Must-Play Baseball Games for True Fans

Must-Play Baseball Games for True Fans
22 Oct
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For die-hard baseball fans, getting your fill of baseball content can sometimes seem like a challenge. Outside of the confines of MLB, it can sometimes be impossible to find any baseball games taking place out of season, especially outside of North America. That is why the market for baseball-themed video games and online games is so robust.

It allows us to step into the shoes of our favorite players and experience all of the action ourselves, from the comfort of our living room. If you're a die-hard baseball fan looking for some worthwhile games, read our definitive guide to find out. 

1. MLB '20: The Show 

When it comes to baseball video games, any ranking out there will mention the MLB series in spades. For long-time fans of the genre, the question of which installment is the best in the series is a hotly contested one that will invariably spiral into a vicious online debate. While there are many excellent titles worth playing, it is the 2020 version that captures the essence of the series best. The Show '20 is a masterpiece of baseball simulation, one that so comprehensively captures every minute aspect of the sport to give you probably the most realistic experience that you will possibly find on a console. 

2. Wii Sports Baseball

It might not be the most "serious" game on the roster, but the baseball experience on Wii Sports, probably the biggest game of all time, is not to be sniffed at. One of the only games in history that allow you to physically simulate the sport, thanks to the unique and iconic motion-sensor controller that has caused countless accidents in living rooms around the world. Create your "Mii" avatar, select your old-school baseball strip of choice, head to the plate, and swing with all your might. 

3. Baseball Frenzy 

Sometimes, a good game is one that is self-referential and pays homage to the sport, rather than simulating outright. This is certainly true of the online casino slot Baseball Frenzy, which anyone can play at a popular online casino such as Casumo or 888. This 5-reel slot features all of the iconic sounds and imagery from the sport, with a little bit of tongue-in-cheek humor to boot. What's more, baseball fans can even access free spins to play Baseball Frenzy online for free, without having to wager their own cash on the reels. 

4. MVP Baseball 2005

Is there any game out there in history that did more to popularize the baseball genre than EA's MVP series? We're willing to bet that the answer is "no". This is the game that gamified the pitch like nothing else, with the various strength and aim meters on the screen causing countless hours of frustration and entertainment for fans around the world. Meanwhile, running baseball commentary throughout the game, provided by real-world legends such as Duane Kuiper and Mike Krukow, mean that this is a baseball game that has well and truly earned its spot in the Hall of Fame. 

These are our favorite baseball games that have stood the test of time. Batt
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