The Most Popular Sports in the Betting World

The Most Popular Sports in the Betting World
02 Dec
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For as long as friendly competition has existed, people have partaken in the practice of betting. There is evidence which points to the fact that betting on sports (or other competitions) has existed since the Ancient Era, and the practice has endured today. Sports betting is hugely popular among hardcore gamblers, amateurs, and casual fans of sports alike. 

Of course, as we make advancements in society, our pastimes also advance. Today many betting shops offer pamphlets and statistics which make sports betting easier than ever, even to the casual fan. Sometimes, these statistics can even help people who aren’t fans of the sport, but just like to bet. 

Another way in which sports betting has become easier than ever, is through the advent of online sports betting. As with anything else, the internet has made betting and gambling more convenient than ever before with the advent of online betting shops and online casinos. New online sports betting sites at Helpbet have seen a major boost in traffic recently, as more and more people become interested in betting.

But what sport are people most likely to bet on? In this article we will take a look at just a few of the most popular sports in the betting world, online and offline. 


Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world, played by over sixty million women and men worldwide. In the betting world, tennis is one of the most popular sports. The popularity of tennis betting stems from the ease with which one can place bets on matches, or sets. Live betting is also allowed on tennis matches. People watching the game unfold can make informed decisions and bet on who is going to win a set, or the match overall. 

The one drawback of betting on tennis is that the odds are quite low, however, this drawback can be overcome through a smart combination of bets placed on different outcomes. 

Association Football/Soccer

Football is the most popular sport played globally, so it I only natural that it is also the most popular sport among bettors. In the UK alone, over a billion pounds are spent betting on the outcome of football matches, with that amount being much higher when taking global spending into account. 

Football betting is also incredibly diverse, as people can bet on the outcome of matches, half-times, the performance of individual players, or the performance of a team as a whole. 

Mixed Martial Arts

MMA is quickly becoming a household name, with the popularity of fighters like Connor McGregor, and “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey becoming pop culture icons, even outside the sport. There are many reasons for why Mixed Martial Arts is becoming so popular today, but the main reason likely has something to do with humanity’s primal desire to see two athletes, at the peak of physical excellence, tearing into each other.

With MMA’s growing popularity, also comes the growing popularity of betting on MMA matches and tournaments. Betting on MMA matches is ridiculously easy, as there are only two options. Either one fighter wins, or the other. Bettors can bet on the outcome of a round, or the outcome of an entire match, with varying degrees of stakes. 

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