Female Music Legends Who Date Younger Men

Female Music Legends Who Date Younger Men
12 Apr
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Fans adore top performers in so many fields, but what happens when these individuals start approaching the autumn years of their lives? For those in the music industry, this shouldn’t dampen their enthusiasm one iota. A lot of artists worthy of winning awards or being considered Hall of Famers are still adored by a diverse fan base. Not despite being older but because of it. Maturity brings experience and a verve for living absent in so many half their age! Here we’ll not only provide examples of five of these female musical cougars, still capable of attracting much younger suitors. We’ll commence by examining why the age-gap dynamic is continuing to explode.

The Cougar Dating Trend That Has Spread From The Celebrity World

Are you a single guy who has asked the question, ‘Are there cougars near me who might be into a relationship?’ If the answer is yes, you’re certainly not alone. There are so many reasons why age gaps are healthy for romance, and it’s also a route for younger men to pursue older women with ultra-cool hobbies, like musicians. Males often get fed up with trying to engage girls their age in meaningful conversations, which is why flocking to cougar dating sites is proving to be so popular. These online platforms are places where prospective partners are never judged, and secure communication channels are tailor-made for a conducive chat.

Just as the number of singles gravitating to cougar dating websites is increasing all the time, so too are the men attracted to mature female musicians. Perhaps it’s part of their artistic development that these cougars are focusing on virile men to date and keep their muse inspired. What could be less inspirational for a musician than having someone on their arm which is always moaning about late-night clubbing and would rather be at home in their slippers?!

Five Top Older Females in Music Who Pursue to be Cougars


Known for her booming contralto voice, Cher is the only artist to have earned the number one singles spot on the Billboard chart every decade from the 1960s to the 2010s. Her present squeeze is music executive Alexander Edward, who is 40 years her junior.

Tina Turner

Often referred to as ‘the Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll,’ Turner’s countless hit singles have included ‘’Nutbush City Limits,’ ‘River Deep – Mountain High,’ and ‘What’s Love Got to Do with It’ (for which she won a Grammy. The oldest female singer to top the Billboard Hot 100, the massively-popular singer is now an incredible 83 and married to Erwin Bach, aged 67.


If the aforementioned Turner is the Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Michigan-born Madonna is undoubtedly the Queen of Pop. Pushing the boundaries of artistic expression, she remains one of the cultural icons of the modern age. She has also had a string of relationships with younger men, including an eight-year marriage to English film director Guy Ritchie, 10 years younger.

Britney Spears

The former teen pop superstar, Mississippi-born Spears, now 41, married Iranian-American model Sam Asghari, 29, last year. 

Mariah Carey

The USA’s highest-earning female singer, Carey, enjoyed an unprecedented run of hit singles in the 1990s, leading to being signed by Virgin Records in 2001 for a deal reputedly worth $100 million. Dubbed the ‘Songbird Supreme’ by the Guinness Book of Records, her five-octave vocal range has attracted millions of fans. One, in particular, is 37-year-old choreographer Bryan Tanaka, who has been dating the 13-years older superstar for a while. Like any other couple, they’ve had their ups and downs, briefly breaking up in 2017. But that seemed to be a temporary glitch, and they’re now happily posting pictures of themselves on social media.

Advice for Starstruck Single Guys

One thing that will always put older women off much younger guys is immaturity. If you set your sights on a middle-aged musician, you’ll need to demonstrate a degree of intelligence. Show you have a wide knowledge of female performers and can hold enthralling conversations on the subject.

It’s plain to see that dating younger men isn’t just a niche subject. For young guys, what could be more tempting than a relationship with an older musical legend? For these cougars, being desired by charming dudes is surely way better than the thought of having men their age lusting after them. So, if you’re a young male aspiring to follow in the footsteps of the lads we’ve mentioned dating senior superstars, how about concluding words of advice? Keep your eyes peeled for the latest online celebrity news, whether that’s about the latest stars being inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame or, indeed, legends being voted into any one of many similar outlets. This information will not only provide scenarios you can aspire to emulate, but it will also give you excellent conversational icebreakers.

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