NFL Futures: Super Bowl 57 Odds For 2023

NFL Futures: Super Bowl 57 Odds For 2023
20 Jul
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Rosters for the upcoming 2022 season are set after the NFL Draft is over. Is there a favorite for Super Bowl 57 that has improved the most this offseason?

What are the chances of the Bengals or Rams returning to the Super Bowl next year? Would a return to the Super Bowl be possible for the Bills? We will share the odds and things to know for betting on the Super Bowl 57 futures in 2023. 

NFL betting odds for the 2022-23 season are as follows.

How Do The 32 NFL Teams Fare Against Each Other In Super Bowl 57?

Since the NFL Draft has passed, it's easier to tell which teams will make a serious run in 2022. What teams are expected to win the big game this summer, and which squads could be sleepers?

Based on the odds provided by sportsbooks, here are the entire (average) odds for Super Bowl 57.

NFL Team

Super Bowl 57 Odds

Buffalo Bills 


Tampa Bay Buccaneers 


Los Angeles Rams


Kansas City Chiefs 


Green Bay Packers 


San Francisco 49ers 


Denver Broncos 


Los Angeles Chargers 


Cleveland Browns 


Dallas Cowboys 


Cincinnati Bengals 


Baltimore Ravens 


Indianapolis Colts 


Arizona Cardinals


Tennessee Titans 


Philadelphia Eagles 


Las Vegas Raiders 


Miami Dolphins


New England Patriots 


Minnesota Vikings 


New Orleans Saints 


Washington Commanders 


Pittsburgh Steelers 


New York Giants 


New York Jets 


Chicago Bears 


Seattle Seahawks


Carolina Panthers 


Jacksonville Jaguars 


Detroit Lions 


Atlanta Falcons 


Houston Texans


How To Bet On The Super Bowl Futures

Which team will win the Super Bowl? It remains a big question for anyone and everyone who bets on the NFL, especially American online bettors. There is no simple answer to that question, but you can place a bet on NFL Future odds every Saturday and Sunday.

We'll walk you through how to bet on NFL futures.

  • Create an account with your favorite online sportsbook.
  • Select a bet: There are plenty to choose from year-round on the opening market: the oddsmakers set it after the previous season ends in January or even before.
  • Make your bet. In the initial betting lines, you can find real value according to how the team was perceived after the recent season.

Super Bowl Odds

There are many Future Odds tickets associated with the Super Bowl, especially bets placed on the game's outcome on the first Sunday in February. Since future tickets are made official after the last game, the Super Bowl has become the most popular future betting market. Future markets include:

Coach of the Year

  • MVP
  • NFL Draft and plenty more. 

Future bets are common throughout the season and get more challenging to find as the season goes, but there is always NFL betting action available.

The Super Bowl Odds market remains consistent after the starting odds are announced in late January or early February into the spring or second quarter of the year. During that time, the NFL holds the Draft, in which teams pick outstanding college football players.

While it's uncommon for newcomers to impact clubs instantly, fan confidence can lead to future wagers. The NFL Free Agency period begins concurrently with the draft, allowing players to switch teams under new contracts. These deals are pretty unpredictable on the Super Bowl betting market, and bettors frequently place wagers on clubs, mainly if they acquire a top position player such as a quarterback.

Following the spring and summer, the most Super Bowl Odds tickets are sold in August, right before the regular season begins. Most bettors have researched players, coaches, schedules, and so on by that point. Betting research is critical in analyzing NFL Future bets. 

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