How to Become a Racer While Still in College

How to Become a Racer While Still in College
30 May
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The adrenaline rush that race cars provoke is one of the main reasons many students pursue race car driving careers or hobbies parallel to their academic endeavors. However, while the desire to drive through the racetrack curves is a strong motivator, it’s not easy keeping up with the pace that two so complex and long-term undertakings require. If you’re thinking about taking on racecar driving while studying, here is what you need to know.

We did some research and considered the general position of students nowadays to come up with a few tips on how to become a racer while chasing your college degree at the same time.

You need to start small if you don’t have millions

To get into a major racing series, you need a lot of money if you can’t attract a sponsor or convince a team owner that you deserve a seat in their car on the track. Therefore, it's best to start building your experience and reputation in a minor event such as seasonal kart racing at a local track. It doesn’t cost too much to apply for a kart racing season and it's safe and easy to learn how to manage yourself on the track if you do it with a smaller and slower vehicle.

If you do well, you can even make it into advanced racing series in a few years, and college is about the right time to start preparing for a racing career because it’s presumed that you already have some experience as a driver, so your experience level is ready for an upgrade. Commit yourself to your goal, no matter how much time it takes you to achieve it because getting up from the bottom is difficult, especially when there’s big money involved. 

Organize your life to secure enough time and money

Considering you’re not a millionaire looking for some way to fill in your weekend, you have to organize your schedule according to some adjustments in your lifestyle. You need to make time for every practice and race, which is the easy part because you also have to make money to pay for it all. 

Making time during college is easy, you can find writers who write your essay for you in English and have them deal with some of your academic tasks to clear a portion of your schedule boxes. Just like time, money is also difficult to come by, especially as a student so this is where it also comes to you to decide how you’re going to achieve this goal. Consider the influence of networking with people you meet on the kart racetrack, as well as those you see off it. Through networking and communication, you could meet the right people to help you move up in the race car world.

Social media also allows you to promote yourself and even make some money through various marketing opportunities that platforms such as Instagram and TikTok offer to their users. You can utilize the power of social networks to attract sponsorship deals that would help you maintain your expenses as you break on through the steep path to higher ranks. As you advance as a racer, your social media activity can play a huge role in which teams decide to approach you or consider your application.

Learn about racing cars all the time

To predict the reaction of your vehicle and learn to fully control it on the track while surrounded by other drivers all of whom are trying to overturn you, it’s imperative to have profound knowledge of how your car works in detail. Racing cars suffer major damage and overgo brutal stress testing with each race so knowing the limit when a part might malfunction of brake might even save your life. Mechanical training makes every racer able to perform quick repairs when needed and allows them to make informed decisions regarding the status of their car during the race, which could save time, car parts, or even human lives.


Every driver can get into a car and drive as fast as the car can go, there’s nothing to it. However, to drive a car very fast under constant pressure from all sides and keeping control of the situation the entire time is an extreme effort. Therefore, becoming a racecar driver is much like trying to be a jet pilot which means there’s a lot of competition and you need to dedicate yourself entirely to succeed. 

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