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Ian Paice talks about Deep Purple's RRHOF induction

Ian Paice talks about Deep Purple's RRHOF induction
19 Dec
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When we set up our inaugural Rock and Roll list, the con that we stated against inducting Deep Purple was the immense amount of members that they had in the band and who they would induct.  As it turns out, members of Deep Purple had the same concerns.

With the announcement that Deep Purple would be inducted, drummer, Ian Paice had this to say about those who would be chosen for the Rock Hall, and those who were not:

"It'll be interesting, won't it?  It's a somewhat complicated situation. The personalities that are involved didn't always get on terrifically well, so that has to be taken into consideration. I don't think there'll be anybody swinging at anybody else -- I think there's a possibility that some people just won't be there. We may all turn up and be happy on the night and it'll go wonderfully well, or two or three people will be studiously ignoring each other. It could almost be like a reality TV show. I'd rather it wasn't, but there we go.

"If they ask us to play there, who's gonna play what? Who's prepared to play what, and with who? As we've been blessed with so many virtuoso players in the band over the years, it might have been easier to take us individually to be inducted rather than as a band. We've just got a lot of details to work out -- what they're going to ask us to do, what we can do, what will be impossible. It's not a band of four or five guys who have stayed together throughout their career and are asked to do something. It's more complex than that. So we'll just have to make a decision of what's right for us, not what's right for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Everybody who's ever been involved with the band, even for a short time, is instrumental in making it work and ensuring it still exists to this day. So I think if you're gonna do it, everybody should have been invited to join the club.”

Paice is referring to the fact that several key members of Deep Purple’s past and present were not chosen to be inducted.  These notable members are:

Steve Morse, a current band member and guitarist since 1994.

Don AIrey, a current band member and keyboardist since 2001.

Tommy Bolin, a guitarist with the band from 1975 to 1976.

Joe Lynn Turner, the lead vocalist on their 1990 album, Slaves and Masters. 

Would it be a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony without drama?

Of course not, and we here at are looking forward to watching it all unfold. 

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