Heikki Rantalaiho replied to the topic 'If we expanded this to 1,000....' in the forum. 5 years ago

As you have for example Japan and Talk Talk here, you should have these three both more popular and more critically acclaimed synth pop bands:
Ultravox (Midge Ure gets Live Aid points too; Album: Vienna, Song: Dancing with Tears in my Eyes)
Alphaville (Was even bigger than A-ha in the Continent; Album: Forever Young, Song: Big in Japan)
Yello (The most direct progenitor of "better" Techno e.g. House, Trance, Dr'n'B etc.; Album: You Gotta Say Yes to Another Excess, Song: Oh Yeah)

Finland has one band too that should be here:
Hanoi Rocks (Big influence for the likes of Mötley Crüe and Guns and Roses; Album: All Those Wasted Years, Song: Tragedy)

Guess Sweden has one more too as there are way worse hair metal bands like Warrant and Poison here:
Europe (Album (surprisingly good) and Song: Final Countdown)

The two biggest names in British pub rock, both very important predecessors to British punk bands:
Dr. Feelgood (Album: Down by the Jetty, Song: Roxette)
Eddie and the Hot Rods (Album: Teenage Depression, Song: Do Anything You Wanna Do)

Arguably more critically acclaimed 80's British post-punk bands than Killing Joke:
The Fall (hugely influential to the likes of Sonic Youth and Arctic Monkeys; Album: Hex Enduction Hour, Song: The Lay of the Land)
Aztec Camera (Album: High Land, Hard Rain, Song: Somewhere in my Heart)
Echo & the Bunnymen

LBGT points:
Tom Robinson Band (huge critical acclaim; Album: Power in the Darkness, Song: 2-4-6-8 Motorway)
Frankie Goes To Hollywood (huge commercial success, Album: Welcome to the Pleasuredome, Song: Relax)

Of these I think actually possible to get inducted in the next ten years are Ultravox (mainly because of Midge "started Live Aid with Geldof" Ure, who isn't here as a solo artist either), Doctor Felgood (neither is Wilco Johnson, and the combination of Britain and bluesy rock is promising) and The Fall (crics love indie, more universally liked than say Joy Division). Outside chance (still bigger than three quarters of those listed here) to Yello (next in line if Kraftwerk and Jarre get in) and Tom Robinson Band (LBGT aspect could be important if say Dire Straits gets inducted).

Personal favourites Alphaville (superb music, made the two best albums of the eighties) and Hanoi Rocks (patriotism).