Jeff Jarrett to the TNA HOF

Honestly, I am not sure that this is even news.  With the continued downward spiral of TNA wrestling it can be openly questioned that the fourth announced entrant into their Hall of Fame could be their last.  If that is the case, at least they will go down with the man who should have been the first inductee, Jeff Jarrett in their Hall of Fame.

Jarrett, a multi time former WCW World Heavyweight Champion and WWE Intercontinental and Tag Team Champion left the WWE when he held them up (although this has been disputed by Jarrett himself) for a quarter of a million dollars as his contract expired the day of a pay per view, in which he was defending his IC Title.  Once WCW went under, it was evident to everyone that the WWE would have no interest in bringing him back. 

Rather than complain, Jarrett would form his own promotion, TNA, which would be affiliated with the National Wrestling Alliance. 

Jarrett would become the face of the promotion, but more importantly he would create a place for other wrestlers to work, especially necessary in a down time for wrestling.  Jarrett would sell his controlling interest to Panda Energy but a dispute a decade later would see him leave the company he formed.  He recently returned to TNA television but now as the owner of Global Force Wrestling.  TNA President Dixie Carter announced in the ring that Jarrett would enter the Hall.

While we are happy for Jarrett, we openly wonder if this lackadaisical induction announcement and lack of interest from fans has rendered this accolade pointless.  While Jarrett’s inclusion to the TNA Hall does give it a certain legitimacy, the wrestling promotion’s fall from even being a number two in the United States takes away the lustre from what was already a mishandled announcement. 

Will TNA survive to add someone else to Sting, Kurt Angle, The Dudley Boys and now Jeff Jarrett? 

They might have to do it fast!

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