko will overall smack 439 Home Runs, 1,412 RBIs with 2,340 Hits.

Eligible Since 2020. Konerko was on the ballot for one year and received 2.5% of the ballot.  Ranked #86 on

Roy Oswalt, Houston Astros, Pitcher, 2005, NL             

Oswalt was the ace of the Astros staff, winning a league-leading 20 Games and finishing third in Cy Young voting.  In the playoffs, the Astros beat St. Louis, with Oswalt winning both starts with a 1.28 ERA and 12 Strikeouts in 14 Innings.  The hurler stayed with the Astros until he was traded to the Phillies during the 2010 Season, and he finished his career with Texas and Colorado, retiring in 2013.  Oswalt was only a three-time All-Star, but he finished in the top six in Cy Young voting seven times, and had a 163-102 record.

Eligible Since 2019.  Oswalt was on the ballot for one year and received 0.8% of the ballot.  Ranked #105 on

Placido Polanco, Detroit Tigers, Pitcher, 2006, AL             

Polanco played 16 years in the Majors, with five of them in Detroit.  It was as a Tiger when he had his first All-Star Game appearance, and his lone Silver Slugger and two of three Gold Gloves.  In the 2006 ALCS sweep of Oakland, Polanco batted .529 with nine Hits, but he was 0-17 in that year’s World Series.  Polanco amassed 2,142 Hits over his career.

Eligible Since 2019.  Polanco was on the ballot for one year and received 0.5% of the ballot.  Unranked on  

Jeff Suppan, St, Louis Cardinals, Pitcher, 2006, NL             

Suppan had a long career in the Majors, spanning 17 years where he was mostly a middle-of-the-rotation Starter, though it is evident that his best years were with the Cardinals (2004-07). In the 2006 NLCS, Suppan pitched twice, winning one, and allowing only one run on 15 Innings.  The Cardinals would go on to win that year’s World Series.

Eligible Since 2019. Polanco was on the ballot for one year and received 0.5% of the ballot.  Unranked on  

Josh Beckett, Boston Red Sox, Pitcher, 2007, AL             

When it mattered the most, Beckett was at his brightest.  In 2003, Beckett won the World Series MVP with the Marlins when they again shocked the baseball world.  Beckett signed with the BoSox in 2007, and that year he went 409 in the playoffs including two wins in the ALCS where he had a 1.93 ERA.  The Red Sox went on to beat Colorado in the World Series, and Beckett had a career record of 138-106.

Eligible Since 2020. Beckett was on the ballot for one year and but did not receive any votes.  Unranked on  

Josh Hamilton, Texas Rangers, Outfield, 2010, AL             

Hamilton was in year two of his five consecutive All-Stars, and he was a year away from winning the MVP. The Outfielder smacked four Home Runs and batted .350 in Texas’ six-game series win over New York, but the Rangers fell to San Francisco in the World Series.  Hamilton had an even 200 Home Runs over his career.

Eligible Since 2021. Hamilton did not play the minimum 10 years, and will likely not be on the ballot.  Unranked on  

Cody Ross, San Francisco Giants, Outfield, 2010, NL             

Ross was traded from the Florida Marlins during the season, and he batted .350 with three Home Runs in the NLCS.  The Giants would win the World Series, which would be Ross’s only title.  He bounced around the Majors until 2015, and had 904 total Hits.

Eligible Since 2021.  Although Ross was eligible for the Hall in 2021, he was not on the ballot.  Unranked on  

Delmon Young, Detroit Tigers, Outfield, 2012, AL             

This was arguably Young’s last good year in the Majors, and the last of two with Detroit.  In the 2012 ALCS against New York, he had a pair of Home Runs, six RBIs and a 1.186 OPS.  Young also played for Tampa, Minnesota, Philadelphia and Baltimore.

Eligible Since 2021. Although Young was eligible for the Hall in 2021, he was not on the ballot.  Unranked on  

Marco Scutaro, San Francisco Giants, Shortstop, 2012, NL             

Scutaro was traded from Colorado during the year, and this was his 11thMajor League season. The Infielder batted .500 in the NLCS against the Cardinals with four RBIs.  The Giants would win the World Series, and in the following year, Scutaro was an All-Star for the only time.  He would have 1,355 career Hits. 

Eligible Since 2020. Although Scutaro was eligible for the Hall in 2021, he was not on the ballot.  Unranked on  


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So, who is up next?

The following are the players who have won either the ALCS MVP or NLCS MVP in MLB who have retired but have not met the mandatory years out of the game to qualify for the Baseball Hall of Fame: 

David Ortiz, Boston Red Sox, Designated Hitter, 2004, AL             

The Boston Red Sox had been “cursed” ever since they traded Babe Ruth to the New York Yankees in 1919, and this looked to be much of the same, as the Yanks went up 3-0 in the ALCS.  The ghosts of the past were flying over Boston, but something magical was in the air.  The Red Sox won the next four, and then went on to sweep the Cardinals to win the World Series.  In this ALCS, Ortiz had three Home Runs, 11 RBIs and an OPS of 1.199.  Ortiz won two more World Series Rings with the Red Sox (2007 & 2013) and would smack 541 Home Runs with 1,768 career RBIs.    

Eligible in 2022.

Matt Holliday, Colorado Rockies, Outfield, 2006, NL             

2006 was Holliday’s third Major League season, but it was his breakout campaign with a 34 HR/.334 year.  The Rockies destroyed Arizona in the NLCS with Holliday hitting a pair of taters and batting .333.  Holliday’s Rockies failed to win the World Series, but later in his career as a Cardinal, he won a ring in 2011.  He would be a six-time All-Star, four-time Silver Slugger, and won the 2007 Batting Title. Holliday finished his career with 2,096 Hits, 316 Home Runs, 1,220 RBIs and a lifetime .299 Batting Average.    

Eligible in 2024.

Matt Garza, Tampa Bay Rays, Pitcher, 2008, AL             

Garza was in his third year in baseball, but it was his first as a regular Staring Pitcher, and also his first in Tampa, as he was with Minnesota the two years previous.  Garza had an 11-9 Regular Season record, and won both his starts against Boston in the ALCS where he had a 1.38 ERA in 13 Inning.  He would later pitch for Chicago (NL), Texas and Milwaukee and retired with a 93-106 record with 1,380 Strikeouts.

Eligible in 2023.

C.C. Sabathia, New York Yankees, Pitcher, 2009, AL             

Sabathia won the Cy Young Award as a Cleveland Indian in 2007, and in 2009, he was in Yankee pinstripes, leading the AL in Wins (19), and finishing fourth in Cy Young voting.  In the 2009 ALCS, Sabathia won both of his starts and had 1.13 ERA, and New York went on to defeat Philadelphia in the World Series. Sabathia played ten more years with New York and retired with 3,093 Strikeouts and a 251-161 Record.

Eligible in 2025.

Ryan Howard, Philadelphia Phillies, First Base, 2009, NL             

Howard had already won two Batting Titles, and in 2009, he was close with 45 taters, and was third in MVP voting.  In this year’s NLCS, he batted .333 with two Home Runs and eight RBIs, but the Phillies lost to New York in the World Series. Howard played his entire career with the Phillies, blasting 382 Home Runs and 1,194 RBIs.

Eligible in 2025.

David Freese, St. Louis Cardinals, Third Base, 2011, NL             

2011 was Freese’s breakout year, though mostly due to the 2011 playoffs.  Freese hit safely in 13 straight playoff games, and in the NLCS, he batted .545 with three Home Runs and nine RBIs against the Milwaukee Brewers.  In that year’s World Series, Freese again won the MVP, and was the hero in Game 6 and 7.  Freese would later play for Los Angeles (AL), Pittsburgh, and Los Angeles (NL) and had 1,041 career Hits.

Eligible in 2025.

Koji Uehara, Boston Red Sox, Pitcher, 2013, AL             

Japanese Pitcher, Koji Uehara, did not debut in the Majors until he was 34, first with the Baltimore Orioles in 2009.  After a stop in Texas, Uehara went to Boston, working late relief and recording 21 Saves in 2013.  In that year’s ALCS, Uehara appeared in five Games, saving three and not allowing a run in six Innings of work.  The Red Sox won the World Series, with Uehara again appearing in five Games without an Earned Run.  He had 95 career Saves.

Eligible in 2023.

Alcides Escobar, Kansas City Royals, Shortstop, 2015, AL             

Escobar was an All-Star and Gold Glove this year, which was the only time he won either.  In the ALCS, Escobar batted .478 with five RBIs, and the Royals advanced to win the World Series over the Mets.  Escobar played until 2018, and he accumulated 1,367 Hits.

Eligible in 2024.

Daniel Murphy, New York Mets, Second Base, 2015, NL             

Daniel Murphy was an All-Star in 2014, 2016 and 2017, but in 2015, he batted .529 with four Home Runs, propelling the Mets over Cubs in the NLCS.  The Infielder’s Mets lost in the World Series to Kansas City, and Murphy later played for Washington, Chicago (NL) and Colorado.  Murphy accrued 1,572 Hits over his career.

Eligible in 2026.

Howie Kendrick, Washington Nationals, First Base, 2019, NL             

Howie Kendrick debuted in 2006, was an All-Star in 2011, and while this was the tail end of his career, it was in 2019 that he had his greatest playoff success.  In the Nationals NLCS against St. Louis, Kendrick batted .333 with four RBIs, and Washington went on to win their first World Series by beating Houston in seven.

Eligible in 2026.


The following are the past players who have won either the ALCS or NLCS MVP who are eligible for the Baseball Hall of Fame and are still active.

Albert Pujols, Los Angeles Dodgers, First Base, 2004, NL             

Pujols was already an established star, as he led the NL in Runs Scored (133) for the second straight year, and also belted 46 Home Runs with 123 RBIs and an OPS of 1.072.  The Cardinals beat Houston in seven, with Pujols batting .500 with 4 Home Runs and 9 RBIs. The Cards would fall to the Boston Red Sox in four in the World Series.  Pujols and the Cardinals would win the 2006 and 2011 World Series, and he would win the National League MVP in 2005, 2008 & 2009.  The future first ballot Hall of Famer signed with the Angels in 2012.    

41 Years Old, Playing for the Los Angeles Angels.

Cole Hamels, Philadelphia Phillies, Pitcher, 2008, NL             

Hamels was in his third season and he led the NL in WHIP (1.082) and he had a 14-10 record with 196 Strikeouts.  In the NLCS, Hamels went 2-0 with a 1.93 ERA, and he was also the World Series MVP when the Phillies beat Tampa.

37 Years Old, Free Agent.

Nelson Cruz, Texas Rangers, Outfield, 2011, AL             

Cruz hit 28 Home Runs this year, and he smacked another six in the ALCS against Detroit.  He also had 13 RBIs with a 1.273 OPS.  Cruz currently has well over 400 career Home Runs.

40 Years Old, Playing for the Minnesota Twins.

Michael Wacha, St. Louis Cardinals, Pitcher, 2013, NL             

Wacha was a rookie, who appeared in 15 Games, starting nine and posting a 4-1 Record.  It looked like he arrived in the 2013 NLCS, winning both starts and pitching 13.2 Innings of shutout baseball.  Wacha did not fare as well in the World Series (1-1 7.45 ERA), and the Cardinals lost to the Red Sox.  He was an All-Star in 2015.

29 Years Old, Playing for the Tampa Bay Rays.

Lorenzo Cain, Kansas City Royals, Outfield, 2014, AL             

Cain had a breakout year, batting ,301 with 28 Stolen Bases, and the spark plug batted .533 against the Orioles in the ALCS.  The Royals lost to San Francisco in the World Series, but Cain was good, collecting four RBIs with a .308 Average.

35 Years Old, Playing for the Milwaukee Brewers.

Madison Bumgarner, San Francisco Giants, Pitcher, 2014, NL             

If Madison Bumgarner ever gets close to the Baseball Hall of Fame, it will be based on what he did in the 2014 playoffs, where he won both the NLCS and World Series MVP.  In the NLCS, Bumgarner had two starts, won one, and had an ERA of 1.72.

31 Years Old, Playing for the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Andrew Miller, Cleveland Indians, Pitcher, 2016, AL             

Miller had a career-high 36 Saves in 2015, but was traded to Indians during the next season, where the reliever had only 12 Saves, but a 1.45 ERA, and was named to his first All-Star.  In the ALCS, he pitched in four Games, recording a Save while not allowing a run over 7.2 Innings.  The Indians would fall to the Cubs in the World Series.

36 Years Old, Playing for the St. Louis Cardinals.

Javier Baez, Chicago Cubs, Third Base, 2016, NL Co-Winner          

Baez became a regular player in the Cubs lineup in 2016, and in the four-game sweep of the Giants, he batted .375 with a Home Run.  The Cubs won the World Series that year, ending the dreaded drought.  Baez was the runner-up for the MVP in 2018.

28 Years Old, Playing for the Chicago Cubs.

Jon Lester, Chicago Cubs, Pitcher, 2016, NL Co-Winner          

Jon Lester helped the Red Sox win two World Series Championships (2007 & 2013), and after being traded to Oakland in 2014, he joined the Cubs in 2015.  2016 was Lester’s best year as he had a 19-5 Record and was second in Cy Young voting. In the NLCS allowed only two Runs in 13 Innings, while also winning a game.  He had another Win (against one Loss) in Chicago’s World Series triumph over Cleveland.

37 Years Old, Playing for the Washington Nationals.

Justin Verlander, Houston Astros, Pitcher, 2017, AL

Justin Verlander won the Cy Young and MVP with Detroit in 2011, but by 2017, it was generally believed that his best days were behind him.  The surging Astros traded for him during the season, and Verlander went 5-0 with a 1.06 ERA to close the season.  In the NLCS, he remained electric and won both starts with a 0.56 ERA with 21 Strikeouts.  The Astros would win their first World Series that year.  In the two years after, Verlander was second for the Cy Young, and he won his second in 2019.

38 Years Old, Playing for the Houston Astros.

Chris Taylor, Los Angeles Dodgers, Outfield, 2017, NL co-winner

This was Taylor’s first season as a regular player in the Majors, and in the NLCS, he had a pair of Home Runs, while batting .316.  The Dodgers went down to defeat against Houston, but Taylor got his ring with Los Angeles in 2020.

29 Years Old, Playing for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Justin Turner, Los Angeles Dodgers, Third Base, 2017, NL co-winner

Justin Turner was an All-Star for the first time this season, and he finished eighth in MVP voting.  The enigmatic Third Baseman batted .333 with a pair of Home Runs and seven RBIs in the NLCS, but the Dodgers lost to Houston in the World Series. Turner would however taste champagne in 2020 when L.A. won it all.

36 Years Old, Playing for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Cody Bellinger, Los Angeles Dodgers, Outfield, 2018, NL 

Cody Bellinger was the Rookie of the Year the season before and in the 2018 NLCS, Bellinger only batted .200, but had two game-winning-RBIs, including the decider in Game 7.  The Dodgers lost to Boston in the World Series that year, but he would be back. Bellinger was the National League MVP the next season, and was a member of L.A.’s 2020 World Series Championship Team. To date, Bellinger is the youngest player to win the NLCS.

25 Years Old, Playing for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Jackie Bradley Jr., Boston Red Sox, Outfield, 2018, AL 

An All-Star in 2016 and a Gold Glove winner this year, Bradley Jr. only batted .200 in the ALCS, but had a .400 OBP, two Home Runs, nine RBIs and an OPS well over 1.000 in the five-game series win over Houston.  The Outfielder helped lead Boston to a World Series win over the Los Angeles Dodgers.

31 Years Old, Playing for the Milwaukee Brewers.

Jose Altuve, Houston Astros, Second Base, 2019, AL 

Altuve was at this point a six-time All-Star, a one-time MVP and a World Series Champion, and was still the leader of the Astros.  In the ALCS against the Yankees, he had a pair of Home Runs with a .348 Batting Average.  The Astros would not win the World Series this year, as they fell to the Washington Nationals.

31 Years Old, Playing for the Houston Astros.

Randy Arozarena, Tampa Bay Rays, Outfield, 2020, AL 

After playing only 19 Games for St. Louis in 2018, Randy Arozarena was traded to Tampa, and became a starter in the Outfield.  In his first ALCS, the Cuban-born player blasted four Home Runs with six RBIs and a .321 Batting Average in the Rays’ seven game series win over Houston.

26 Years Old, Playing for the Tampa Bay Rays.

Corey Seager, Los Angeles Dodgers, Shortstop, 2020, NL 

Corey Seager was the 2016 National League Rookie of the Year had won two Silver Sluggers leading up to the 2020 season, and this year Los Angeles was not going to be denied.  He batted .310 in the NLCS with five Home Runs, and he swept the post-season awards with a World Series MVP.  Seager batted over .300 in the NLDC, NLCS and World Series with eight playoff Home Runs.

27 Years Old, Playing for the Los Angeles Dodgers.



As expected, the LCS MVPs are much like World Series MVPs, in that it can be won from journeyman to stars.

So, what is up next?

We stay with baseball, and look at the Hank Aaron Award.

As always, we thank you for your support, and look for that soon.

The history of NASCAR in video gaming is remarkably straightforward, Just four studios, EA, Eutechnyx, Monster Games, and 704Games, have created released a stock car racing game since NASCAR Thunder 2004, though there have been almost twenty different titles in the genre since then. Monster Games and 704Games have shared the honors since 2016, releasing NASCAR Heat 5 in July 2020.

Of course, that kind of linearity isn’t always a good thing. The same studios and personnel tend to produce similar products year after year. Perhaps inevitably, Heat 5 received average reviews, with Forbes describing it as “steady, consistent and safe”. This kind of franchise fatigue crops up often in sports titles. WWE 2K20, for instance, released in such a poor state that 2K temporarily suspended development on the next entry in the series.

Gran Turismo

Due to the dominance of NASCAR Heat, there are no other developers working on stock car games at present, for PC or consoles. The racing genre as a whole is healthy, though. Need for Speed Heat, Forza Horizon 4, DiRT Rally 2.0, and Asphalt 9: Legends all came out within the last few years. Old favorite Gran Turismo has been absent from the circuit since 2017, perhaps due to Sony’s preoccupation with the PlayStation 5.

Another major contributor to the world of virtual racing is the online casino. Gaming site Casino Masters has a number of slots based on cars, including Monster Wheels, Street Racer, and 5 Reel Drive. The former title, Monster Wheels, is a quirky creation inspired by the classic Wacky Races cartoon show while 5 Reel Drive focuses more on trucks. There’s also a character with more than a passing resemblance to Penelope Pitstop.

Thunder Stock Cars

NASCAR fans have to look to mobile for relevant games but, once again, there isn’t much of a selection and they’re all indie efforts. If you don’t mind the lack of real vehicles and tracks, Thunder Stock Cars is a popular choice with Android users. It has variable difficulty and controls but there are no customization options to speak of. Thunder Stock Cars has a slightly above-average score of 3.9 on the Google Play Store.

Speedway Masters boasts impressive graphics for a mobile game but features similar banked tracks and cars to Thunder Stock Cars. It also has a first-person viewpoint, which can be an important feature for petrolheads. Pit stops, day/night cycles, and the opportunity to watch races rather than take part are fun extras. NASCAR Heat retains the license on mobile too, so don’t expect any official cars.

Overall, lovers of NASCAR don’t have much choice for games on any platform. It’s a disappointing situation for such a thrilling sport but there is hope in the shape of Motorsport Games’ as-yet-unnamed game. NASCAR Heat 6 will not be released due to the negative response to its predecessor. But, in its place, a brand new stock car title will attempt to win back fans’ hearts and, inevitably, dominate the market once again.

When the Beatles set out on their career as musicians, they had a plan. They played just about every club they could get into, spent months in Hamburg perfecting their stagecraft, then released their first album. Rock and roll might seem like it just happens, but the truth is, you need to be in the right place at the right time. Here’s how to start your music career. 

Make sure you can keep money coming in 

Ever heard the phrase ‘Don’t put all of your eggs into one basket’? Well, it applies here. Whilst starting your music career, you should have a way of paying your bills, paying for your own transport, and buying the equipment you need. Sure, the idea of being a broke musician sounds romantic, but in reality though, it’s not much fun. Keep a side job, so you can keep some money coming in. This will take the pressure off when things don’t go your way, and it will allow you to keep plugging away for longer. 

Set goals and work hard 

Do you think the Rolling Stones sat down and decided their goals and objectives? No, probably not. However, that doesn’t mean it’s a pointless exercise. Knowing what you want to achieve makes it much easier to put into practice. Try to make your goals achievable and measurable so you know if you’re on track. You also need to put time into it each day. You don’t need to spend every hour of the day working on music. Sometimes, it’s good to take a break and play some online games such as Ruby Fortune Casino or some AAA titles on a console. The important thing is, you should be chipping away at your goal each day. 

Treat your music career as a business 

Ultimately, if you want to spend your life playing music, you’re going to need to make some money. If you treat your career as a business, you are more likely to make it happen. You don’t have to be the next Justin Bieber to make money as a musician. But you also need to decide what you’re willing to do? Can you play covers at local bars to keep money coming in? Can you play at people’s weddings? Whilst you might not be playing your own songs, you will still be getting paid to practice. 

Keep improving your craft

As a musician, you should never stop improving your craft. The better you get, the more chances you have of success. So, some of your time should be spent on getting better at your instrument, practicing singing, and working on your stagecraft. Anything you can do to improve the overall performance is worth doing. 

Get honest feedback

It’s hard to get honest feedback as a musician. Friends and family will shower you with praise because you’re doing something they don’t fully understand. So, you might have to look elsewhere for honest feedback. You could publish recordings on a forum (like Reddit) and ask for criticism. Alternatively, ask another musician that you respect what they think of your songs. 

Create a strong online presence 

Nowadays, the internet is the greatest tool available to musicians. You can build a fanbase that you can actually measure. Then, when it starts to get big enough, you can monetize it. In some ways, it’s never been easier to start a music career. The problem is, more people are trying it now. Either way, if you’re serious about starting a music career, you need a strong online presence.